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  1. What does the "on demand" functionality do for the OPM mod?
  2. Throttle Controlled Avionic is an autopilot and you might want to look at the Landertron mod for some parts to assist wit powered landings.
  3. When in doubt, I would just delete the "SQUAD" folder in the real plume stock config folder. ReStock has pretty good plumes for their own engines so you wouldn't be missing much.
  4. Anyone using USI Life Support in this mod? I just started a career run with it myself but was wondering if folks were tweaking with the settings to deal with the bigger size of the JNSQ system? Or are the stock settings still pretty balanced for i?
  5. The 1.25 heatshield seems to hold up ok. Early in my career I was trying to make use of the the .65 heatshield on a small probe reentry. The heatshield did great but all of the heat seemed to pass through the heatshield and the probecore would always blow up. Ultimately, I gave up on small probes and went with a 1.25 based design.
  6. Anyone have any good rules of thumb for target Pe on re-entry into Kerbin. I've been struggling a little bit with my craft self-combusting on re-entry.
  7. Are WBI Tools required for the rockets? When I load up the Tundra Exploration pack and go to the craft files it is showing errors with the message saying that it is missing the WBI multimode engine. I didn't see WBI on the required or recommended mod list. This error shows up for all of the Ghidorah variant craft files.
  8. The only thing that I have noticed so far is a conflict in command pod parts in the like. B9 Part switch will still try to load like you mentioned. You will get a one time error message that tells you that B9 Part Switch and MFT have a conflict and that it will continue to use B9. Well..... that is not entirely true. at least in the VAB you can mess around with the loads and and the "remove all tanks" option with the MFT UI and then use the MFT UI to load what ever you want into that empty space. Not sure if it will break a vessel latter but I found it kinda interesting.
  9. So it looks like in the new-ish master versing on JNSQ you boosted the power of antennas by 4x as a default. In earlier posts you recommended pushing the DSN power to 16x and leave antenna power at 1x. Any recommendation on what commnet setting we should be using to get the designed intent?
  10. I know using the non official release version of a mod is a "use at your own risk" proposition, but I loaded up a version of the master version of the JNSQ mod from the github. The github annotation on the master version of JNSQ indicatated that one of the last things changed was a the solar panel config file. When I loaded up the game that config the module manager showed it as an error during the boot up process. In a test save I launched a rocket and at least of that one launch the deploy-able solar panel seemed to deploy correctly and generate power correctly.
  11. I have been able to use Tundras mod as part of KSC without any issue.
  12. Thanks, It is starting to look like Realfuels in a non RSS/RO/RP-1 game is more trouble than it is worth.
  13. So I am running into a problem with this mod and RealFuels Stock Config. The engines have a config so I could add the engines to one of my craft but the associated fuel tanks don't allow me to put the "RealFuel" into the rocket. It gives me the option to change fuel like you can with the stock game but I can't use the normal RealFuels UI and set the tank to Kerosene and the like. Any thoughts as to which mod I need to fix. This feels like a config file change could fix the problem, but maybe not.
  14. With all the craziness around the Tweakscale mod at the moment I am trying to figure out if I can safely use this mod while running KSP 1.7.1. I can't go to 1.7.2 due to other mods needing 1.7.1 (Kopernicus, I am looking at you). If I am adding Tweakscale to a new install/playthrough, is that still problematic and if not which version of tweakscale should I be using.?