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  1. K. I downloaded the current version Raster, firespitter, and module manager. I'll let you know if that fixed the problem. I also removed older versions of the MM from my mod list. Update. it worked.
  2. all of the OPT IVAs have the screens in them to display info, with the use of ASET Avionics. I can use them in the mk3 cockpit cause I have the ultimate shuttle iva mod. but all other cockpits that have the screens are blank and I don't know how to get them to function. I've noticed that the buffalo cockpits have them too, but they don't function either.
  3. hey, i'm having some trouble getting the avionics to work in iva for the opt cockpits. I've tried reinstalling the mods needed, but without success. can I get a little help?
  4. I noticed a mod conflict while playing. several of the vanilla expandable solar panels would not work I could place them, but they would not work. couldn't right-click on them or bring them up in the action key section. I don't know who the original mod author is for kopernicus, but if they could look into fixing this bug i'd appreciate it. since there are one or two mods that require kopernicus to work.