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  1. I think it looks interesting - sort of ETT like but with a bit more grouping. Also, any tree that moves the stupid goo experiment away form the start node gets automatic bonus points! My only two thoughts at the moment would be: 1) seems a little harsh to have dropped the thermometer from the tree entirely 2) it might be worth thinking ahead of time about what mods you may eventually want to include, and make sure you have nodes available for them - e.g. an extended string of nodes for space station parts of different sizes, nuclear power/engines, ion engines etc. Might be easy to add later, or might not be something you see happening anyway, but could be worth blocking these in at the planning stage so you don't find yourself wishing you'd done it differently later
  2. Does anyone know what the approximate comparison is between the drag characteristics of the mk2 parts, the mk2.5 flat bottomed parts in the ragicaucasian/linuxgurugamer mod, and the size 2 parts in the Airplane Plus mod? I know, I'm being lazy, I could test them out for myself... Thanks
  3. It's possible - though virtually unmanageable - to do this in KSP, as long as you are happy for them to be "in front"/"behind" each other, rather than "side by side". As in, if they are side by side and one is closer - even microscopically closer - to the body you are orbiting, it won't work, but if they are in front/behind each other in their orbit, but otherwise in an identical orbit, they will stay the same distance apart. Think of two keostationary satellites for example - they are in the same orbit, above two unmoving spots over Kerbin, and must therefore stay exactly the same distance apart. As mentioned though, it's nigh impossible to achieve without cheating them into position. This is the slightly simplified version of the above, the craft will drift slowly towards and away from each other by the same amount each orbit, but never end up moving further apart. It's still almost impossible to do though, as the level of rounding on the orbital period figure will mean that even if you match them exactly, they will still be out by a tiny amount of decimal places, and so will eventually move away from each other. This is why a lot of people, in the absence of station-keeping computers in KSP, fly their relay constellations out to where they need to be to show that they can get them there, and then replace the real ones with cheated-into-place versions which have *identical* orbital parameters.
  4. Do a lot of people make spaceplanes from mk2 parts then? Again, coming from a position of no experience whatsoever, I would have thought that if you have made a successful spaceplane from mk3 parts, you wouldn't want to "downgrade" it (remove the capability of taking 2.5m station parts as payload being the thing I would have thought would hurt most). I'm sure I'm missing almost all of the finer points here though! That would be outstanding, but don't feel you have to, I'm a long way off needing to use mk4 parts yet and it sounds as though you have an update planned for the not-too-distant future!
  5. That's interesting, because I've always looked at the mk2 and seen an SR71 Blackbird, which would make it 70s tech - and before the mk3. As I say, I've never really tried for a spaceplane before, and have only used the mk2 parts to make a Mach 2-3 aeroplane to fly around on Kerbin to quickly fulfil contracts! The main thing that spurred me to ask this was that I've just installed Nertea's mk4 spaceplane parts, and now under TETRIX I've got a few mk4 parts in tier 4, mk3 in tier 5, mk2 in tier 6 and the more "experimental" mk4 parts in tier 7. Not saying it's wrong, it just confused me a bit!
  6. I don't know if it has already been discussed, but can I ask what the rationale is behind having the MK2 spaceplane parts arrive after the MK3? I am a perpetual re-starter, and despite many hours in KSP I'm only really starting to dabble in spaceplanes, so the likelyhood is that there is something I just don't know yet...! Thanks
  7. Once you get close to the stranded Kerbal, or their pod, you can switch vessel to them (use ] to switch between vessels in close range), and then you will be able to control them and EVA over to your rescuing ship. Remember to turn on RCS with "R" to activate their jetpack.
  8. Since NF Aeronautics is not up to date, is there a recommended mod that gives 2.5m RAPIER equivalents to power Mk IV spaceplanes? Thanks
  9. Perfect! And easy! Top marks for you Thanks
  10. Does anyone with experience of modding contracts know - how hard would it be for a blanket patch to increase the science yeild of all contracts? I'm experimenting with an idea for contracts being the only source of science, the idea being that it's your job to collect the data, and the contractor's job to analyse it for scientific advancement. The net outcome (in theory!) would be that you only get rewarded for running experiments that someone else wants you to run, not for the experiments that happen to be small/light/transmittable enough for your convenience! Thanks
  11. So, I've never used either of these, but have been thinking of getting KIS so that I can try out Universal Storage's replace-the-wedge-with-something-useful-to-the-next-mission mechanic. And, of course, I'll then end up wanting to see what else KIS can do... So, the question is, do I need to have KAS as well? Will I be limiting what I can get out of KIS if I don't have KAS? As I understand it, KAS is for connecting vessels together into one. But can't you do that already with docking ports? And if you forgot to put a docking port on, can't you fix that with KIS? What am I missing?! Thanks
  12. Yep, that's what I have done. I've mostly kept the science parts, and the Gemini parts (I always feel this is missing in stock, you've got a sort of Mercury analogue and a sort of Apollo analogue) Its off topic for the thread title, but since it's my thread anyway, can I ask: 1) What am I missing with the engine plates, to get them to put a shroud over the whole cluster of engines I've attached? 2) It's only really an early game thing, but is the Telstar antenna a bit too good to be true? A light, cheap, small relay that gets you all the way to Minmus? 3) What are the actual steps to get an interstage fairing to work? I can never seem to get the top to fix on to anything. Thanks in advance!
  13. Perfect, thanks. I love the BDB stuff, but haven't got a good enough system to be able to run with all the parts I'd like, so I haven't installed it this time round. Will have to try to cherry pick some bits though!
  14. Which mods add a Geiger counter? Its one I used to use in 1.6, but now I've come back I can't find it. I thought it was Probes Plus! but it doesn't seem to be. Does BDB have one? Google suggests FASA has one, but I've never used it so that's not the one I'm thinking of.