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  1. We've all looked at it for years, but have any of us landed here on purpose? I know I do... Where is it? don't mind the fact that it's 0.22
  2. Forgot to mention that I started playing back in 0.20 when I had a excrementsty laptop that could barely handle it. I've known about the forums for years but haven't really had any interest in using them until now. Recently started downloading all of the older versions I can... Here's 0.13.3 -
  3. SAS vs. ASAS and infinity gliders, too!
  4. Have been wondering lately as to when the majority of people here started playing, so I created a poll. POLL i gave you guys one chance to use the "other" option...
  5. I'd say that I am all four categories, but on different saves...
  6. This is just scatterer, and is only visual. It only happens in the KSC menu screen and will not affect anything else, unless you manually edit it yourself via the scatterer menu.
  7. Craziest? For planes, probably a few years ago when I had BDarmory and made a bunch of paratrooper Kerbals strapped w/ C4 that got launched out of a 5m plane to blow up tanks and anti aircraft on the ground...
  8. After Stefán´s passing, A song he was featured in from Jól Í Latabæ, 'Einn um Jólin' (Alone at Christmas) has been stuck in my head for days now. Rest in peace.
  9. Tried building a shuttle, then finding out that my expensive headset's left driver has blown...
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