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  1. Just AMAZINGLY LOVELY mod!!! I´m glad I´ve seen its review on Kotabos´ channel. THANK YOU!
  2. ...I´d suggest you star downloading at least one of the systems and spend a lot of time exploring it... so to feel all the pleasures this mode might give to the player! :-D
  3. That´s just GREAT to be able to watch such kind of stuff!
  4. Indeed, @JustOstrava! I also had 8GB Ram, and the pack used to run just fine with only a single system installed at time. Maybe two of the smaller ones. Just have a LOT of fun, for several weeks, with one or two of them, and then delete and try the others.
  5. Nicely done mod! Thank you so much! Luckly, I saw it on Kottabos´ youtube.
  6. Hello, DMagic! I have installed the Kerbin Sized Real Solar System, and the tracking Station Evolved doesn´t seem to recognize the new celestial bodies. I have tried to reinstall it AFTER the planet pack as well, and same again. Everything else works, of course, except for the planets/moons. Could you please take a look at it, one of these times? I will report this detail on the planet´s post as well. Thanks! url=
  7. Anybody up to try and make some kind of DeltaV map for this precious "planet pack"? I have been trying it for this last weekend, but as I pretty much suck as a pilot/flight controler in the stock solar system, that goes the same here... I have been having one wrong calculation after another, and, as it seem to me, mechJeb and AlarmClock have been having a tough time trying to figure the formulas out. ::::::::::::::: @Kierra, I have noticed that "Tracking Station Evolved" doesn´t recognize your new planets in it, and have reported it on its topic as well (that mod has been upgraded to support such changes). Could you please take a look if that is something which YOU could change or it´s up to him (DMagic)? Thanks! [url= ]Tracking Station Evolv :::::::::::::: THANK YOU so much for this mod! It´s wonderful to play it, specially while we don´t have "Real Solar System" upgraded.[/url]
  8. Hello! Just adding, I have upgraded KSP to 1.7.3 at this last saturday, and HyperEdit is working perfectly fine at it, with no changes needed.
  9. You ARE kidding, indeed! SSTU might be one of the MAIN reasons they´re developing KSP2 - that´s the other supersecret detail the programmers aren´t yet authorized to tell in the other video...
  10. KSP2 is the VERY BEST gaming announcement of 2019! THANK YOU, developers! .......... P.s.: I KNOW it might be too soon for that but, as you guys did with KSP1, please make KSP2 available on GOG as well!
  11. Hello, Mikki! I´m glad you posted on Event Horizon´s thread, so I was able to see your signature and to "discover" this topic. I see a lot of stuff-for-fun around here! \o/
  12. Please try and take a look at the page 25 of this same topic we are in... I´m pretty sure it´s the same stuff that used to happen to me. So far, I haven´t found a "solution", because unfortunately it seems like the game freezes and/or crashes before any chance of a log entry. But, indeed, Sci-Relay it´s a GREAT mod addition to the list!
  13. Oh, man, what a PERFECT piece of work!!! 7 .............. EDIT: by the way, there is a nice review (as usual) on Kottabo´s channel:
  14. Hello! Just wanted to add that fans of this pretty cool Add-on might want to take a look at the video in the link bellow, in which A.Savage visits the actual retired Discovery Space Shuttle: