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  1. KerbalRocket


    Ok thanks for your feedback
  2. KerbalRocket


    what is only 1 star system was loaded at a time not all 10 and you can use warp methods to get to one another (this is starting to sound like No Mans Sky)
  3. KerbalRocket

    Texture glitch?

    that's the one, caused by a computing power spike or a "PHYSICS BOMB" as it said at the beginning of the video.
  4. KerbalRocket


    I know this is a lot to ask but i was wondering if star systems could be added to the game and more late game tech (500+ SCIENCE) and the ability to travel to these systems via normal methods or maybe a warp engine. i am thinking as you progress further the parts get more and more op but with a draw back of cost, science to unlock. now if this does get implemented it will probably be only an additional 9 star-systems and just shy of 100 new parts (there are already about 300 in game at the moment). Now i know i will get some feedback saying this is unrealistic or that's a lot of work for the devs. I respect that but i thought that i would share my ideas with you via the fourms. If i receive any questions i will try to reply and answer as many as i can.
  5. KerbalRocket

    Texture glitch?

    I had that once two. It is caused when the game receives a spike in computing power while loading the vessel. When i say spike i mean something like multi tasking with an internet browser.
  6. KerbalRocket


    Great Job. It looks to be very effective. BTW i recognize you from the K-Prize nice to see you here.
  7. KerbalRocket


    That is absolutely fine by me
  8. Best of luck fellow KerboNaut
  9. The challenge is to make a para-motor that can fly land refuel and repeat Rules are No Mods with the exception of visual mods and no alt-f12 Photos or Videos are Required for proof
  10. INCREDIBLE, It looks amazing btw
  11. Here is my one 1 2 3 I did a drogue assisted landing (nose first xD) and made sure a orbited around Kerbin at least once my ship weighed 17.849t
  12. KerbalRocket

    More SSTO Engines

    I actually already use MK2 and MK3 Stockalike Expansion and all of the near future mods. , But I will check out OPT.
  13. I was thinking that it would be good if there were more stock engines like the R.A.P.I.E.R or even and engine that could use Liquid Fuel and Air Intake or just Liquid Fuel or maybe an Atmospheric Nuclear Engine, Oxidizer only Engine for using up excess Oxidizer. If you have more engine ideas please put them below and maybe a Modder will reach out to us.