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  1. The only one that springs to mind is Kerbal Foundries, which has a whole load of ground-based parts, with landing gear and tracks as well as rover wheels.
  2. The black one with the white stripes reminds me of the stock Mk1 pod. Noice work!
  3. Evironmental Visual Enhancements. Makes Sunev and the other planets look prettier with clouds!
  4. Reminds me of a moment in a specific DnD campaign... Interesting. Very interesting.
  5. I'd recommend Eskandare Aerospace, which has a whole bunch of nice cockpits for planes and helicopters.
  6. Whoohoo! I finally got my new GPU to work, and now I can run KSP with EVE and Scatterer!


    True decadence

  7. Sure, to both of you! To join, just give me the name of your space agency, its flag and a short description. I'll add it to the OP.
  8. Alright, fair enough. Good job on Into the Snarkiverse, by the way! I've been following along and it's great.
  9. May I recommend Alternis Kerbol for a Kerbin-as-a-moon planet pack?
  10. Are there any plans to continue this mod? There's a few things that I think would still be pretty neat. Namely a version of the A-4 engine without the shroud, similar to what Taerobee had back in the day. Similarly, perhaps some other early rockets like the Aerobee RTV-A2 and the R-5 could be interesting?
  11. The sun, like always, rises to the east of the Space Center on... Earth? This is not Kerbin, but instead its larger, wetter cousin. With only one moon and a higher atmosphere, it will more of a challenge to go to space today. But the Kerbals will persist, with boosters and courage and stupidity and boosters! Welcome to the... JNSQ KSRSS Space Race! Hi all! You may remember me from the original JNSQ Space Race, where after technical issues I played the Dressian National Rocketry Association. We're doing it again, but this time in a 2.5x scaled KSRSS, for added Flavour™. Rules are similar to last time: -Career Mode -Medium difficulty +Require Signal For Control -Mods encouraged, as long as they're not cheaty -Reverts and quicksaves Are permitted, but don't abuse them. This is mostly for fending off the Kraken, let your doomed machinations tumble to the ground! These rules will be updated as the race nears its beginning However, other rules such as progression and the scoring system, tech tree mods, contruction time, lifesupport etc. are yet to be decided, as I'd like to have you input on that first! The competitors are as follows: 1. The Neo-Dressian Spacefaring Foundation The NDSF is an organisation founded by eccentric businesskerbs Nertia (not at all related to the excellent modder and KSP2 Dev of a similar name) and Eeloon Kerman. It began when the pair were out on what their agents call a 'Danger Trip' (I think some of them are still hyperventilating) in which they discovered the ruins of the old DNRA facility. There they found an old Imperial Dressian flag, bleached by the sun and torn from wind-strewn rubble and inquisitive wildlife. Judging from what remained of the facility around it, this flag was originally destined for the surface of the Moon, but it was a destiny that was never realised due to the demise of the DNRA... until now. Nertia and Eeloon knew that they needed to take the Kerbals to space once again... For realsies, this time! To this end, the Neo-Dressian Spacefaring Foundation was formed. Similarly to the DNRA before it, it sported the national flag of the Dressian Confederacy, but as most of its funding came right out of Nertia's own Gluon Corporation, its logo was plastered front-and-center of the NDSF's flag. While it still recieved government subsidies, the NDSF was far less reliant on them than the DNRA, this hopefully meant it could take a few hits financially before it went under. 2. Space Agency of the Western Hemisphere (SAoWH) It's known for its long acronyms and lack of creativity in naming, and every rocket, spacecraft, kerbal, station and base will have long acronyms as their names. Despite its name, it's actually just a small country that forgot its own name throughout its history and is now called "Small country in the west of earth" with SCiWE as its acronym. The naming schemes in this country always cause troubles in international relations. Even though it is a very small and unimportant country, its space technology is surprisingly advanced. The race will begin when we have enough people, and once some of the above rules have been agreed upon. So go forth, and form your own space agencies!
  12. Have you checked the contents of the nodes you haven't unlocked?
  13. Of course I did, that's elementary my friend. Wood is the perfect material for spacecraft construction, after all. Can you answer this question according to the rules for this thread's game?
  14. 10/10 as a fellow human I, too, cannot perform simple base-19 arithmetic cogitation. I am a human as I am capable of knowing that standard CAPTCHA procedure is insufficient to protect against robot uprisings....
  15. Mk1 lander can, Thud engine, most of the structural parts, there are so many parts that need revamping still! So why bother with one that's already been revamped? Seriously tho with the Thud. Not even Restock touches the Thud. THUD GUD!
  16. All you gotta do is click your trajectory just before you enter the SOI, and select 'warp here'. Mechjeb I find is unnecessary.
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