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  1. Ahh, thanks. I\'ve given up on folding planes and now moved to working on mechs.
  2. Yep. I\'ve done it before, it\'s probably the best gaming store out there, no doubt.
  3. Aaaand, leg lift!
  4. How do you make these? Experimenting? I know you use Damned Robotics for it, but how you can make it fold in more than one direction (insert pop culture reference here) eludes me.
  5. So, Tim. I hear you have stuff. Do you want more stuff? I don\'t care about your opinion, take it! This is my prototype copter, it\'s still testing. It\'s pretty good, but taking off is tricky. When landing, slightly glide in. Again, pretty tricky. Slightly modeled it off your helicopter design. Brand it, rename it, include it in your fleet, whatever you want with it! I don\'t care! (Just include me in the credits-thinger)
  6. My EVA? Get a badass overpowered jetpack (By means of unobtamium as fuel) and get into a medium orbit, then fly my ass to the mun with a jetpack, and maybe land on it! Or, if I\'m just lazy, just get into orbit, use my jetpack to fly to the mun, then run out of fuel and crash into the surface whilst eating popcorn. Ah, bliss.
  7. Swift, that was kinda mean. Anyways, you have to get your picture, upload it to Imgur. Then, click on the picture again, and copy the link that\'s at the top of the screen. Next, get back here, add to the spioler ( being the link) And hopefully, you should be good to go!
  8. That\'s a boat?! More like a flipping Battleship! That should be in a MOVIE. That is now PLAYING. Alright, guys. I referenced your movie. Where\'s my $14?
  9. Tip: If your lander gets stuck, floor it and raise the landing gears. Then, if still not lifting off, put the landing gears back down.
  10. Rule 62: If a space station is too heavy to orbit, you have 15 minutes to do the experiments, then GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!