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  1. Ok so my friends over at discord told me about something I did wrong hold the check karto, I think they found the issue. ima install KK launchers now.
  2. Disregard the last message, I don't want to sacrifice all my mods for one what should I do? I got photos, and im figuring out how to post them HERE ARE THE PHOTOS! (Copy and Paste) fuels: random chosen name I V file:///Users/MarceGonzalez/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202020-01-02%20at%206.50.06%20PM.png Also for some reason the ITS booster is the orange tank file:///Users/MarceGonzalez/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202020-01-02%20at%208.00.02%20PM.png
  3. Again nothing. This is so strange. Now ill try deleting all my mods and retrying
  4. NOTE: Im using spacedock to download this mod. This time im using another method. Just saw its only space dock. Like always it says its an outdated mod. Is anyone else having this / seeing the same thing on space dock?
  5. Alright @Kartoffelkuchen , ill retry and also check for any weird things on the game data folder. Also ive downloaded Delta Pack with also has missing parts ( of course ) so im going to delete it because I think it might be interfering with Launchers Pack.
  6. a lot of parts are missing... Is there something I need to do?
  7. Wait what? Ive been trying to download it myself many times now and all the textures and parts are all mixed up and some gone! I'll redownload it now. I didn't realize!
  8. Of course @SpaceBirb has school and a life like all of us so the update may be delayed to like early 2020. But then again, at least we can play around with Block 4 F9's and FH
  9. @alberro+ it doesn't say that it is available for 1.8 , the only remedy to this that I know -for steam users- is to downgrade your version to a update that the mod supports. If you do not have KSP on steam then I would suggest just googling it or ask other users.
  10. month by month this thread is getting even more deserted ._. ( first comment of the month >:D )
  11. Hello Karto, is this mod compatible with 1.7.3? I have no backups on steam so do I have to do some weird CKANy stuff? ( I already got the required fairing mod )
  12. Not to be mean but when will you update this mod? I have no backups on steam so im screwed But from what I've seen its a really great mod! id like to see a Delta IV Heavy fly in KSP!