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  1. Hi. I noticed a glitch (more annoying than a real issue). Near Future Spacecraft Landing legs never reach the ground in my games. Captures were made with KSP 1.9.1 and only NFSC and its dependencies are installed. I have the same behaviour with 1.8.x and 1.7.x. Noticed with TweakScale first but standard sizes behaves like rescaled.
  2. Hi. It happends I made some research today for TweakScale purposes on NF mods. Regarding Near Future Spacecraft, yes all the monoprop tanks are now hidden and tagged as Deprecated in the localization files. #LOC_NFSpacecraft_monoprop-tank-125-1_title = FL-R-A750 Monopropellant Tank #LOC_NFSpacecraft_monoprop-tank-125-1_description = DEPRECATED. #LOC_NFSpacecraft_monoprop-tank-125-1_tags = deprecated #LOC_NFSpacecraft_monoprop-tank-125-2_title = FL-R-A375 Monopropellant Tank #LOC_NFSpacecraft_monoprop-tank-125-2_description =DEPRECATED. #LOC_NFSpacecr
  3. Hi Master Lisias Is it possible that you make the structure of a TweakScale companion for Near Future SpaceCraft Near Future Props Near Future Electrical & Core Near Future Construction Should Xenon Hall be included in Near Future Props ? So that I could fork them and make the appropriate cfg files ?
  4. Consider KSP Recall as a prerequisit so that TweakScale could work on KSP >= 1.9 because the game has changed the way ressources are managed.
  5. Hi dudes, I hope you are doing well with social distanciation mesures I started to work on missing parts in TS for Stock/MH/Serenity because I miss some of them in my game, especially service bays. So I took a look at what was not available and robotic parts apart, my list is: Display Name Suspected cause Origin Part Name Part Path Diagnostic Target file Done MK1 Command Pod Reskinned Stock mk1pod_v2 Squad/Parts/Command/mk1pod_v2
  6. I am used with Nebula Decals which is not perfect to my taste to fit curved surfaces. I'll give a try to this one.
  7. Sure you know what Tweakscale is, it's an AddOn which provides part scaling ability. Stock parts, MH parts are supported within this AddOn. In the past Part Scaling of other AddOns was often embedded in the TweakScale AddOn. Over time, more and more AddOns were integrated to Tweakscale. This leads to a major issue: maintaining Tweakscale is as much improving the core code than supporting the configuration files for other AddOns. If we consider the situation we have. Tweakscale core which provides the ability. AddOns for which users would like a support for TweakScale. Does
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