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  1. [snip] If you are really leaving, these are my parting words for you: I really, really hope you never give up on life as you so often state you plan to do. Please, please pull yourself together and do something important with your existence. Stop unnerving and alienating people around you... you can do better. I know someone as talented as you can do better. There's a book waiting to be written that only you can write; there's another person's life waiting to be improved that only you can improve. Seize the day. Please.
  2. Sorry... That may have been my fault. I'll try to pay more attention to that detail in the future since it is indeed a weird inconsistency LOL
  3. We have a release date! Episode 0 releases January 18th!
  4. Occupy Duna needs more members interested in filming and constructing craft... feel free to come over to https://discord.gg/cWq2MQj to discuss joining!
  5. We badly need voice actors (particularly female voice actors) for this series. We need all sorts of characters from recurring characters to one-shots. If you have a mic and can commit to following deadlines, feel free to let us know. We'd really, really appreciate it. Our discord is: https://discord.gg/dXKYkZ
  6. This will be our final post for the year, so we want to congratulate you all for supporting us during our fledgling stage. We still need more participants, mostly voice actors, but that will not set us off schedule. According to schedule, we plan for our first post in 2019 to be "Occupy Duna Episode 0". https://discord.gg/4zb2hv9 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ0YhYdW-2S9Q0m-rmQbKGg
  7. We might post a series-wide modlist if we ever decide upon a set of mods that we're going to use for everything. We may not use the same mods each episode or even each scene, however, so a series-wide list would be problematic. There is a modlist that we have used fairly often on this project, however. I didn't create it. I used it to make the station over Kerbin in one of the posters, for example. It features: B9 Part Switch Camera Tools Click Through Blocker Community Category Kit Community Resource Pack Dynamic Battery Storage Environmental Visual Enhancements FS Hangar Extender GlassThings HeatControl KAS KerbalTek KIS KS3P Near Future Construction Near Future Electrical Near Future Props Planetary Base Inc Planetary Domes Planet Shine Scatterer Station Parts Expansion Redux Stock Visual Enhancements Toolbar Control Tweak Scale Tweak Scale Making History Configs Vessel Mover Wild Blue Industries Obviously, we've also got Module Manager, and I think I also had HyperEdit... maybe that comes with one of the above mods. Again, I didn't create the list.
  8. Maybe that's not the real thing since it's called a preview, even though I don't think any non-preview KSP Loadings have ever been posted? I'm confused myself.
  9. We're working on a Patreon. I think it has the costs we were trying to target but for some reason it seems the page won't let me view all of them... we might need to fix that before releasing it. We'll try our best lol!
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