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  1. @SpaceplaneAddict is this still active if so I need a ship that is able to become a base on landing don’t care about any thing else all so if it’s not to hard I would like a tutorial of how to build it
  2. Welcome @ArielleKSP
  3. dogeGAMr


    @Vexillar thanks
  4. Is the a mod or is it stock because I can’t mod I’m playing on ps4
  5. Is making history planned to come out on the ps4 or is that not going to happen
  6. dogeGAMr


    @Kernel Krakenthank for welcoming me
  7. A ksp mobile game or even just a rocket designer it’s been talked about sense 2012
  8. @SiriusRocketry no I haven’t made a station ever before
  9. I’d like it to be as similar to ISS as possible
  10. dogeGAMr


    Ok note it’s kspee aka ps4 edition
  11. dogeGAMr


    1.02 and 3 kerbals
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