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  1. I have never experienced a problem with TweakScale for vanilla parts from 1.4.2. Be aware that not all vanilla parts are not scalable : there are issues with fairings, docking ports, maybe ladders as well. These parts are currently not supported by TS.
  2. Lisias I have a few questions regarding your TweakScale Companion patch for NFS. @PART[nfs-panel-deploying-concentrator-1x3x1-juice-1]:NEEDS[TweakScale]:FOR[TweakScaleCompanion_NFS] // K20-K 1+2+1 Concentrating Photovoltaic Panels { %MODULE[TweakScale] { type = free_square } } I can see there is no FOR or NEEDS statement for the NearFutureSolar AddOn thus that there is no dependency with this AddOn. Do you consider with the @ that nothing will be done if no nfs-panel-deploying-concentrator-1x3x1-juice-1 part already exists ? Do you consider there is no problem at all since TweakScaleCompanion_NFS has a CKAN depency with NearFutureSolar so it does expect NearFutureSolar to be present ? Same for the TS AddOn ? It is possible to have multiple NEEDS statement like NEEDS[TweakScale]:NEEDS[NearFutureSolar] or the last NEEDS override the first one ?
  3. I've made some progress tonight to make my generator of TS config files more flexible. I have still strong enhancements to make because scaling methods are not 100% accurate. For example solar panels with a size (you know the curved ones) for NFS should not be free_square (scaled in %) but stack_square (scaled in meters). As a reminder the program is designed to support ReStockPlus, ReStockRigidLegs and NFS. It is highly depending on a good governance in the part naming. A new dev branch is now available https://github.com/xot1643/TS-Restockplus/tree/dev Files generated in the Config folders are not curated yet and have not been tested at the moment.
  4. It's where you want whenever you want dude (yeah it's still Valentine day afterall ). You can have a look at the link provided earlier to see how the cfg file i've generated/curated is made. I have not many requirements, as long as end users are happy with more fun with their games
  5. Thanks dude. Ok so what would be the process? I would need to create a TweakScaleCompanion_stuff and you are invited to be a contributor ? You create a TweakScaleCompanion_stuff and you invite the willing guy (me) to be a co-author ? 3rd option ? Sorry if I missed something on the last 5 pages, have you already asked for co-authoring for NFS ? I have my own addon for NFS :p Okay I stay tuned. Well I should have been more present these last weeks I have developed a plugin for Restock+ and rigid legs. It is automatically (well almost) generated by parsing the Restock+ mod with a perl program. All the details (program + generated/curated files) are here : https://github.com/xot1643/TS-Restockplus I've been using the generated file for almost 2 months now, it is now part of my Career Game.
  6. Hi all and hi Lisias. Sorry for being away for such a long time but I had a lot of personal set backs (father and aunt passed away in january) & I have a lot of work these days, but I am still willing to contribute. I saw Lisias that you created a TweakScaleCompanion_NFS new repo in Github, I have a few questions on this. could it be a model to be compliant with for creating for example a TweakScaleCompanion_Restockplus nice add on ? If yes what are the key steps so that CKAN can take into account such another plugin ? BR
  7. Unfortunately, last time I checked not all kOS syntax was supported in the plugin. But this is better than nothing. Yeah another vi/emacs dispute incoming. Let me grab my sofa, some popcorn and entertain me, please
  8. Hi community. I quite new to the developing process of a quite simple add-on. My add-on is just a cfg file and has already been developped and tested, but I don't know how to proceed to: create the approriate github structure create dependencies to other mods create a release reference the mod so that it can be installed with CKAN. Do you know ressources I could read ? I guess I am not the first one looking for this kind of information.... Kindly yours, DarkNounours
  9. Hi. I use Sublime Text but you can use Atom, Notepad++.....
  10. OMG The English/French translator is excrements and that's an euphemism (I'm french, nobody's perfect). EDIT : obviously I wanted to write another word than excrements but the code of the forum decided otherwise It was more like [a word not allowed on the forum - the moderators]
  11. Confirmed works like a charm. I also saw that a bit of post processing was needed to adjust levels in GIMP/Photoshop.
  12. Hi Lisias. I've been a bit busy with family things these last few days so this is why I took some time to reply. Do you make a difference between what you call Add'On and what players call mod ? I think, from a CKAN user point of view, getting a TS patch one by one this way could be just what an end user could expect. By the way, have you already worked on NF patches ? Because this is something I intented to do
  13. So the idea would be that such a patch should become its own mod ? Correct me if I misunderstood you.
  14. New release of my Tweakscale patch considering 1 Option 2 in this document and following Lisias' advice. Not Yet fully tested but more than 10+ hours playing the game with this file. Extensive checking results will be uploaded when done. @ReStocked Team : would you consider packaging such a file in your distribution, assuming 1/ it is reliable 2/ I volunteer to maintain it as soon as you deliver a new release ?
  15. Hi Lisias. I have one question about this sentence in the "How-to-write-a-patch" tutorial. Which patches are currently in this situation ? ----- New release of the patch : https://github.com/xot1643/TS-Restockplus/blob/master/config/Restockplus_Tweakscale.cfg