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  1. Some really great news, sir! I mean, regarding the new update, not the winter stuff. Come on, KSP engineers! Time for extra field work.
  2. Oh, yeah, it "should" be recoverable. I´ll definitely take a better look at bunch of available mods. the But, as I´ve been reading around, KSP considers almost everything as a lost falling stuff once you are inside an atmosphere, that´s why any kind of parachutes vessel, whether it´s manner or not, will probably death-crash with a lack of integrity for recovery. One of the ideas of the game has always been the need of personally babysitting almost all of your stuff, as it´s not some kind of RTS or whatnot. Thank you again.
  3. Hello, gentlemen... thank you for your time, and my apologies for such a delay. To live "outside the grid", somehow, has it down sides..... .... @Corona688, going in a straight answer, I´d expect the manned stuff just land by itself, no harm for neither crew nor equipment. That it just... landed. .......... @Boyster, thank you very much. I didn´t know it and, despite It doesn´t seem to be exactly for that, obviously, I am pretty sure it will help and give an extra breath for the situation. Cheers!
  4. Hello, kerbonauts! Well, after a few months unable to play KSP, I finally got my hands on 1.10 (w/ Bk. Ground). THIS IS NOT A CRITIC but, despite all the good stuff one gets, it´s kind of pitiful to see an old... "feature" still happening: that your manned vessels will most likely explode and kill your entire crew when descending "in flight" (Kerbin´s atmosphere) if you are not in control of that vessel. As I use to play with custom difficulty options (Science Mode) and the "kerbals respawn" set to OFF, the green creatures´ life seems to be deadly cheap. So, here´s a little "t
  5. THANK YOU, sir! Have just get to know it by watching Kottabo´s channel. Great mod´s revamp.
  6. Well, I was about to buy such DLC in mid July. But, as is´t going to be a FREE - GREAT! - UPDATE, instead, I will definitely buy Breaking Grounds, now. Thank you, Squad!
  7. It just gets better and BETTER! Thank you, guys! Again, awesome news!
  8. Such a beautiful work... as usual! \o/ !!!
  9. What?! Are you sure it´s not some kind of "June´s Fool" joke? Wow! It might be one of the coolest "sequels" for what once was a joke. GREAT news! \o/ ! Come on! We have an entire forum to comment here! ;-)
  10. ...I would LOVE that revamp... if it happens to come in any other day...
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