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  1. I tend to work on the "ships are always she, so they should have girl's names" basis. So, all my Mun vessels are Monica I, II etc., then Minmus vessels were Mindy, and then Donna, Evelyn, Juliet etc. If I have a one-off ship that is going to be around for a long time, it often gets a specific name, and they tend to be from Norse mythology as often as not. So, my primary comms relay in HKO is Hermóðr, my two relays around Mun are Hjúki and Bil, my orbital ferry/tug is Sleipnir and so forth.
  2. Depending on your feelings about mods, you may want to look into Nertea's "Space Station Expansion Redux", as it adds a huge amount of options here. Not to say you can't do it in stock, but I found it enormously more satisfying with these extra parts. Nertea's Near Future - Solar and Near Future - Construction are also worth a look for space stations. Also, there is a mod called something like Docking Port Rotation, which is a revelation for building space stations in my mind - I always used to get grumpy that my lovely symmetrical designs in the VAB ended up wonky in space because I didn't ge
  3. Its about 500m/s short of doing the whole thing with rocket burns, but about 400m/s more if you are willing to aerobrake... quite a lot!
  4. The KSC biome is contained within the little triangles between the KSC buildings footprints. e.g., between the big hexagon of tarmac surrounding the VAB and the big hexagon surrounding the R&D Complex, there is a little triangle of grass enclosed by tarmac - get into that triangle and you should be in the KSC biome. There's another between R&D and the Astronaut complex, and another between the VAB and the big tarmac triangle around the Tracking Station.
  5. Check that the new bigger heavier ship still has a TWR >1, or no amount of extra time is going to help!
  6. I tried to build a high altitude supersonic plane to get round Kerbin quickly to complete a contract on the other side of the planet from KSC. I'm not good with planes. I over-engineered it to the point where it was going about Mach 4 at about 20k altitude, with absolutely no control authority, and then exploded and burned. But that got me thinking... I've never tried making a spaceplane... I thought I'd start with a mk3, to avoid the burning-up issue. There were several iterations (although it only took two to get to orbit) Of course I then realised that I had
  7. @[email protected] for taking the time to look at this. I guess I can now tweak the Minerals input resource ratio figure to something that works for me, which is great. Could I ask one more thing - the ratio given is 0.0000000035237055479406 which you mentioned is per second. So, working up that is: 0.000000211422332876436 per minute 0.00001268533997258616 per hour and then... 0.00007611203983551696 per (Kerbin) day or 0.00030444815934206784 per (Earth) day Which is the one that is reported in game? Thanks
  8. That's helpful, thanks. Does sort of beg the question though, why use a resource where supply is essentially infinite? The greenhouse stores 120 minerals, so at that rate it is good for... ~1100 years?! If it was meant to be 0.0003 per second, that would be about 20 days supply - is that more likely? @JadeOfMaar, is this a config you wrote? Are you able to shed any light?
  9. I posted in the TAC-LS thread, but haven't got any response, so wondered if anyone here could help. The 2.5 and 3.75m greenhouse parts from SSPX say that their inputs include "Minerals: 0.0 per day". They also have storage for Minerals. Are they supposed to use minerals? Have I got some conflicting mods going on? Thanks
  10. You definitely need this mod: ...but it won't help with the existing Kerbal. Probably Alt-F12 them back to the appropriate specialisation? Or maybe just boot them out of the space program - they didn't have what it takes...
  11. Revamped textures for Bop and maybe one other celestial body, revamped textures for a few parts that haven't been done yet in stock but the Restock ones will probably be better anyway, and a fix for... Maybe one outstanding bug? No, let's be optimistic and say two.
  12. I'm not the expert, as you can see from my question above yours, but my experience so far is that no, excess waste won't kill you. The only ill effect you suffer is that you loose the option to recycle that waste back into something useful.
  13. If you mean should this be stock, then yes I do. If you mean could it be made as a mod, then it already is - Kerbal Health, TAC-LS, USI Life Support, Snacks, Kerbalism, and probably others I don't know about all add aspects of this!
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