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  1. If I may ask ever so humbly, which KSP sources are you referring to? I want to improve my debugging skills. King regards, ~G
  2. Yes and Yes. However, just to be sure I deleted the MOARdV directory and then copied it over again from the AvionicsSystems-1.1.0.zip file. Now, the current issue at hand seems that certain mods need to be installed to prevent the onslaught of "Unknown Part Module" from popping up. So far I have managed to eliminate all the ones that occurred with A-51/X-51 crafts with the following: Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module ModuleKISInventory Needed Mod: Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) (added with CKAN) which Recommended: Community Category Kit (added with CKAN) which Suggested: Kerbal Attachment System Easy Vessel Switch (EVS) Outcome: PROBLEM RESOLVED Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module FlightEngineerModule Needed Mod: Kerbal Engineer Redux (added with CKAN) Outcome: PROBLEM RESOLVED Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module MASFlightComputer Needed Mod: Avionics Systems (MOARdV) (added manually) which Depends On: ASET Props (added with CKAN) which Depends On: ASET Avionics (added with CKAN) which Depends On: ASET Agency (added with CKAN) which Recommended: Ferram Aerospace Research which Recommended: Ferram Aerospace Research Continued which Depends On: RasterPropMonitor Core (added with CKAN) Outcome: PROBLEM RESOLVED Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module MASCamera PROBLEM RESOLVED WITH INSTALLATION OF Avionics Systems mod. Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module RasterPropMonitorComputer PROBLEM RESOLVED WITH INSTALLATION OF RasterPropMonitor Core mod. Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module WBIPartScrapper Needed Mod: WBI Pathfinder (added manually) Outcome: PROBLEM RESOLVED Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module ModuleBreakableFuelTank Needed Mod: WBI BARIS (added manually) Outcome: PROBLEM RESOLVED Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module ModuleBreakableSAS PROBLEM RESOLVED WITH INSTALLATION OF BARIS mod. Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module ModuleBreakableTransmitter PROBLEM RESOLVED WITH INSTALLATION OF BARIS mod. Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module MechjebCore Needed Mod: MechJeb (added with CKAN) Installed: MechJeb 2 (MechJeb and Engineer for all! was also installed just because) Outcome: PROBLEM RESOLVED Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module ModuleQualityControl PROBLEM RESOLVED WITH INSTALLATION OF BARIS mod. Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module WBIResourceDistributor Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module SyncModuleControlSurface Needed Mod: Atmosphere Autopilot (added with CKAN) Outcome: PROBLEM RESOLVED Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module FStextureSwitch2 Needed Mod: Firespitter Core (added with CKAN) Outcome: PROBLEM RESOLVED Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module ModuleBreakableRCS PROBLEM RESOLVED WITH INSTALLATION OF BARIS mod. Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module ModuleBreakableEngine PROBLEM RESOLVED WITH INSTALLATION OF BARIS mod. Vessel A-51A Flapjack is missing part module MASRadar PROBLEM RESOLVED WITH INSTALLATION OF Avionics Systems mod. **************************************************************************************************** In addition, I also ended up installing several more of Angel125's mod: Pathfinder, MOLE, Buffalo and Snacks. However by adding the concomitant crafts accordingly, the "Unknown Part Modules" message returned but is almost resolved except for the following: --BUFFALO mod-- Vessel V-22 is missing part module SnacksControlSource Vessel V-22 is missing part module TrajectoriesVesselSettings Vessel Guppy is missing part module WBIGuppyDiveComputer --MOLE mod-- Some of the remaining sample crafts are indicating the same first two modules as from the Vessel V-22. For instance, Vessel Big Brumby, Dolores AFS Core, Kapollo Skybase, just to name a few. ************************************ So if you, Angel125 or someone else could identify which additional mods I need to remove the "Unknown Part Module" caption, it would greatly be appreciated. Thank you for all your help in these matters... G
  3. Other than the log indicating them as missing parts, I am not sure what it is I should be looking for. My log files are posted above if you want to peruse through them. They are for KSP 1.8.1. On the other hand, for KSP 1.7.3, I know WBI mod versions are the same ones I have installed for KSP 1.8.1. But in retrospect, the problems between the KSP versions seem to be consistent but I will reset the WBI mod versions on the earlier KSP version to coincide accordingly just to be certain. Then again, it doesn't explain the issues I am having with the latter KSP version. Not sure what you mean or where it is located at other than where they are kept within the WBI folder.
  4. Not sure if this matters, but said missing parts are actually missing from the parts inventory in both the Sandbox and Career mode. I have never come across anything like this before. How can I find out what caused those particular parts to disappear???????
  5. I understand the correlation between MM and KSP version, except that CKAN indicates that MM 4.03 requires KSP versions 1.4.0 - 1.7.90; whereas MM 4.1.0 or 4.1.1 requires KSP 1.8.0 -1.8.90. When I apply the same mods from 1.7.3 to 1.8.1, the loading screen hangs on the Hangar mod (before it is physically removed), then on the MOARdV mod, which I understand supports the latest version of Angel125 Flying Saucer mod. I apologize for not clarifying my posting; in that, I was testing the bare minimum with KSP 1.8.1 so that I could determine what mods were missing that leads to the message *** Contains locked or invalid parts ***, which is typical when I am playing in Career mode. However, I am getting that in Sandbox mode when everything should be unlocked accordingly. For my KSP 1.7.3, I am running about 255 installed mods (not including the manually installed mods, which are mostly Angel125's and supporting mods. But I am still having issues with that version as it continues to crash at various times during game playing. I can post the log and player files if that would help to figure out why it is crashing. I for one, have yet to figure out the actual cause of it crashing. On the other hand, with these included files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t8ov3drcamafe2d/AAB7ZXXuxiIAmpVdFNpV1v9Za?dl=0 I am running in KSP 1.8.1, MM is 4.1.1 and I have the most current version of Angel125's mods that I choose to manually install along with supporting mods, which seems to be missing some because of the "locked or invalid parts" message when I try and open the Flapjack crafts in SPH. I also should mention that KSP 1.7.3 is allowing me to actually load up the applicable crafts despite the message "Unknown parts module." while I am in Sandbox mod. And I can actually launch said crafts accordingly. However, in KSP 1.8.1 with the minimum amount of mods installed, I can neither load or launch any Flapjack crafts. Kind regards, ~G
  6. Would you be so kind as to indicate the mods that you have installed. My focus is on the issues that I am getting with the A51 Flapjacks; such as, *** Contains locked or invalid parts *** when I play in the Sandbox mode, which is odd. More specifically at the present, I have the following missing parts as a whole: wbiA51Cockpit, wbiDockingPort, dockingPort1, dockingPort3. The Guppy and V-22 are missing a fair amount of parts. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t8ov3drcamafe2d/AAB7ZXXuxiIAmpVdFNpV1v9Za?dl=0 ~G
  7. I am currently running version 1.7.3 with the Flying Saucer Mod; however, the Advanced Alien Engineering section is blank. Is this the norm or does 0.4.6 add any parts? Amazing stuff by the way!!!!!
  8. I have been working on the optimum configuration of mods with strained results given the fact that I have about between 231 and 246 or so mods that I wanted to implement. However, I wanted to explore the Alcubierra Warp System in further detail but ran into a CKAN conflict with IXSWarpShipOS. Not to be discouraged, I found and subsequently downloaded your recent 1.24.0 version of KSPIE; but it requires clarification in terms of folder naming convention. For instance, 1.23.9 utilizes the folder "InterstellarHybridRocketry" whereas 1.24.0 utilizes the folder "InterstellarFuelSwitch." However, you already defined said switch/folder name under your version Given these facts at hand, my best assumption would be to copy the contents of 1.24.0 into the 1.23.9 folder thus avoiding the CKAN conflict because I would be manually installing 1.24.0 into the necessary folder accordingly without further ado. EDITED: Upon closer examination, I noticed that the naming convention for 1.24.0 corresponds correctly with Therefore it will be there where the files will go as necessary. No time like the present to see if the latter holds true. Cheers, ~G
  9. Not sure if this has been resolved yet but I received a [Tweakscale] ERROR: **FATAL** message. Here is the short part... [LOG 15:57:27.567] [TweakScale] WARNING: **FATAL** Found a showstopper problem on batteryBankMini (Z-200 Rechargeable Battery Bank). [LOG 15:57:27.567] [TweakScale] ERROR: **FATAL** Part batteryBankMini (Z-200 Rechargeable Battery Bank) has a fatal problem due having duplicated properties - see issue [#34]( https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/TweakScale/issues/34 ). And here is the long part... https://www.dropbox.com/s/n2007k1qvlpuuow/KSP_10-19-2019_1558-TWEAKSCALE-FATAL.log?dl=0 If you need me to respond back with a MM dump, please provide the command line structure. It has been quite some time and cannot recall the format for doing said dump. Kind regards, ~G
  10. I came across an issue that finally seems to be resolved with @Electrocutor's version. For instance, Squad has five original AE-FF series (1. 1.5, 2, 3, & 5 meter) Protective Shells. However, when you install @rsparkyc's modded version, the 1.5 and 5m are the only ones viewable/useable along with the mod's -PF shell. On the other hand, @Electrocutor's mod restores the shells back to the original five minus the -PF one. Personally, I prefer the latter which now allows me to utilize @Yanfret's Chaka Monkey Exploration Systems mod. Note: please feel free to verify my findings with the two Procedural Fairing mods and advise if anyone finds a workaround other than not installing said fairing mod. Cheers ~ G
  11. I would like to beta test your 1.6 version. Kind regards... G
  12. Not sure if the following is a new issue or an ongoing one, but it is a biggy. This is just one of approx 39 fatal exception errors. I attached the necessary link for your purview.... Module ModuleB9PartSwitch threw during OnLoad: System.Exception: Fatal exception while loading fields on module ModuleB9PartSwitch on part hydrogen-375-1 ---> System.Exception: Exception while loading field subtypes on type B9PartSwitch.ModuleB9PartSwitch ---> System.Exception: Exception while loading fields on subtype PartSubtype LH2/O ---> System.Exception: Exception while loading field tankType on type B9PartSwitch.PartSubtype ---> System.InvalidOperationException: The tank definitions have not been loaded yet (done after game database load). This is likely caused by an earlier error or by ModuleManager being missing or out of date. https://www.dropbox.com/s/an4xqywczwcqtg0/12-15-2018_0425.rar?dl=0 Kind regards... G
  13. Okay, you got me on 'vortexed'. What I mean is that the MK1 airplane suddenly appeared right next to my spacecraft that was trying to establish said AP & PE mentioned previously. Moreover, any maneuvers as such would also include said airplane. Reloading a previous save fixed it for the time being. Now, in terms of the sun's surface, you are also correct; however, it did move near the the sun to such a degree that it was impossible to view anything else. It would do this when i also had Physics Range Extended loaded. In either situation. I appreciate your reply. I did find a diagram that defines the necessary parameters accordingly. https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.braeunig.us%2Fspace%2Fpics%2Ffig4-03.gif&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.braeunig.us%2Fspace%2Forbmech.htm&docid=bu4nm38VdM1DrM&tbnid=cMBT6Wi7YXor6M%3A&vet=10ahUKEwjJhMnxu__eAhVV1IMKHRwtBdAQMwhvKCIwIg..i&w=610&h=235&bih=599&biw=677&q=orbit editor ksp%2C mean anomaly at epoch&ved=0ahUKEwjJhMnxu__eAhVV1IMKHRwtBdAQMwhvKCIwIg&iact=mrc&uact=8 Cheers....
  14. Hi all.... Is there a user manual that explains all the "ins & outs" for HyperEdit. I had a future contract that was utilizing a MK1 plane that was vortexed into my current contract (save) while I was about 300 km. I had to reload a previous save. On previous games, HE would stick me on the sun's surface with no way out and subsequently caused that particular save to crash the game all together. Nevertheless, I am trying to reposition a communication satellite (current contract) with an AP of 317.666 meters and PE at 299.494 meters, with a 0 degree inclination. Some might know what I am referring to when I also mention that the communication core has to be module 3 and frequency set to 21.5.... I can disregard HE all together and see if I can align everything manually, but hey ... just thought I would try HE despite the unusual bugs... Then again, maybe someone out there might have a better way...
  15. Cha ching..... Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.1.2 Released on 2016-06-07 Downloading now... Cheers