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  1. When these things are going to get added? these parts look GREAT!
  2. OHH Lol i didnt know that was even possible. but you know how games are, one update could break EVERYTHING
  3. Oh so this is not that weird mod that has weird parts that dont fit any parts and are all white? ok i will try it
  4. JoaquinJAR

    Your first hours in KSP

    First Thing i Did Close the game and go to donwload mods in curse forge after that, i builded a big ship using OPT parts, launched it and i got lost in space lol and the first time i started making more advanced spaceships in the game, i did the same but i build a nice spaceplane an crashed on the Mun
  5. JoaquinJAR

    Any good RPM-IVAs Mod?

    I am searching RPM ivas mod i already have -Mk1-2 Pod Iva MOD -mk1 lander can iva -ALCOR pod -MK1 cockpit Iva and i already know but i dont want: -mk4 fuselage mod
  6. So, Now the mk4 cockpit 2 is back? anyways now that i know the mod has RPM i may donwload it again, idk.
  7. Does this has somekind of RPM thing that works? because when i use a pod with RPM sometimes i see buttons that have the name "Chatterer" on them
  8. Hm, Can i see some Screenshots of the parts please?
  9. JoaquinJAR


    There are like 99+ more suggestions about multiplayer, but the quick answer is: probably no also if it is added, what will you do with time warp?
  10. Making the first spaceplane of

    JoaquinJar Advanced Aerodynamics 


    i hope it works lol

  11. I think the same, it would be more interesting to find remains of alien life that makes you think: What happened to the aliens? why the remains still here? etc also by doing this we could have exploration ships to find remains of life and do science stuff
  12. I always for some reason wanted a Mission Checklist for example: Mission RedLander: -Launch Duna-Class Rocket (Done) -Get into orbit (Done) -Setup an Maneuver to go into duna orbit (Not done) etc so basically you go to the launch pad and you can make a Check list were you put everything you want to do in your mission and mark things as Done and Not done yet. or turn on a thing that automatically marks things at done if the system is able to understand what you type in the checklist example: -Go into Kerbin's orbit (KSP will understand this and mark it when its done) -gO InTo MaRs oRbIt (KSP will not understand this command) so for example the commands have some variants: -Go To Duna's Orbit -go to duna's orbit -GO TO DUNA'S ORBIT oh also when you auto mark an command as Done a message will apear in the screen.
  13. JoaquinJAR

    Better fairings

    i love this idea!! this with more structural parts would be awesomee!