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  1. The time I was glad I got in at the beginning.
  2. Thanks to The_Duck and kellven. Sadly I am working the next few days, but after that I have nice vacation that I will be pouring into this fun project. GUI and inputs are all worked in I have been saving the actual calculations (which you two have helped out greatly) for last. Eventually the goal is to have a controlled hover from vertical engines, then recreate land-speeders. 8)
  3. Hey all! I\'ve been working on plugin that I am trying to make so that vertically mounted engines could be automatically controlled to hover at a set altitude. However, I am having some trouble in doing this. I have 90% of the code in place and the only thing that I am actually missing is the formula to calculate it. I\'ve been trying several different methods and as time is progressing they\'re becoming less rational. I\'ve got vertical speed and altitude already plugged in. Am I going to need to calculate mass/gravity and thrust also? The primary restraint is to have it work on any ship with enough thrust and vertically mounted engines. Please reply here or PM me. I\'d appreciate the help and credit will go right where it\'s due.
  4. The configuration exe is not working for me. I select the folder for the library and hit search music. After that it does nothing. But it does manage to take up 20mb of my ram... Windoes XP SP3, yeah I\'m oldschool...
  5. What I\'ve managed to carry over from playing Orbiter is that the period is a variable that mechjeb uses to calculate a rendezvous. It\'s explained at the bottom of the '?' window. First you have to launch your rocket using mechjeb ascent without checking the box for calculating rendezvous. You have to let it go all the way until it finishes the circularization burn. Then you can end flight and restart. Mechjeb times the launches and then using the rendezvous module it has the variable in there. I didn\'t pay much attention to it but it was based of of seconds or something. It will then advance time until the 'Launch Window' and cound down from 10 and then launch. I\'ve come to be fairly skilled in getting it to go within 20km. I can intercept anything in orbit in under 30 minutes, real world time.
  6. tinfoyle

    [0.15.2] TOP GUN

    Those are all great designs, I\'m STILL trying to stick the landing, I\'m consistently smashing into the carrier at ~3:30. The balloons are popping because of your exhaust, it says so in the after-flight summary.
  7. tinfoyle

    [0.15.2] TOP GUN

    Thanks for the tips, I\'m still crashing away at that carrier. It\'s just a small target and I have little to reference my distance to it. I\'ll get it...
  8. tinfoyle

    [0.15.2] TOP GUN

    That carrier is tiny, the only way you can land on it is with a very small plane to begin with. 3 stock large liquid tanks is just entirely too much weight... Yeah, that carrier is getting me pretty frustrated.. Knocking the balloons out in about 3 minutes.
  9. tinfoyle

    Kerbal book of World Records

    What\'s to keep the airspeed record being set in re-entry? Does the entire flight have to take place within atmosphere?
  10. tinfoyle


    I second the .craft. I\'d love to make a whole fleet in the design... Hmmm, I have damned robotics.....
  11. I\'d have to say that the lander handled quite well in impacts on the wings, I found that the capsule would detach first if anything. The struts on the gear were a bit excessive but landing at 10m/s wasn\'t too hard either.
  12. It\'s a perfect design. Kudos! Here\'s a picture of it landed on the Mun next to my first lander. This would be my 2nd Mun landing, and getting them so close was fun!
  13. Destroying garbage in the air, muwahahaha!
  14. I\'ve been playing with the persistant file and I\'m still having problems with the lasers not hitting. I\'m just not that skilled, yet. It\'s great man, I can\'t wait to see what other ideas involving satellites come up.
  15. tinfoyle

    The S.A.E.V.

    Sounds ingenious, I want to see a picture or a .craft! I\'m not too great with understanding your text explaination but at least Jeb\'s got the gist. Gonna try the backwards=tricoupler idea.....