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  1. Hi all, I love this awesome game, but I'm struggling as well with two bugs. Sometimes I can't select any parts in the VAB and the other times ladders in EVA don't work. So I filed a ticket and Sasha is looking into this. However, I'm not certain how to reproduce the bugs, so I share my experiences with you guys, maybe together we find a solid way to reproduce them! Both bugs are randomly reproduceable in the scenarios and training missions. All tests in radial input mode and with a freshly started game on the PS4, latest patch. VAB selection bug: Start training "Advanced Construction" Go inside VAB (Up + X) Press two times (X) Next to go through the dialog Select Mk1 command pod (X), pod appears without need to place it with cursor Focus is still in menu, pressing (X) again will select the pod in cursor mode but can't attach since a command pod was already placed automatically before BUG: Can't attach anything else anymore, nor select the command pod with cursor Note: I assume the VAB editor has an issue with recognising the right command pod, happens also when loading a vehicle in career mode. But also can't add a second command module, this validation seems to work just the editor doesn't switch into the right context mode. EVA ladder bug: Start scenario "EVA in Kerbin Orbit" Fly to space craft and try to grab ladder Grab ladder nor board doesn't show up (square / circle button doesn't show up)... my dear Jebediah will float endlessly in space now Switching to the space craft and sending Bill or Bob to an EVA will render them on top of the ladder, but the context menu "(x) let go (o) board" will not show up nor will he be able to move on the ladder (carefully watching the render sequence tells me that his model doesn't snap to the ladder) Note: reloading the scenario after successfully boarding keeps all members on board and doesn't reset the scenario probably... there is a loading issue/bug hidden. My assumption is that both bugs might relate to each other, that the command modules doesn't load right in some cases. Their 3D models render correctly, but the snap points / interaction models in VAB bug as well the EVA ladder bug don't initialise correctly. I really hope that this description puts you onto the right path to find those bugs, because they are game breaking and require a restart of the application (yepp, the bugs are persistent once triggered... very frustrating). The EVA ladder bug is harder to reproduce, but certain after the VAB bug occurred! Still don't know how to trigger the bug, there must be a correlation I don't unterstand yet. But I keep on testing... Please let me know if you could reproduce the bugs this way. Best regards, Rouven