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  1. I can confirm KCT in version was screwing me up with loading full shielding with "Fill Tanks and Launch" so...
  2. I rolled back with this to 1.6.1, reinstalled all the mods and still the ksc++ is scattered all over the damn island. Anything I may be missing? Should I ask in another thread instead?
  3. I'm trying to setup a minimal working modpack with GPP rescaled to x3.2 and KK (for GPP_KSC++). However, I must be missing something because I'm getting the upgraded KSC scattered all around the place as if KKtoSD was not installed. My setup: Mod DLLs found: Stock assembly: Assembly-CSharp v0.0.0.0 ModuleManager v4.0.2.0 GPPTextureChecker v0.0.0.0 KerbalRenamer v1.0.0.0 SuitProg v0.0.0.0 Sigma88LoadingScreens v0.4.0.0 KerbalKonstructs v2.0.0.0 / v1.4.5.64 Kopernicus.OnDemand v1.0.0.0 ModularFlightIntegrator v1.0.0.0 / v1.2.6.0 Kopernicus.Components v1.0.0.0 Kopernicus.Parser v1.0.0.0
  4. A couple more errors related to Kerbalism: I've posted the full log here: https://gist.github.com/Marandil/e1232f9a7a4dc5c501f06bcd7b3808ef Hope that helps
  5. I'm trying to compile a set of mods for 1.7 and Kerbalism (after renaming the .bin and shaders to 17) throws a cascade of NRE: 67791 NREs total, 45371 with OnGUI and 22416 with Update. Is this expected?
  6. @Tyko: I may give ReScale a try. I was reluctant to it because it used to break stuff. I posted the problems to highlight the issues I had in the current run and would like to avoid in the future. So far it seems that dropping SSTU and OhScrap is the way to go (AFAICT the issue with Kerbalism is more complicated and requires wait for a next release anyway). I'm rather looking for suggestions on what to drop & what to add to make this work .
  7. I'm pretty sure you're talking about procedural thrust plates, but I'm not 100% if that was the right mod with them:
  8. tl;dr: I'm looking for a set of mods for a hardcore-ish/real-ish/stockalike-ish career, because my old set is not really playing well together. Full: For a month or so I have been playing a career campaign focused on "Iron man" or "Hardcore" style - no quicksave, no reloads, no reverts to launch; no 3-rd person view during launch/manual steering, only cameras or map view, etc. I am quite happy with the experience, but it turns out the mods selected do not always play well with each other. I listed my concerns below. I am looking into restarting with a new set of mods (and possibly on
  9. I see this mod is currently listed as 1.5.*, but it's a hard dependency for Oh Scrap, which is listed as 1.6.x. Are there any issues with running it on 1.6? If not, could you update the version requirements, because currently one cannot install either mod via CKAN on a 1.6 install, without messing with the compatibile versions matrix. Thanks in advance
  10. Have you checked the actual mass, or just the numbers in the parts menu? I had a problem where several tanks reported their original mass in the parts menu, but SMURFF'd one in "part info" (I think it is a KER extension, but dunno). Long story short, just verify this first
  11. I was sure the real Dragon 2 had crew capacity of 7 [source], but thanks for clarification.
  12. Nice pics One minor question about the Rodan pod, why does it have 5 seats in IVA, but only 4 available? Can we unlock the 5th seat somehow?
  13. @damonvv @JadeOfMaar (I'm not sure whom to ping in this case) File Patches/Extra_ResourceDefaults.cfg, lines 117-118 // Gojira II BFS-3800 Tanker Pod @PART[TE_18_BFS_TANKER]:NEEDS[B9PartSwitch,!Pathfinder] I assume should be: // Gojira II BFS-3800 Tanker Pod @PART[TE_18_BFS_TANKER]:NEEDS[!B9PartSwitch,!Pathfinder] (This got me into yet another SMURFF config conflict; I'm trying to create a dedicated SMURFF patch for Tundra btw, but still testing it on my setup ) Edit: @Gryphorim check if this helps your case as well Edit 2: it seems that @Crossman found t
  14. I need some help with debugging why the SMURFF patches don't apply to Tundra Exploration tanks and how to fix it (on either side). A simple comparison (I made a minimal install with CryoTanks, FuelTanksPlus, ModularRocketSystems, Tundra and SMURFF+RSS just to get the numbers): Size 2 Tanks: Ghidorah K2-81 Tank LFO 2160/2640 Dry/Wet 4.143 / 28.143 MRS 3/4 Jumbo LFO 2160/2640 Dry/Wet 0.714 / 24.714 Stock X200-32+16 LFO 2160/2640 Dry/Wet 0.714 / 24.714 W/out Cryo Tanks installed: FTP X200-48 LFO 2160/2640 Dry/Wet 0.600 / 24.600 W/ Cryo Tanks
  15. AFAICT, with SMURFF the tanks have a way too much dry mass right now, so I guess some SMURFF patches are not kicking in for Tundra like they are for other mods. I'll try to investigate this once I find some time spare time
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