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  1. A few mods that I think could benefit from an SSS patch are Cormorant Aeronology, Planetside and Coriolis Space Systems Support for Beyond Home would be greatly appreciated as well.
  2. I believe you can attach the flag onto the fairing base and then use the move tool to put it onto the fairing itself.
  3. *Proceeds to have 5 launch faliures in a row*
  4. Yes, this works perfectly fine on 1.12.3, as do all of Benjee10's mods.
  5. It's a work in progress of the command module for the Buffalo 2. It's very rudimentary and doesn't have a proper textire yet, so that's why it looks the way it does.
  6. Last time I checked this thread someone was working on a Tantares patch for this mod; what's the news on that? Also, is there any possibility of a Knes patch not too far in the future?
  7. No, there isn't any cave aside from the Tylo cave, as KSP's terrain generation doesn't allow for generation of caves. The Tylo cave is technically a static structure like a KSC building or one of the other easter eggs.
  8. Hi, small suggestion for the mod, maybe make a thermal blanket texture variant for some of the modules?
  9. Have you considered making a (not historical but still kinda cool looking) metal variant for the Spacelab parts?
  10. From what I've seen the SRB waterfall effects mod combines the actual plumes of Waterfall with all the smoke of RealPlume, which means you need both but provides a good looking SRB plume.
  11. Have you been using KSP's hidden x5 symmetry for this?
  12. I know there's a mod that adds retextures for SOCK's shuttle, which adds Moonraker and some better stuff for Enterprise, but that's it.
  13. Here is your Saturn C-4 Rocket. Unfortunately the design got cancelled, so this is just a wooden mockup. One MK-55 'Thud' engine, please.
  14. They (and most of the RCS in Tantares) use LiquidFuel and Oxidiser rather than Monopropellant, so that might be the problem if your spacecraft uses Monoprop or LH2/Oxidiser
  15. Just as a general rule of thumb for most mods, the zip file you download will have a 'GameData' folder inside it, go into this folder and put all of its contents into KSP's own GameData folder.
  16. One thing I think could really improve building stuff in the VAB/SPH is being able to use the 'Aim Camera' thingamybob that you can use on parts in flight.
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