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  1. After each programmed maneuver, the flight computer automatically reverts to Kill Rotation, but I want it to return control to MJ to keep the vessel orientated towards the sun. Now, i kill the kill rotation command manually. How could I avoid the creation of this kill rotation command? Thx.
  2. It already happened several times, usually going to norther landing places, and always missing by a similar distance. Meanwhile I have done several other landings without problem. It seems that the problem was starting to low. TRying again from 25km worked as expected.
  3. I am experimenting an odd situation. I have a shipyard where the ships are built on the left dockable container. The assembly is oriented toward the sun using MJ. When I start deploying, the shipyard starts and accelerated rotation, clockwise looking from the top of this image. Is easy to control just by accelerating time for a second and then let it stabilize by itself. Otherwise it spins uncontrollably. I suppose the change in COM is driving something crazy.
  4. A couple of questions: Can I dock the Dockable kit with a nude node, without a docking port? And the spacecrane? I am adding a dock-o-tron to its central node but not sure if it is necessary.
  5. @allistaIt work. One kerbal went on EVA and know everything is fine.
  6. This is the mod I moved crew from the Assembly line to the workshop and back, but did not try EVA. I also have crew manifest installed, that could somehow interfere, but it is curious that it only happens when I try to build a part, not a vessel.
  7. Sorry for my ineptitude Now I am trying to add an orbital assembly space using the container in the image above. I launch the assembly line GUI, select the container and Add part, chose the orbital assembly space, select dock, and when I press Add I get a message saying there are no workers in the workshop, while I have four of them in the orbital assembly line and another one in the orbital workshop. Then I go to KSC and create a vessel with a crew conduit and an assembly space, repeat the procedure but this time with add Vessel and everything works as expected, it starts assembling. later... Now I tried to assembly a spacecrane with add part inside the assembly space and i get the no workers message when I try to start construction.
  8. Incremental station attached with incorrect alignment. The only extrange think I saw was that there was two smoke clouds when launching. One in the junction of the new piece and another one several pieces away.
  9. That's part of the planetary base system, that are kind of flat parts, so when connected to the container it goes up in the air. Also, I have to test if it is possible to attach the container when the base is in place, because the node will be to low compared to the container node.
  10. It would be great to use GC for ground bases, but I suppose that it would call the kraken too frequently. Nonetheless, with the actual configuration of the containers it doesn't seem practical :-)
  11. It means the current situation (Space high/low/biome/whatever) is already researched and the sensor is waiting for a new situation to carry on doing it's thing.
  12. https://imgur.com/a/1WOJFqG Don't know what is going on here. The construction finished, received a message and the queue is empty, but nothing happened. It seems that it is lacking some resources. I have added enough of them to the station, but still nothing happening. Never mind. I realized that I need the orbital workshop :-)
  13. @allista There is no connection between the workshop and the parts being recycled? That's great.
  14. @JocMeister If you have chatterer, that is what is causing that sound, not kerbalism. I beeps section disable SSTV on science transmitted.