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  1. @Brigadier This is a problem that occurs when you have two DLLs with the same name. It is a known KSP and has nothing to do with this mod in particular. To solve it you can install zerominiavc and follow any advice it gives. Also, you can try with communityfixes. The first one in ckan an the other
  2. Then probably that part has no configuration for CLS, or it is not pasable in that direction. I think that you can check the CLS configuration on the VAB.
  3. Get the link from Imgur. Use Under image from URL just under your message and add .PNG to the end of the link. Done
  4. Check that the docking ports are open. Ship manifest can help with this.
  5. It seems to me that you are mixing stock inventory with KIS, which are not compatible. If that is the case, you would get better help from the KIS thread.
  6. That's what I mean. As soon as somebody installs Kerbal Health, the DLL is there, whithout the "main" mod present, no?
  7. Would changing the name of the DLL work? As in clsvxxx.dll
  8. @linuxgurugamer JFYI another mod that use CLSInterfaces.dll: Kerbalhealth https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/192130-111-connected-living-spaces-adopted-2006-2020-12-29/page/3/&tab=comments#comment-4048421
  9. Exactly that. But the library should be indicated as a dependency to be downloaded separately, which of course has its own problems with users. But as it is now people installing both mods will not be able to play unless they install one of the patches by Gotmachine or Lisias, or zerominiavc, that will tell them to delete one of the DLLs to avoid the conflict. But if they are not aware of any of this the first thing they will know is the game crashing with no idea of what is causing it.
  10. At the same time that I was testing, I was changing the absolute paths of your scritp to relative paths, because I prefer to have all your files in a subdirectory, so perhaps I screwed something, but I am getting this when launching the script
  11. Beware that you are quoting a post more than two years old. Yo can find the options tab here: Esc>settings>Difficulty options: custom
  12. Working perfectly. I already adapted it to intercept Jool satelites and was spot on. One of the things that confused me of your examples is that I think the (+) (-) are not always related to forward and backward propagation. I will check. In your .mat some constrains are duplicated, any reason? One thing that is a pity, compared with MA is that as the last event is not the las, but one that goes backwards, the final spacecraft state is not that of the final final event but that of the encounter between (+) and (-), so you lose that feedback. Now I think I understand that this makes sense no more, as the kinematic state is already defined as my desired target and all the calculation is aimed at merging (+) and (-) One discrepancy of what I did compared with your instructions is that when I edited the constrains I had no edit window, but a pop up saying position, speed and time had been selected or something like that, so no checkboxes or scale factors to introduce. I edited then the constrains to introduce the scale factors. Also, you don't specify the objective function. I selected Total spacecraft mass, correct?
  13. What a great explanation. I will try it as soon as possible, thx. A couple of doubts: Where does the value for C3 come from? And the values for event 5?
  14. Hi @Arrowstar I am in a new run of KSP and tried again my hand at KSTOT, but I still dont get how to make LVD work. MA was, for me, more intuitive, but LVD has so many options, propagations and posibilities that I hardly get anything. What I am trying to accomplish was relatively easy with MA. I start in a circular orbit above kervin and want to plan a simple trip to Jool. Do you have any step by step guide to accomplish this? Arrowstar or anybody help is welcome :-) Thx.
  15. Connected living spaces and Ship manifest, both from the same authors. In this case the second one is the "original".
  16. @micha Hi, Micha. It has been not a problem until now, but with the recent "stuck on Loading part upgrades" that happens when there are duplicated dlls, I see that shipmanifest uses CLSInterfaces.dll as a plugin. May I suggest changing this dll to be its own mod to avoid this situation? Just a suggestion, not even a request, as I haven't been able to detect any problems with the current situation.
  17. @linuxgurugamer zero Mini AVC is also detecting for me two sets of duplicated dlls, the already mentioned katlib.dll and also CLSInterfaces.dll, but I am having no problems, that I know. Would it be wiser to leave things alone if it is working?
  18. When you added the new mods you probably added some duplicated dlls, that is what causes the problem you describe.
  19. Another try failed, this time to 75km. It reduced the throttle to 0.1twr and never reached the target altitude, finally giving a failure message. On the other matter, is a two stage rocket with a target Ap of 250km. The first one is enough to reach target Ap, so the engine cuts. It keeps coasting until 70km and then stages and simultaneously turns towards the circularization node, creating some confusion.
  20. Is it really a problem to launch to a orbit below 250km? I usually launch my rockets to 100km. Edit: I just went to 100km without problem. Also, the script stages the second stage when 70km are reached and immediately points to the circularization node, creating a small caos. It would be more beautiful if there where some time between the two events. Staging as soon as target apoapsis is reached would be ok.
  21. Hi @Qwarkk: SOLVED: The problem was the absence of launch clamps. Trying to use your script, and KOS, for the first time, but running into some trouble, that is probably my fault or interference with another mod. The problem is that when I launch, the main engine starts to ramp up, but after a few seconds it stages the second stage. It is a simple rocket with just a main engine (Skipper) and a insertion engine (terrier). Thx
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