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  1. Do the resource support units float? They look like they could make good boat hulls.
  2. In the meantime, Planetside's MMSEV has parts to make it an OUV. It's a good mod, so definitely check it out.
  3. Whoops, I thought this was the Tantares thread, my mistake guys. This is still a good mod, nothing else has the same scope when it comes to european rockets, and while it's no BDB when it comes to modelling and texturing it's stockalike and consistent.
  4. Now that Artemis Construction Kit has been more or less done for the time being, could we be seeing a completion of the Buran? Have break first though, you've contributed so much to the KSP modding scene, a rest is definitely deserved.
  5. It uses the same balance that the stock parts use. That is, it's best balanced for a 2.5x scale system, though if used in stock you'll have similar performance to the stock parts.
  6. There's a new release currently in beta, which you can get if you pay for it. It'll be free on release though.
  7. Really great to hear about significant performance improvements! Our brethren on crappy laptops will be able to share this beautiful mod without experiencing quite so much spontaneous combustion! Page 69 btw, nice.
  8. Hey Well, have you considered adding a dedicated CTV capsule into Knes? It'd be a great mit-to-late game spacecraft for ferrying crew, even if it lacks some of the panache of the shuttles.
  9. NFLV also uses size 5, so though it isn't BDB parts it's still 6.25m. NFLV also has size 6, though its size 6 tanks don't have any SOFI textures IIRC, so it probably isn't that.
  10. You could probably use wheels and such, but they'd be counted as launch mass. A more efficient way would be to have a reaction wheel and simply roll up the mountain
  11. For the solar panels to look better as landing legs, I think they need to have some extra struts or some kind of other visible reinforcement. Maybe if they also didn't fold out as far?
  12. There was a mod that added a version of the MK1 lander can that squeezed 3 kerbals inside it. Maybe it's that?
  13. Probably scatterer, EVE and TUFX.
  14. A few mods that I think could benefit from an SSS patch are Cormorant Aeronology, Planetside and Coriolis Space Systems Support for Beyond Home would be greatly appreciated as well.
  15. I believe you can attach the flag onto the fairing base and then use the move tool to put it onto the fairing itself.
  16. *Proceeds to have 5 launch faliures in a row*
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