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  1. Hype levels are exceeding what was previously thought possible. The hype-o-meter used to measure the hype levels in this thread actually cut through itself because the needle was trying to point so far off the end of the scale that it cut through the plastic and damaged the hype-o-meter's circuitry. Clearly the hype levels in this thread are beyond our understanding of the laws of physics.
  2. It looks like you've made Taythe to be completely covered in flora, at least as far as the picture can show. What kind of plantlife is Taythe going to have? How does it compare to Kerbin in terms of habitability for kerbals? What about the k'avi or whatever they were called? Looks pretty sweet by the way
  3. Whatever happened to Taythe? Is it coming back in a revised form in this mod, will it be in a different star system, or is it permanently gone?
  4. What would a functional permanent colony, with many kerbals in it, look like? A temporary base is easy to imagine, but I can't seem to come up with an idea for how to make a base that looks more like a city using MKS parts. Additionally, what would be a good overall shape for a space station which is a permanent colony itself?
  5. I'm not sure why, but for some reason this is the first solar system mod which doesn't cause a memory leak whenever I open the game. I've never felt more happy!
  6. How are the engines gonna work? What fuel will they burn, and how much thrust and ISP will they have? What about heat output?
  7. 96 KERBALS? That’s a lot of room for immigrants... or for “kolony growth” Also all that stuff about converter bays sounds like it'd be a great step for improving the load on a computer's graphics card. Less parts required is always a bonus. Glad to hear about this, since my GPU is seriously bottlenecking my CPU
  8. Works pretty nicely in 1.6.1 I haven't explored the surface of Kersex much, but have trees been found on Kersex in 1.6.1? I haven't found any trees yet, neither on the plains nor the mountains, although I have a suspicion that's because I've only landed a single probe on a single location as of now. Other than the peculiar lack of trees, this mod is incredibly beautiful. EDIT: Apparently I don't have terrain scattering on. Wow, I really need to pay attention to my settings more...
  9. Lol... KSP updates so fast these days... Anyway back when I updated KSP to 1.6.1 it seemed that I could make changes to the stock planetary system all I wanted as long as I didn't change the Sun and Kerbin. If I tried to replace the stock solar system, for instance if I tried GPO, the game would freeze permanently after loading, and I checked the task manager and it indicated that this is caused by a memory leak. But otherwise, I can make any desired change to the normal solar system now. I've been having a jolly good time working on how to get kerbals to Kersex (moon of Kronkus, from the Kronkus planet pack). Sent a probe to the surface and it was beautiful. Also, the backwards compatibility on planet pack mods is really good.
  10. We don't have to have all that fancy graphics stuff, right? My computer is a potato and I think I'd be fine without the fancy clouds.
  11. Ok, I've been doing some troubleshooting with TWB and I think I'm onto something as to why KSP freezes after loading the game when I try to use Kopernicus to load new planets and such. To be clear, I'm using module manager 3.1.0 (bundled with Kopernicus) and I've updated Modular Flight Integrator to 1.2.6, which is for KSP 1.5. I have all the dependencies for TWB (I think). I've been looking through the logs and I've found this message that appears a lot when Kopernicus is activated: [WRN 11:43:46.759] DontDestroyOnLoad only work for root GameObjects or components on root GameObjects. (time and date part varies) This message seems to appear every time Kopernicus tries to do anything.
  12. Question about colony growth If one has a permanent colony on a planet or moon and new kerbals are acquired through colony growth (I'm talking about the function the colonization module offers), how does homesickness work for the kerbals born in the colony? Do they get homesick and want to return to kerbin, or do they want to return to their base, or do they want to return to their planet/moon, or what? I just want to know because I'm considering building an interplanetary seed ship which will go around colonizing one destination after another, and it seems important to know
  13. I seem to be having a problem with Kopernicus on KSP 1.5.1. I can have Kopernicus installed just fine without using it, but if I launch the game with a planet pack, or even really anything that changes or adds planets, the game freezes after it finishes loading. I have the latest version of KSP. I have tested this with and without Kittopia tech. I am using the latest version of kopernicus. Mods: Community category kit, community resource pack, community tech tree, kittopia tech, kopernicus, modular flight integrator, patch manager, KSP mod file localizer, module manager 3.1.1, and whatever planet pack I try to use.