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  1. Thanks for taking a look. I'll ask over there, as you suggest!
  2. I don't know enough about modding to know whether this question is best posted here, or in the ProbesPlus! thread, so I'll ask it here for now! Firstly, I love SCANSat, thanks for all your hard work! After a bit of a break from KSP I'm starting a new 1.6.1 career and collecting together the mods I can't seem to live without (OPM, SVE, Scatterer, Distant Objects, Snacks! etc...) SCANSat is on the essentials list, and I'm trying ProbesPlus! as well for the first time, as it looks as though there are some lovely part models in there. I've noticed there are some alternative models for SCANSat parts, and I've paid the Entry Purchase fee for their version of the low-res scanner to build it into my next satellite. However, I noticed that this hasn't met the condition in the Contracts screen that the "SCAN RADAR Altimetry Sensor" must be unlocked. Its a very minor thing (I can cheat myself the funds to pay the Entry Purchase fee for the original SCANSat part, and then go ahead an use the ProbesPlus! part), but I wondered if there was a way of amending this contract so that unlocking the equivalent part from ProbesPlus! would meet the contract condition? Thanks in advance for any responses.
  3. Hehe! Yes, I don't actually know any code, beyond basic general concepts. I have to learn the precise rules every time I want to fiddle around with something... But, this is going to be exactly what I need for this purpose so thanks very much!
  4. Does that mean you can do something along the lines of @PART[techRequired = basicRocketry]? Naively, I had assumed you could only target by name! Thanks
  5. This is very useful, thanks. Do you know, would a cfg like that which modifies all parts also modify Kerbals? Are they a "part"? Sounds like what I was really hoping to do won't be possible then, shame. I'll probably just modify a few early probe cores to 300, a few mid-range ones to 400 and so on, and leave it at that Thanks
  6. eatU4myT

    Part Upgrades mechanic

    Doesn't sound as though anyone else has either! Oh well. I'm hoping to have the maximum pressure for parts upgrade bit by bit, so that you can dive probes progressively deeper into Eve/Jool before they pop. I was hoping I could tie it to VAB upgrades, but I'll probably just tie it to the Construction/Materials tech line. Thanks
  7. eatU4myT

    Part Upgrades mechanic

    Is anyone able to advise, can the part upgrades mechanic be used to reference a building upgrade, rather than a technology tree node? If so, an example .cfg would be much appreciated! Thanks
  8. Yeah, Eve's surface atmospheric pressue is only about 5 x Kerbin's, whereas Venus's is about 90 x Earth's, which would certainly do the Styrofoam no favours! As I don't have the knowhow to mod my solar system, I'm planning to just mod part pressure to the point where parts would fail on Eve's surface, to give a very simple hand wavey approximation of real life. As I don't plan to go underwater, the parts won't be subject to any higher pressures than this anywhere else, expect diving into a gas giant, so it doesn't really matter if I say they get crushed at 5 atmospheres instead of 90!
  9. You may have already tried this, but as far as I know the solution for this is to EVA your Kerbal, "Collect Data" from the crew module, and then "Store Data" to put it back again. Then, when you get back into the module, you can create a new crew report without overwriting the first. Editing to add: You can still only collect and store one Crew Report per Biome this way in any one crew module, but that is the same as other types of science e.g. EVA reports.
  10. That's useful, thanks - I presume that that is in degrees K, or C, or whatever units KSP uses for everything else? Do you know if it is possible to change it? Thanks
  11. Thanks for this. Is that 4000 a direct measure of kPa? As far as I know, the highest pressure you can get to in the stock Kerbol system (again, without any submarine shenanigans) is on the surface of Eve (~500kPa) or Jool (~1500kPa). Did Squad just deliberately set the part pressure way high because they didn't want it to become part of the game? If I was to set a part pressure of, say, 400kPa, am I right in saying that my probe would function as normal most of the way down through Eve's atmosphere, and then pop at some point a couple of thousand meters above the surface? There is no pressure buildup bar in the same way as there is for heat, is there? Anyone have any info regarding max pressure and max heat for Kerbals? Would it be possible to make it so that these increased as the Astronaut Complex was upgraded? Would provide another incentive to upgrade it beyond the first upgrade that allows you to EVA off-world. Thanks
  12. Is there a mod out there at all that makes part pressure relevant to space travel, rather than just to building submarines? Can I make it so that early tech probes arriving at Eve get squished, and I have to research better materials/parts in order to survive on the surface? I'm thinking something like Venera 4 -> Venera 9 -> Venera 13 On a related note, does anyone know if there is a figure for max heat and max part pressure for a Kerbal? Thanks Note: I think I'm right in saying that RSS does this, or maybe RSS + RO? I'm not excited about moving over to RSS though, so would be interested to know if its possible to just change this in the normal KSP solar system.
  13. eatU4myT

    Stock game communications range

    That's part of the problem though, not the solution. For me, I don't want to be able to fly Kerbals to Minmus before I can launch a probe to Eve! I get that it's different for everyone though. I saw something about an "unmanned before manned" tech tree mod, anyone had good/bad experiences of that? Thanks
  14. eatU4myT

    Stock game communications range

    Thanks, and thanks for the links, very helpful. I suppose my only remaining grumble then is that the antennas appear too late in the tech tree (or everything else appears to soon!) With tier 0,1,2,3 unlocked you can reasonably expect to take Kerbals to the Mun, but you have to wait until tier 5 (solar panels) and tier 6 (RA-2 level antenna) to have much of a shot at sending a probe to Eve. Its kind of anachronistic, no? Thanks
  15. eatU4myT

    Stock game communications range

    Anyone able to advise on the realistic DSN power question? Thanks