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  1. Cataclism

    Pick which experiments to Transfer?

    Do you have a science container? But maybe you can do this even with a pod... Probably you have already realized this, but every time the lab´s got some free space (after a few days in research), you can "review" the experiments in the container/pod and cycle between them, one by one. So you can chose which ones you want to sendo into the lab and still keep the others. If you have the experiments in your ship, you´ll be able to add the results to the lab even if you have already sent them back to the KSC, as long as you´re able to run them again. But I believe you can´t send just one or a few specific from one part to another. Still, there is a mod from DMagic which allows you to chose WHERE you want to transmit your science to, whether a vessel or the KSC. So maybe you could use it to send those you want to another vessel, and then bring them back to the lab. Try and take a look for a better description:
  2. ----(please ignore this post)__________
  3. Cataclism

    [1.6.x] Space Bus

    Hello, @kunedo A little observation/suggestion, but NO WAY it´s any kind of issue, not even a big deal, though: I don´t know if it would be possible, or maybe if it could somehow screw the ship/cockpit design or integrity, but in my opinion it could be very useful if there was a free attachment node/point in the front of the bus, where is the flag. I mean, in my gameplays, I don´t attach the rear fuelcell, and use that node to connect a decoupler for rockets and boosters. I know, they´re definitely not necessary , but are very handy for longer space trips. So, maybe I could do the same for other stuff in the front. Yeah, it´s VERY easy to add any small piece of stock metallic structure both in front or behind, that´s why I say my suggestion is not a big deal, ´cause it´s not a dependable addition. ........... Anyway, I´m glad you´ve added the landing gears to the main cockpit and have still kept them as available alone parts. Nicely done! (y)
  4. Cataclism

    What did you do in KSP today?

    ...I found a few ways of how (NOT!) to use MechJeb translatron + Smart A.S.S. + Umbra electric engines.
  5. Hello! Oh, had I fixed all the issues and glitches between the visual enhancements mods before, there would be a set of even better pictures than those above! Here come a few more, with EVE + Scatterer + SVE properly working with the TWB visuals pack.
  6. Cataclism

    [1.6.x] Space Bus

    By the way, the "change mode" feature alone (Cruise/Lander) would already make the mod worth it! And the bus work as a nice hover/boat as well: 46m/s over the water. Great! Again, thank you for the mod; finally even a sucker pilot like me can take the kerbals from one surface base to another without any deaths.
  7. Cataclism

    [1.6.x] Space Bus

    Oh, man, that is REALLY COOL! As a turist-bus driver, I have to say: I´d love one of these in real life. I happened to see it in Kottabos video. Great one!
  8. Cataclism

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Dude! Your kerbalnauts performed some kind of Minmus´ Garden barbecue! Cool!
  9. Cataclism

    Thanks KSP team :)

    Kind of TRULY "open-world" game... great support... amazing forum/community... open info/support for mod-makers... UNBELIEVABLE professional mod-makers which add pretty much everything else to the game... Yeah, LONG LIVE!
  10. Cataclism

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Oh, man, third country money just SUCKS! I mean, every time I decide to try and make some Paypal donations or Patreon to a few mod-makers, I realize that the "lot of money" I´d like to support´em ends up less than a tip due to the ridiculous monetary/current exchange.... Third world money is BAD for gamers!
  11. Cataclism

    KSP II? KSP Remastered?

    Oh, now I got it! .... and..... indeed as well! In fact, the time I´ve discovered KSP it has already avaiable the Making History, and I was impressed about how relatively cheap it was to buy both the game and the DLC (here, in Brazil, through GOG). Thank you for the info. (y)
  12. Cataclism

    Bugs and KSP

    That IS the stuff! ::::::::::::::::::::::: Well, at least they´re not going the same way it has been happening with Battletech, which gets ten bugs fixed but other Tons created every darn time they release an update - THAT is a quick way to screw a 30+ years franchise (and I´ve been playing it for almost 30 years....).
  13. Cataclism

    KSP II? KSP Remastered?

    By the powers that be, whichever they are, the fun part is that KSP doesn´t even appear in the T2 games list. ............. I know, I know...
  14. Hello, there! Taking a little more serious the "colonization", and also exploring a little better the hot, lava world called Seraph. Very cool!