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  1. Thanks a lot i will be looking foward to these improvments The batteries where there but hidden Thanks for the reply guys, its very helpfull. I fly straight up as its the fastest way to get to space, and if I went as you said using the G turn method i would end up scared as my rocket would end up melting up from air friction.
  2. ----------EDIT - There seems to be a problem at 6:23 - Any one knows whats going on? ---------- Is this a acceptable launch? How do you move things to other categories so i dont slow anything down?
  3. Thanks man but for some reason clouds did not work and some things are apparently out dated - *Thats what KSP told me when i launched the game* Idk they just didnt work properly, well heres the link to the tutorial I need to check that out
  4. Any graphics mods for latest release (i only found not working 1.4.3 mods)
  5. I think it a bug, i dont see a stutter between 0.0 and 0.1 Its a stock panel but with changes textures (thats what I think), I dont know hwta mod changes the look of stuff but nearly every part looks more realistic. Save deleted - It was probably just a bug because it said *Aborting transmission not enough power* Nevermind, it was probably just a bug or something else. Save has been deleted
  6. Ill send some more screenshots. So I wasted like 8 hours building satellites so they point earth with thier antennae....kerbals always mess stuff up. I even thought communitron 16 has to be pointed in a weird fashion because there are "dead zones" on top an under a real antennae
  7. Forget about the seismic readings, ill often forget what that metal can is supposed to do and its a error all kerbals do...Temperature and I think barometer or the gravioli thing. Also i think its just dead because if it would want to transmit there would be a text saying that its transmiting to kerbin. Thanks for the reply
  8. Yes I do have Kopernicus 1.4.3 and other mods which do not work. Im playing on version 1.4.5 which is now the latest KSP version available, I cant find any graphics mod for 1.4.5 so just use mods for 1.4.3 I will send you guys some more screenshots and ill check if the panels are not blocked.
  9. So I just launched a new satellite into low orbit, electrics were fine, 1x6 solar panels were extended. And then when I tried to transmit seismic data and temperature data the power got sucked out immidietly out of the batteries, and the main problem is they dont recharge. I cheked the solar panels and they dont produce power even though they are almost pointing directly at the sun. Theres two 1x6 non retractible solar panels (small update - its OX-4L 1x6) and four small (I believe that these are the smallest static panels availible in the vanilla game - update - its OX-STAT), and one of
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