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  1. just help my laptop, when i was browsing ksp forums my cpu locked at 0.49ghz(2 cores 2.00ghz base speed) i can't post a pic becuz my pc is so unresponsive
  2. thanks for the help guys ill try not to kill myself
  3. Ya think that thing will fly to space, i don't need oxidizer ok aluminium thx ill buy a grenade from local gun store Hey, i'm not new to forums ok Is this some kind of self advertising? i want to be next elon musk lol
  4. I want to build a real small vodka rocket using like a 1 liter of vodka, first how to build the rocket Where to get cheap vodka how to launch it
  5. Crash location changes through ksp 1.4+ C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\Crashes this is the new location
  6. Travel how? set orbit or fly to them using a ship? Cause could be that your proccesor didn't have enough time to load planets, or you didn't make the planets correcty like an error in code.