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    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    I like what you are doing with these bases but do the tracking/ground stations work? I am trying to use this mod in conjunction with RemoteTech and KSP 1.5.1. On a clean install of 1.5.1 on K-K, remote tech and the latest version of you Kerbin-Side Remastered I can't get any of the extra ground stations to do anything. The KK interface will show ground stations on Kerbin in the tracking stations but I have not been able to find a combination of settings in the KK settings menu that enables the ground stations to be operational. When I do a test with the GER_Space's Kerbin-Side Complete Continued Mod they do seem to work. I prefer your surface models and would like to use your mod. Any help with the ground stations would be most helpful. Thanks
  2. So I followed the instruction in the wiki with a 1.4.5 KSP install. It looks like the Kerbal-Konstructs mod install that enables the enhanced space center (KSC+++ mod) also installs a hand full of other launch sites around the Gael. However, there doen't seem to be a way to use/launch from those sites. Is that intended or am I missing something with the install process. I would love to be able to launch from those sites as well if that is possible. I tried to install the KSC Swithcer Mod but that didn't see to work and only seemed to generate a default KSC in the middle of no-where with no ability to switch launch sites.
  3. Anyone else getting a scansat.cfg error with KSP-AVC? If so is there a fix?
  4. I love flying with this mod but I can't figure out why the autopilot like to veer off the runway to the right on rollout. It does the approach correctly, lands beautifully and the when the brakes come on it veers to the right and crashes the plan. Any thoughts on how to correct this from happening? Thanks
  5. I am using the mod for a 1.4.5 play through but I was trying to figure out how to eliminate one of the Ven Revamp textures for the service bays and go back to the stock service bays and leave the reset of them. How does one go about doing that?
  6. I've been really enjoying the parts in this mod but for the life of me I can not figure out how to control helicopters. I've downloaded some of the craft files associated with the mod and for the life of me I can't figure out how to control the helicopters. Anyone have a pointers?
  7. Galland1998

    [1.6.x] TextureReplacer 3.7 (25.1.2019)

    I am running into a problem with a conflict between what I think is RemoteTech and the Texture Replacer Mods. Another forum user over in the RemoteTech forum posted on the same issue that I am having. There post is found here. RemoteTech adds some toolbar buttons at the bottom right of the map screen . The first picture is what it should look like. The second picture is what I get. You can see them blacked out in this picture. I can confirm that the toolbar buttons are functional but just covered up. The other forum user fixed the problem by removing the TextureReplacer mod but since I need this mod for some of visual overhaul mods (i.e. Astronomers Visual Pack), I would rather not remove TextureReplacer. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this issue? I am running the most recent versions of both RemoteTech and TextureReplacer on the 1.4.5 build of KSP.