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  1. Saw your mod being used @ ESA expo today ! Aside from running into no other than Scott Manley
  2. for the reactors try messing with the dump mode, xenon and depletedfuel worked for me (also unable to see data related, ec output & heat)
  3. Small issue, my gasspectrometer is showing plenty Argon but I cant harvest it with the cryoseperator. Just shows inactive, any idea what I'm doing wrong? Edit: Disregard I'm an idiot, turning it off and on did the job. Was adding resources to my babies, sorry for this. Nertea u provide the base for my ksp playthroughs thank you
  4. No worries, lived without them long enough (wouldve been better if it had caves with blue crystals or something anyway lol). I've poked my nose around the Mun and Duna so far but only regular scatter to be found, oh btw the darkness bug only happens once after saveload but reloading the ksc scene by entering a building will fix it. About the surface features, checking the Kopernicus thread it seems they got it working at some point though. Unless I'm misreading something but I cant find a lot of info on any problems etc so far..
  5. I have this bug also, but I dont have scatterer installed.. was looking to see if installing scatterer might fix it
  6. Bit confused here sorry, the issue shouldn't be occurring? (the darkness I mean) I've used the latest update provided by you above (Aug 19th), my Kopernicus should also be up to date. The KSC view bug is no problem for me though, having loads of fun as it is For some reason it works now :0 ! Woo No DLC Surface Features included right?
  7. Mun works fine so far, KSC scene is bugged though like you mentioned (dark and skybox doesnt move when timewarp).
  8. Best mod in my directory, do you have patreon or something? : )
  9. Thanks for your reply! I meant the Tantares_Tweakscale cgf in the Patches folder, I'm not really sure what to do with it honestly :c
  10. Hi guys, I've been lurking the forums for some time now, installing wonderful mods like this one and doing basic editing of course. After searching for ages I'm still trying to understand structure and especially mod compatibility so here is my humble question: There seems to be a config included in the patches folder for Tantares but I can't seem to get it to work. Can someone give me a nudge in the right direction on what I'm supposed to do with this file? Kind regards, Art (PS I've read the readme and checked the documentation. So sorry if I missed something obvious and if it's a basic stupid question filling up the forums.)