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  1. yes i already did that but i mod the steam version to have workshop ships
  2. so i donwloaded all the mods that added files to main KSP folder, then searched for copies of those files and deleted them. after that i runned steam verify files.
  3. For some reason, when i unistall and install again the game from steam, it stills exactly the same, with every mod, so is there any ways to get an 100% stock install? the problem is that i had some mods that added files into KSP folder (not in gamedata) and i dont wanna delete the files that come with ksp ;-;
  4. JoaquinJAR

    Putting class e asteroid in jool orbit

    But why you want an asteroid in jool orbit? to make a space station?
  5. JoaquinJAR

    Putting class e asteroid in jool orbit

    but where is the asteroid going? you have to catch it first
  6. ooooh ok, ill try later
  7. so what prop i should spawn with part tools if i cant find the switch_toggle_modular? the pdf says i should spawn a base switch_toggle_modular and then change its name. or just basically explain me exactly what i need to do to have modular switches.
  8. I will start making my second IVA, one for the MK2 Inline Cockpit!

  9. Minecraft 2: Space program lol anyways i like the idea, but i would add the option to select the stock system, a stock system with random system generator and just a random system generator (obviously kerbin would be generated in every option) before starting a new game.
  10. but what prop i should spawn if i dont find the base prop one?
  11. JoaquinJAR

    Mk1 Inline Cockpit Upgraded IVA (RPM)

    Wow! Thanks for reading and downloading! so yes, i knew it has some errors, for example you cant press the standby button on the left MDF because it moves the camera, i tried fixing it like 6 times but it didnt do too much, and it doest has too many space to put more props. (actually this is not even my 3 time making an iva, just when i learned how to make one i started making this one Lol) But i want to make another iva, not just an updated Mk1 inline cockpit. any ideas of my next IVA? (or if you want this one to be updated) and yes, i used unity. Thanks! That IVA looks super nice! EDIT 2: i will make one for the mk2 inline cockpit! actually there are some mk2 inline cockpit Iva mods i think, like the one that theonegalem did, but anyways ill try because i like inline things.
  12. would randomly generated planets be possible? i didnt put this onto dev suggestions as i dont know how hard would it be to add this.
  13. JoaquinJAR

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    also it would be nice if we could take off the full backpack and when we do so, it drops and falls to the ground, where we could pick it up. and we wouldt be able to survive in space if we dont have it, as it contains the life support systems thing. also, you could directly go outside EVA without the backpack, and the pod will store the back pack. for example a pod with 3 kerbals and 3 backpacks, if one goes out and drops his backpack, when hes back on the pod there would be 3 kerbals and 2 back packs, so only 2 could get out in space, or 2 could get out with the backpack.