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  1. It's a pretty slick solution for folks that want to make planes like the X-1 but don't want to build a carry aircraft only to have to dispose of it mod flight.
  2. Keep up the good work. However, what is the NQB mod that you listed and is that publicly available someplace?
  3. So I have a strange issue that I think is KCT related but I am not sure. I am running KSP 1.7.3 with RSS/RO RP-1 play through and am making use of the new airlaunch feature for my rocket planes. I launched a rocket plane via air launch and that all worked great (thanks for adding that option by the way). I use a parachute during the landing phase and then then recover the aircraft to the SPH. The plane then shows up in the KCT build list as its being "reconditioned" and once that is complete options to launch or air launch pop back up again as you would expect. I click the button to do another air launch and this time it tells me that the aircraft that I just got done air launching is too big to air launch. I then edit the aircraft via the KCT menu but when I am in the SPH editor the aircraft is effectively spawned outside the editor. I turn on the HangerExtender mod and find that the aircraft was spawned in the editor very high and the right in the scene. I then drag the aircraft back down to a normal position in the editor save the "edits" and go back and look at the main KCT GUI. There it is saying that it needs effectively 25-30% of the build time for a new airplane to effect the changes. When the changes are done I can Air Launch again without a problem. Its still faster than building a new airplane, and we get the air launch option but is this working as intended or am I doing something wrong?
  4. I'm using KCT in a 1.7.3 RP-1 playthrough and you have the option to recover aircraft to the SPH for quicker turn around. When you do that are the parachutes used on that flight reset or do you need to edit the craft and replace the "used" items prior to the next flight?
  5. I am running in KSP 1.7.3 right now on a RSS/RP-1 play through and found that rolling back to 3.6 from 3.6.1 seemed to fix the problem and I am once again able to hide/delete parts. Maybe the 3.6.1 patch broke something while fixing something else.
  6. Can the MechJeb modules handle Ullage of the engines that is required in realism overhaul
  7. If you follow the link to the GitHub there in the releases section there is a 1.10 version of the mod from back in October. The notes say that it was a 1.8 update.
  8. Ad Astra is built for the JNSQ planet pack and leverages some of the AVP assets and but is version locked to 1.7.3 due to Kopernicus mod dependencies. Astronomer Visual Pack works pretty well in 1.8.1 as best as I can tell from my experimentation. Spectra is another one that should work in 1.8.1 as well. Spectra is similar to AVP but a little friendlier to your computer and should result in slightly higher FPS. According to its mod page it removed a previous dependency on Kopernicus and should work in 1.8. However, I have not tested that mod personally so I can't confirm its performance in 1.8.
  9. Am I doing something wrong with the horizontal test stand cradle. All of the attachment points seem to only connect in the vertical position with when I try to put a tank and engine in it. The vertical stands work just fine.
  10. Do the new antennas in the exploration mod work with RemoteTech?
  11. Does this work in Stock at all or does it require RO to function?
  12. I just started playing with RSS/RO and RP-1. Other than the recommended mod list in the RP-1 Install wiki is there a list of known compatible mods with RSS/RO?
  13. Well according to that config file, while the runway is a North/South aligned runway the heading is not quite north/south. That 0.4 heading deviation might be enough to through the coordinates off. Generally speaking for a north/south runway you would expect to see the longitude to be the same for all of the defined points with different latitudes. While for East/West runways like at the KSC you would expect to see a common latitude and different longitudes. In this case I would guess that either the cfg coordinates and headings are a little wrong or the runway isn't aligned with a longitude line. The accuracy of those points kinda depends on the manner in which the coordinates were derived in the first place. You can also compare these coordinates with the config file that feeds mechjeb and its autoland module.