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  1. Yes that its Video memory (VRAM) , but it seems you have enough so vram isn't the problem. also, are you sure you didnt mess with any kind of KSP or computer settings? your hardware seems to be fine and i don't think you can buy a dedicated graphics card since you have a laptop. see if you can find drivers or something for that Ivybridge mobile graphics chip.
  2. Maybe its the graphics. Do you have the right drivers? Getting drivers for linux is tricky but theres an option on almost all Linux OS to install third party software like drivers but i could be wrong. Maybe its the VRAM memory. see it you can find how much it has. Also, not sure if you know that GB and GiB are not the same but RAM is not a problem in your case. So i recommend searching how VRAM do you have, converting it to GB if it isnt already and if now enough search for drivers or buy a dedicated graphics card.
  3. Yes, i know that this is a rocket game, but airplane parts in a rocket game = spaceplanes, so, new parts? if we do get new Airplane parts i would like: A bunch more cockpits More fuselage sizes More wing pieces MORE ENGINES! 5.everything but twice. also, complete cockpits (even if we dont get airplane parts)
  4. they did made a second version called "Bedrock edition", its almost the same but internally its different. now the same is happening with KSP2, but in a bigger extent. remember that great games like half-life had sequels that did well, and the community liked them. also, theres a limit of how much the game can be updated without having trouble with the "core flaws" or the game, and at some point the game would be completely rewrited, basically the same as KSP2 but in more time.
  5. My first really succesfull rocket has this weird engine configuration. This is V1.5, it has less fuel and some solar panels so i can de-orbit it, and the relay has 4 antennaes and a reaction wheel that i completely forgot on the first version. (edit: tried to launch a lander, didnt go well because i launched it wrong and the lander does not have fuel tanks )
  6. When they said "Activate Termination Module" i through the would kill jeb
  7. there should be complete new space centers, not only runways/launchpads like, one on an island on the middle of the ocean with a big runway, a light launching/landing pad and a bridge that connects another island that has the mission control thing, and all the other facilities
  8. well, i like this and dont at the same time. i think they should have 2 teams, one fully working on the big update, and other releasing small updates some times to fix bugs and things
  9. Can you Guys revemp the Mainsail? That would be awesome
  10. i remenber Aircraft plus having mk2 parts with a flat bottom and some adapters, but it is only a fuel tank with liquid fuel and adapters to Mk2 and MK1
  11. Guys, I am making a new iva, its for the mk2 non-commercial cockpit from Airplanes Plus mod. right now in am not in my house. in my house we dont have Wi-fi For now, so i can only make the mod, then wait until i have wi-fi to publish it, or finishing it, then making it a ZIP file, use my phone or a USB drive to go to another computer with internet connection to publish it, but i dont know if i will be able. and sorry for my english. also THANKS FOR 400 DOWNLOADS!
  12. yes i already did that but i mod the steam version to have workshop ships
  13. so i donwloaded all the mods that added files to main KSP folder, then searched for copies of those files and deleted them. after that i runned steam verify files.
  14. For some reason, when i unistall and install again the game from steam, it stills exactly the same, with every mod, so is there any ways to get an 100% stock install? the problem is that i had some mods that added files into KSP folder (not in gamedata) and i dont wanna delete the files that come with ksp ;-;