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  1. I agree, I'm just doing this for fun and of course for other people! Also engineers means only me
  2. Kerbal Aircraft Corp requests your specifications! Post specifications of the aircraft you want and have them delivered within one week if the engineers find the time. We will reply with a craft file once complete. At Kerbal Aircraft Corp, it is our aim to make sure your aircraft needs are fulfilled with quality and humor.
  3. A really good addition would be a new sized engine rated between 200-250kN and with the 1.875m or 1.5m form factor, this would be a really nice part in the mod for the use in twinjets using the 2.5m (size 2) airliner parts. Maybe based off a general electric CF 6 / Rolls Royce RB211 or anything else in between a CFM 56 and GE 90...