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  1. I'm still at "land a Kerbal on a body outside Kerbin's SOI". Landed on Mun/Minmus, and orbited Duna and Eve, so landing and returning from Duna is my next goal!
  2. That's all stock, they are called manoeuvre nodes, and are very useful for planning when and where to use your engines to change your orbit! The m/s gauge is showing how much dV is needed to complete the planned manouver. The icons left of the navball are the settings for the SAS stability assistance - each one tells the craft to try and stay pointed a certain direction. In sandbox, this stuff should be there all the time. In career mode, the number of SAS icons varies as VoidSquid mentioned based on the capabilities of the probe/pilot, and the manoeuvre nodes are only available after upgrading some buildings (mission control, tracking station).
  3. Or, since there are only 17 choices with responses, trim it down to just them and an "other" choice?
  4. Kerbal Alarm Clock is the only one I genuinely couldn't play without. I've never tried playing without Kerbal Engineer Redux, but with the info that is now in the stock game I'd probably find I was fine without it. I always install ScanSat, but that's at least partly because the yellow octopus flag is the one I always choose... I recently installed the mod that allows docking ports to rotate, and that has revolutionised my space station OCD, I think I would struggle to remove it but could definitely play without it if it broke or something.
  5. Are there any working boat parts mods in versions since 1.8? (or in fact since 1.4?) Thanks
  6. French Kerbals could be Kermont, and South America ones could be Kermandez. CCKP ones might more accurately be Kermanova.
  7. I have just entered a Duna window, and sent of a little fleet of probes for a first trip to a new planet. The first one out is a relay, which is headed for a nice high eccentric polar orbit of Duna with a big relay antenna, while all the rest have smaller direct antennae so will be using this first relay to phone home. So... 1) Have we ever actually launched a dedicated relay satellite, whose sole purpose was to enable other satellites to contact home? 2) What combination of antenna/dishes do/would they have? Obviously in the game, the big relay dish just does the job for me, but I presume in real life I would need one big powerful dish pointing back at Kerbin, and then... What? A number of smaller dishes tracking the satellites that the relay was supporting? An omnidirectional antenna that could talk to all the satellites in range?
  8. I often find that turning off the SAS once the brakes are on is helpful. There are still phantom forces acting on your craft, but at least your own reaction wheels etc. are not trying to correct them, over-correcting, and actually making things worse!
  9. Interested to know if this really applies in KSP, when the lift generated by a wing is not a function of its shape, just a number assigned by the devs?
  10. So, disclaimer 1) I don't know much about the workings of propellers, and disclaimer 2) I know nothing about atmospheric flight on Eve. That said, if the propellers aren't getting you to take off speed, I would presume you need either more of them (if that's how they work), or more lift to weight. I can't see any amount of optimization getting you to 15km! Be very interesting to see how you get on with this - no plans to try anything as ambitious, but I'm certain you are going to make some interesting discoveries on the way that will be relevant to us all!
  11. Once it's in the air, what is the slowest speed it can fly straight and level at a couple of hundred metres? And, can the propellers get you that speed on their own?
  12. It's almost certainly enough wing to get you off the ground, so not being able to take off easily is probably down to something else. The first two things I would try would be moving the rear landing gear forwards, so you are pivoting nearer the middle of the craft than the tail, and also considering whether the gear you are using are chunky enough for the weight of the craft (in my experience, a heavy craft squashing it's inadequate gear out of line is the second most likely cause of veering on the runway, after the one described by viewing). Whether it is enough wing for your eventual goal...
  13. Many and varied are the life lessons KSP has to offer!
  14. What communications relays do you put in place when planning to visit another planet? I've planned, and occasionally even launched, elaborate constellations for previous planned visits, but in my current career save I've got the funds rewards turned right down, and I'm wondering what little I can get away with, with my first Duna window coming up. I was considering launching one powerful relay, which can reach back to Kerbin, into and eccentric orbit above the north pole, with a smaller in-system relay to detach and put into a similar orbit below the south pole. Then my main science probe/lander can go into an equatorial orbit, and drop off a similar small in-system relay to run around an equatorial orbit. I think that should mean that the three relays will always be able to see each other, and between them they will cover most of the surface most of the time. Is that already over the top? Have I missed something that I'll regret instantly when I try to land? Thanks
  15. Or at least, the first 3 minutes of it! Interesting stuff.
  16. If you don't mind installing a mod, this might be what you need?
  17. Yes, which was a very helpful response - thanks to Shpaget and especially DDE for their posts. I've re-phrased the question a little though, a few posts later, as I didn't do a good job of posing it originally.
  18. Hey folks, I don't post much in this sub-forum so I don't know how the rules are usually applied, but could I respectfully ask for this thread to stay on-topic to answering the question posed? Apologies if there is an answer to the question posed in the discussion being had, I may be have missed it - if so, some explanation to link it to the question would be appreciated to help me learn. Thanks
  19. That's interesting, I guess I'd always imagined it being less of a straight-line-ish sort of thing, even over the timescales involved. Ok, lets phrase it another way perhaps. Assuming that all the measurements are available over the millions of years as above, but no-one has bothered to crunch the numbers (Dude 1's ancestors were in charge, and preoccupied with taking pretty photos of sunsets). Which sets of data is Dude 2 going to run back to the lab to start crunching? What instruments are we currently using to monitor the sun's luminosity, and the characteristics of Earth's magnetosphere? What other physical characteristics of the Sun/Earth would he be looking into?
  20. Let's suppose for a moment that our descendants in 1 billion years have forgotten that the sun was expected to become a red giant. Perhaps they lost all the astronomy text books in a freak yachting accident, who knows. At any rate, they have access to all of the scientific instruments that we have sent into/pointed at space, and also to the results that we have obtained by using those instruments in our time. Which instruments and observations would be the first to suggest to them that something was happening to the sun?
  21. Nertea grants your wish with the Space Station Extended parts mod (or whatever it is called, typing on a tiny old phone screen after my toddler dropped mine on the kitchen tiles the other day...)
  22. I think it looks interesting - sort of ETT like but with a bit more grouping. Also, any tree that moves the stupid goo experiment away form the start node gets automatic bonus points! My only two thoughts at the moment would be: 1) seems a little harsh to have dropped the thermometer from the tree entirely 2) it might be worth thinking ahead of time about what mods you may eventually want to include, and make sure you have nodes available for them - e.g. an extended string of nodes for space station parts of different sizes, nuclear power/engines, ion engines etc. Might be easy to add later, or might not be something you see happening anyway, but could be worth blocking these in at the planning stage so you don't find yourself wishing you'd done it differently later
  23. Does anyone know what the approximate comparison is between the drag characteristics of the mk2 parts, the mk2.5 flat bottomed parts in the ragicaucasian/linuxgurugamer mod, and the size 2 parts in the Airplane Plus mod? I know, I'm being lazy, I could test them out for myself... Thanks