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  1. Hello, I reinstalled some of the mods and also reinstalled KSP as a whole and everything seems to work now. Thanks you for your help and time. I am glad you responded so quickly, because I am leaving tommorow and I wouldn't be able to use my pc for the next couple of days. reply to:
  2. Hello, I am using 64bit version of KSP 1.3.1 and my issue is that I can not hire any new crew members, It just doesn't do anything and in the top-right corner of the window it says 10/12 kerbals assigned even though this is a new sandbox save with only the 4 main kerbals (Link to the image) From what I have read it might be a problem with the save file. The issue occurs when i create a new save too, but I will leave a link to the save file either way. I also read that this issue occurs on both modded and unmodded versions of the game. But I did not find any fix that would work for me. Files: Save: Output_log: Mod List (visual mods not included): If you need any other log etc. please tell me.