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  1. So uh

    I now own KSP 1.9.1's latest update with a missing texture on my first save, how amusing

    And yeah not much to say other than steam sales are cool

    On other news I might be reviving interkuniversal soon so stay tuned

  2. hey there

    just wanna say that I'm back to the forums

  3. Hello everyone! Glad to see this forum again after 6 months. I just kinda lost motivation to play KSP and... I sort of left the forums. Anyway, I should be bringing some mission reports things of what my absurd and weird stuff and crafts I can do to complete the KSP career (man, my last memory of KSP was hearing about 1.5)

    Oh, and obviously, Happy New Year!

  4. So, I updated the inter kuniversal page for you all, there's a little teaser Easter egg hidden somewhere...

    (It's truly in the thread it's nothing too mysterious lol)

    Also here's the page: 


  5. Ok guys new chapter here:

    Chapter 9

  6. Oh well here we go again.

    Now as you may know i have been inactive for a lot of time (Almost 2 months now), missed 1.5.1, 1.6 release and stuff like that.

    Now i want to explain my absence: Simply because of computer memory limitations.

    Yes i haven't updated inter-kuniversal for quite a while now, (same with the complete the sentence game), and i want to do it before the threads "die"

    Stay tuned, new chapter coming today

  7. I'm back from my "Inactivity" (Quotation marks because i wrote on the halloween challenge so yeah, a short inactivity)

    However, i'll be busy trying to get the other chapters of my fan-fic which will continue on a 1.5.0 install i have.

    await some stuff on the future

  8. so, i've been actually tempted to make an fan-fic. has anyone gotten an idea for what can i make?

    i'll start monday at 2:30 PM making the first chapter/episode

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    2. HansonKerman


      A, B, and D (PM coming up)

    3. Pascovian


      oof, i deleted it because the editor wouldn't let me correct some grammar.

      if you're someone else, these were the options:

      A: Novel.

      B: Mission Report.

      C: Trip To the Stars.

      D: Something different (PM me saying what should i make)

    4. The Minmus Derp

      The Minmus Derp

      Something inbetween ABandC

  9. i wonder if... what quantity of forum posts are required to stop the posts from being checked by a mod?

    1. Dman979


      Well, the reason we have new members' posts require moderator approval is to prevent spam-bots from overwhelming the forums. I can't tell you exactly how many posts you'll need, but you don't have too far to go! :)

    2. Pascovian


      well, thanks!

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