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  1. So when I use the CarnationRed 1.0.0B version of the mod all of the wing textures no longer display. Is that intended? I am using the mod in a KSP 1.8.1 RSS/RP-1 install so maybe that has something to do with it.
  2. Anyone know if this mod works with Kerbalism? I was doing a JNSQ build with BDB and was wondering what folks experience was.
  3. In the new RP-1 version 1.5 update they mention that they are now supporting "KK Space X pack avionics". I assume that is this pack but does anyone know which version of KK's mod that they are referring to since RP-1 maxes out at KSP 1.8.1.
  4. I love this mod and it is pretty much always part of my mod load. In a recent run on a RSS/RO RP-1 career I was making use of Waypoint Manager and it functions fine for the most part. However, it does spam the heck out of the log spamming a message that is is looking for "Kerbin" however, in RSS Kerbin doesn't exist so it fails and keeps spamming the message. Is there a way to modify Waypoint Manager so that it doesn't spam the log on RSS games?
  5. I uninstalled and reinstalled a couple times and it is working now. I have no idea what was going on.
  6. Does this work in RSS?RO RP-1? When I installed the mod I get the icon to show up and I can put the icon in the Blizzy's tool bar but the I can't get the mod to actually activate or do anything when I click on the icon. I have all of the dependencies installed as well.
  7. 2 Questions on staging: 1. what exactly is pre and post stage delay on autostaging. 2. Hotstaging.. when you are setting up your staging what is the appropriate way to do it inorder to get your hotstaging to work appropriately?
  8. Does anyone else have an issue with Atmosphere Autopilot "pulling" the aircraft to the right during initial take off and landing? When I leave AA engaged from takeoff all the way to landing I always seem to get this. It becomes very noticeable during the final breaking after rollout. However, when I was testing this issue I found that the "pulling" goes away when I turn off AA and go back the stock controls/SAS. Is that normal or does anyone know how to tweak AA to stop doing that to my aircraft? For landing and takeoffs the AA is set to the the Flyby Wire mode. All the setting are pretty
  9. I'm having an issue that the mod seems to fully upgrade the R&D building in career mode. Not game breaking but it seems odd..
  10. So just out of curiosity... if 4.0 is phase 1 what is is the vision for phase 2? In anycase the updates look great and I can't wait to try it out.
  11. The other thing to remember when it comes to the 1.25m parts and designing the rocket is that your gravity turn/flight path have a lot to do with your dV requirements. I like the mod GravityTurn Continued for use in JNSQ. It has a feature that can "learn" from past attempts and recommend a better launch parameter. On a earlier play through I worked out standardized launchers with set payload capabilities. It took a bit of time, and a lot of iteration but once you have a set design you just save the launcher as a sub assembly and pull it out every time you have an appropriate payload.
  12. So MechJeb can do auto landings if it has the runway coordinates but it looks like the only coordinates it has are for a couple of the default/stock runways (which makes sense). I was wondering if anyone ever created a path/ cfg file that has the RSS runways in it for use with MechJeb.
  13. And there was much rejoicing! Thanks for all the hard work and putting up with all of the nagging.
  14. Generally, I always use the Waypoint Manager mod but I'm doing a RSS RP-1 playthrough right now and Waypoint manager spams the log because the RSS mod confuses it since it can't find Kerbin. I was trying to find an alternate to means to Waypoint Manager. ScanSat can create waypoints but it's hard to place them exactly where I want or edit them.
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