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  1. Please try and take a look at the page 25 of this same topic we are in... I´m pretty sure it´s the same stuff that used to happen to me. So far, I haven´t found a "solution", because unfortunately it seems like the game freezes and/or crashes before any chance of a log entry. But, indeed, Sci-Relay it´s a GREAT mod addition to the list!
  2. Oh, man, what a PERFECT piece of work!!! 7 .............. EDIT: by the way, there is a nice review (as usual) on Kottabo´s channel:
  3. Hello! Just wanted to add that fans of this pretty cool Add-on might want to take a look at the video in the link bellow, in which A.Savage visits the actual retired Discovery Space Shuttle:
  4. Hello, sir! If you don´t mind, I´d suggest you take a look at the the 7th page of this very thread on which we are in... we´ve had a few opinions/suggestions regarding that subject over there. It might not be that heavy... I used to run it with any kind of problems in my previous laptop, which has 8GB DDR and a 2GB NVidia GPU. It used to take up to 10 minutes to load the game, though... BUT... i was running only ONE system at a time...
  5. And I am fairly happy that you´ve had at least a little time to spend on enjoying all the SSTU´s stuff we use to have fun in KSP!
  6. Wow! I´m glad I´ve seen this new-release on Kottabos´ channel on youtube. So cool! Not only the fact we´ve got a few vessels, ready-to-use, as example, but the instructions manual alone would already be worth the downloading! Thank you! ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; P.s.: for anyone interested, it´s pretty easy to use the Shuttle alone with the stock rockets parts for launching.
  7. Hello! I current no longer play with this mod just because my previous laptop (which is broken) was way better than the one I use now - it should do fine with 8GB ram. Regarding to the grand tour, I believe it´s pretty plausible - considering you "cheat" your vessel from Kerbin to one of this mod´s systems. I have traveled A LOT thru one of the systems with the very same "probe-carrier", but have never used the same carrier to land something which was intended to return to space.
  8. ...depending on my near-future schedules on work and studies, I will try and begin the portuguese translation in this month.
  9. I don´t know if it was deliberated or a coincidence, but the fact that the "Schooner" Pod can be perfectly arranged and protected inside a closed APUS´ cargo bay is really cool! It multiplies the possibilities.
  10. Hello, @Ezriilc ! I have been reading a few comments, and I don´t know if this small issue is part of others... every time I save the coordinates in a negative latitude, whenever I LOAD them, a small error occurs, and it pulls an invalid (red) coordinate. Let´s say, if the saved Lat is -5, Hyper pulls off a red/wrong 355.... Maybe it´s part of the same stuff involving the autolander precision... ?
  11. the way, @NESD , despite ALL THE FUN my kerbals have had these days, , the only thing I could possibly say "I haven´t found/I miss" is acustomized decoupler for the mod. Otherwise, again: It´s really COOL stuff!
  12. I´ve just gotten to know it on Kottabo´s Youtube channel. I like it VERY MUCH! Nice work, @NESD !