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  1. Perfect timing, I just caught up reading after a >year break, I log in to comment, and observe a new chapter has been added while I had dinner
  2. the word you people are looking for is papercraft An icosahedral is nice... but I'd like something more spherical like this: Or this (less folding/glueing): Something like it already exists for our Moon and Earth: Can be downloaded here: papercraftsquare.com/tag/globe Progonos has a LOT of information about map projections and associated math (and papercraft). Google 'papercraft sphere' How I think one can make such a thing: 1: Texture a 3D sphere with a 2D image with a program like Blender 2: Use Pepakura (paid program, unfortunately) to fold out the model (and auto-add glue strips) More templates: www.templatemaker.nl (Dutch language, but easy to create your own sphere templates, unfortunately no texture option) Interesting example using illustrator: http://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/29212/how-do-i-map-illustrator-artwork-on-a-sphere
  3. In my current career game the Wheesley is quite usefull as it is. In earlier games I too blasted past the first half of the tech tree (farm Minmus), and never touched the Wheesley. But now I'm doing a hard-mode carreer. I cut down on the science pay-out, disabled the DSN ground stations, added life support, play from IVA (with IVA props, of course), and limited reverts (biggest trouble, a failed launch nearly bankrupted me) My options for unmanned probes are limited (expensive infrastructure not yet available or present). And my manned missions haven't ventured past orbit yet (life support requires a lot of power) Since farming Mun/Minmus isn't on the program yet, planes are a must. I never enjoyed Kerbin this much! With four Juno's my Recon 1 plane was capable of cruising at mach 1, at 6 km height, and it comes with a reliant rocket engine (909 not yet available) to push it above 19.4 km for 'in flight above x' contracts. Its range is very limited though. I had to glide back to KSC on several occasions, and the rocket only has enough juice for 2 jumps. Unlocking the Wheesley was a major milestone. Three Weesley's can hold the Recon 2 at a steady mach 2.05 cruise at 8-9 km (rock solid, even at 2x or 3x time accel). Its power and speed unlocked Kerbin for my program! (save for imprecize ICBM's, which are a waste of money to recover). If flown right it can even jump up above 19.5 km! (takes a 100 km run. Hold mach 2 at 10 km, at 1 minute distance gently nose up 50 degrees) Without the Wheesley (or equivalent) in its current form, hard-mode games like mine are doomed. It's an ideal engine for late-lvl 1 technologies, and to milk Kerbin dry of science. The Panther is for midgame hypersonic planes (quickly try the new experiments), and the Whiplash is great for early horizontal take-of space planes. Every engine has its niche. Also, please keep the reduced reverse-thrust, it would be very weird if such an engine could generate the same thrust in reverse. The above mentioned ~70% sounds about right.
  4. @StubbornJeb, you might want to check out SCANsat. It'll give you scanning parts to make maps such as these yourself in the game.
  5. I think the -ol suffix is linguistically and culturally a better fit, though I also share the association with Terran medicine . -ad sounds good, though if Dorenad is to be interpreted as 'we doren' it doesn't fit when discussing a third party. You'd need another suffix for 'they doren'. Nah, she's busy keeping her mischievous twins in check. I'd worry about getting invaded by short-tempered blue-skinned aliens with funny antennae. (Andorian, but they don't let that get in the way of a good fight).
  6. Do you use Hamachi or a similar simulated network connection? Unity (the engine KSP uses) has a problem with unused network connections. Disabling Hamachi fixes it.
  7. The 'bad' Jordan sentiment refers to the risk of letting storylines drag on for several books without any noteworthy progress. It's a fear of mine I mentioned to KSK some time (over a year) ago when he got to some elaborate Kerm-world-building. Apparently it stuck, I hope I didn't cause him too much Jordan-anxiety. Either way, KSK, I think you succeeded perfectly well avoiding Jordan-esque proza while supporting multiple intertwined plot-lines . The next goal is aproximating Steven Erikson's (Malazan Book of the Fallen) brilliant way to make all those loose ends tie up in an intricate yet not too far-fetched ending. (yes KSK, I'm setting high goals here, you only have yourself to blame for setting high standards ) About that lens cap... can happen to everyone, just don't let it happen another 3 times (poor Soviet engineers).
  8. Great new chapter! What mod are you using for the command pod equipment? looks quite interesting. Notes: Unless you are planning a horrifying story arc which includes a fire in a pure oxygen atmosphere I sure hope they'll switch to some safer gas mixture. In pure oxygen EVERY bit of dust will be highly flammable, any spark (like from using a switch) may ignite clothing/plastics/dead skin particles. During the assembly Gene says "with over four hours there, ..." I think that should be four days.
  9. In Civilization this affection is called the 'One More Turn' syndrome. In KSP it manifests itself as a 'one more launch' or 'one more maneuvre node' (especially if one has a dozen simultaneous missions running, who's maneuvres are kept track of by alarm clock). For most people this is a normal response and does not require any specific medication of therapy. Do keep in mind that prolonged depreviation of sleep wil impact mental and physical performance and health. If you start to notice any negative effects, you might want to cut down on work or school related activities. Obviously KSP is more important than such trivialities. If in doubt, please consult your doctor or mental health specialist.
  10. His name is @Overland, he's 'special'. ;):D I love the way he uses KSP. Edit: if Kerbin ever gets named regions, I put forth the motion that Overland gets to suggest them. No one is more intimately familiar with all nooks and cranny's of Kerbin. Most of us just drop down and recover. Very few take the time and efford to appriciate the vista's.
  11. KSK sent me I also like what I'm seeing here. The illustrations really add a lot. If you want another RL crossover: When making money is a problem: go tourism! Simple orbital rocket stuffed with 4 Kerbs who pay 22k each for a trip. It is the foundation of all my career games. Up to the point where I have enough miniaturization to build lightweight probes which pay a 100k+ each, and are launched in batches of three or four. Mod suggestions: Evironmental Visual Enhancements for clouds (can leave away the city lights since those don't fit that well) Distant object enhancements: so you can point out Planets and such from interesting locations. (standing on top of K1, looking up, seeing Duna... "Walking up there...In just 15 years... will it be possible? who will be the first?")
  12. Nice, I like the little Human cross-overs like the entire 'how to name a rocket' thing. You might want to throw in a training mission trick for our trainee. Fly-by Mun, plant a flag on Minmus, pop out of Kerbin's SOI and get back alive -> And he gets a promotion to 3-star Engineer. Also, you could implement a change in the universe's basic structural mechanics like installing a mod (something like Kerbal Krash System, which makes engineers actually usefull)
  13. Same as many others, grand plans tend to bog down. I play Career with Kerbal Construction Time and Antenna range, and I still want to build that Duna colony and finish a manned Eve return mission. I think I once visited the Jool system with a probe... but I don't think I ever put a Kerbal on any of those moons. Too little time and too grandiose plans. What I should do is play Sandbox, and actually execute those plans... Edit: and I've been playing since before persistance
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