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  1. First thing first, great tool! Congratulations. But I have trouble finding solutions, even when I feed the mission planner nodes that I know are OK, because I get an encounter on KSP, frecuently the optimizer changes the node to something that doesn't even intercept the target On of the most frequent problems I encounter is when setting a coast to true anomaly event and the solution is around cero, creating boundary problems. Ignoring my little comprehension of what True anomaly is (defines a position in the orbit?), how do I set the boundaries in the coast event to so
  2. @TheSuMa100% correct. After removing the scanner I was able to connect the hoppers and start them without problem.
  3. @TheSuMa Continuing from the github conversation, I have a scanner on the lander, I will remove it and check. But the problem is that there is no depot on that ship, so the message is incorrect.
  4. I built the station in LKO in several launches. Once assembled I start the hoppers to refill the station (this is the first time I see that the resources being consumed by the hoppers are not being subtracted in the dashboard). When the tanks are full, I move the station to its destination, like the mun in this case. Here I forgot to stop and disconnect the hoppers, so they carry on working even in Mun orbit, until they get disconnected some time later. Also, when I moved the station there was still no depot in Mun:Orbit. The plan is to move this station to where it is needed. The
  5. Having several problems with depots. I opened a couple of issues https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/issues/1507 https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/issues/1508
  6. If you just want to make fuel you can go the Wolf way. The last two pages of the wiki are tutorials about how to set it up.
  7. Soon(TM) Just be patient. LinuxGuruGamer has a lot of things on his hands.
  8. As a complement to the excelent tutorial beeing written by @JamesonKerbal I am creating another wiki page with tips I am discovering as I advance. I hope you find it useful. https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/wiki/WOLF-—-some-useful-tips
  9. Something strange. - I took a hopper to orbit and start it to refuel its own tanks. - After a while I stop it and connect the hopper to a station - When docked I tried to start it again and get an error saying the hopper is not connected to a depot. The paw button says disconnect from depot, but it doesn't work - I switch to the space center and back. Then the paw button reads connect to depot and it connects without problem. Another thing. I have a fuel hopper LF+Ox in a station and another getting karbonite in a different station, and this is my dashboard
  10. @Mythos WIP documentation Wiki Transport credits and routes
  11. @Mythosthe relevant pages start around page 393. Later I will add links to WIP docs about Wolf.
  12. First thing first, thank you all very much for all your mods. I have been away from MKS for some time because of the kraken, but Wolf solves that problem perfectly. That takes me to explain my use case, that differs from your vision of how to use WOLF. For me it is not and endgame feature. I am using it as soon as I stablish my first station in LKO to setup a refueling station and avoid the boring part of supplying it, so the fact that all the relevant modules are so far in the techtree is a problem. IMHO the logistical problem of setting up WOLF bases in distant planets is enough diffic
  13. @linuxgurugamer Thinking about what you said, would it be possible/easy to have a tab called "All" that combines all the resources in one? Not so clearly, but it would achieve the same result.
  14. The same way that I do it now, using the highlight to identify the correct ship.
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