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    please help!

    Hi, I kinda have a problem with some mods Im downloading the "launchers pack" mod and I put it in my game data folder and played KSP, I saw the files like gamedata/launcherspack_1.5/blablah/engineraptor KK/outer circle.And I thought thats a good thing so when i went to the VAB I was surprised that just a little of the parts of the mod were actually installed I checked my game data folder and everything was in place, I thought it was one of those times where you have to wait a little for KSP to read the new files then I waited a little but as soon as I entered the VAB there wasn't the parts I had so now im here writing this to one of you moderators I hope i get help. -a fellow KSP player that loves spaceX.
  2. The_evil_martians

    [1.3] Launch Towers Pack

    hey i need help the launch towers aren't working and do not stick to my F9/FHs please halp.