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  1. Amazing mod, dude. Is there a way to edit the config files make the clouds on Duna a bit thicker to my liking?
  2. Hey, I made a high-performance visual pack for this planet pack with the help of @panzer1b and would like to share it with you guys. Do you want the link?
  3. Hey, I really liked your planet pack, and loved the visuals; but these are really demanding CPU wise, so I made some visual enhancements for most of the planets, and they are for much less demanding computers and don't require scatterer. If you want I could give you these for you to post or something, so just let me know EDIT: I forgot to mention the creator of the original mod @panzer1b who did most of the work.
  4. This planet pack is amazing, thank you for developing it
  5. Alright mr. This worked for me when this happened; open the contents of the ksp app file, and look inside the folders to find a .exe or something that is called KSP. click on that. worked for me
  6. Hey! I really liked your work on this mod, and I recently installed a planet mod called ExtraSolar. I was using SciFiVE but it only gave the stock planets clouds; so after some editing, I added clouds to those planets with this mod (they did include an SVE required Visual Overhaul, but I just did this because my computer is garbage). I was wondering if I could post this mod to their page, because this is your mod, and I only did a little bit of tweaking to add clouds to other planets because I know a lot of KSPer's who enjoy your work and would probably enjoy this sort of thing for the mod ExtraSolar. If you say no, it's fine, I'm just asking. Thanks!