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  1. Just a suggestion; Can you make the Boca chica test tanks and stuff? ( e.g SN test tanks, starhopper, etc. )
  2. Is there a Proton guide? Im not finding any Proton sub-assemblies or Proton craft files.
  3. Well, I have done my analog of Starlink. But its with Iridium sats. And they are ALOT, and my game still runs good and smooth.
  4. Ive been looking for a long time, and I just can't find any Starlink mod. Anyone know some?
  5. i think only think this mod is dead along with B5 just a thought.
  6. kk so uh no more B4 only textures or do I have to downgrade my KSP version even further for B5? also, does it work with 1.8.1? it says 1.6.
  7. that was supposed to be a year ago literally 2.0 coming May 2019 get Tundra Exploration or KK launchers but with B4 boosters
  8. this mod is dead, as much as i hate to say it
  9. i know right atleast we have tundra exploration i guess
  10. i don't know actually maybe not. -2.0 COMING MAY 2019- well looks like this mod is dead
  11. [moderator snip] Photo from what I see in spacedock
  12. Well, I can say that, nothing has worked. Ill try to take a break from this to see Starlink 4 in a couple of hours. Might swell watch it too! Link to broadcast: