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  1. You can workaround this if you're in orbit already. Have an engineer disconnect the main body of the ship/station from the root part using a KAS screwdriver - that is, use the screwdriver on the ship part, not the docking port root part. The konstruction port will float free and the root part will automatically be reassigned. Immediately grab the konstruction port and reconnect it to the same spot. You should then be able to dock and compress as normal.
  2. Is there a mod that provides the same functionality as the M700 with a smaller model, ideally radial attachment? I'm building some probes and the M700 size and shape is quite restrictive. If not I guess I can make an MM config for something suitable
  3. Friznit

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS) Technically yes, but you don't gain much over USI LS and several MKS parts will be redundant. It really is better to use USI LS, which MKS is designed for. You can change the settings to more closely resemble TAC LS, such as disabling the habitation mechanic.
  4. Only use one life support mod. Using 3 at once will confuse things.
  5. If you're uninstalling with CKAN, be sure to remove the residual folder with the user settings from Gamedata before reinstalling KER. This should fix the problem. If you've heavily customised the HUD displays and want to keep them, there's a single user settings file you can copy back in after reinstalling. Sadly, I'm not at my PC right now and can't for the life of me remember what it's called but it's fairly evident if you poke around in the KER folder.
  6. It's the exit terminal for a new underground railway that Kerbals are planning to build to connect KSC with Dessert Launch Site.
  7. Inspirational. I've recently launched a BDB + GPP carear and about to start the first MOL build to get science going properly. I've added Monthly Budgets and nerfed Rep gains, so having to do everything on the cheap. So far it's forced me to use the earlier rockets for a lot more than the first hour or two of gameplay, which is a nice change. What suit textures are you using? I need to find something more in keeping with the BDB theme.
  8. Friznit

    USI Konstruction Pre Built Vehicles Query

    KerbaX is your friend
  9. The problem appears to be more common if you have low res ground textures. I had a nice Duna base going but FPS was suffering from my overzealous use of fun things. I turned down ground textures to help a bit and ...well, let's say I no longer have a nice Duna base going. Could a potential workaround be to add an "anchor" feature for ground attachable items, similar to the what the USI mod has?
  10. That fix was KIS compatability (specifically, Kerbals ability to equip objects). I've used SEP successfully with the latest version of KAS so not sure if that's the issue. I've not tried for a couple of weeks though - will test again later this evening.
  11. I'm struggling with helis too. Take off and flying around seems to go ok. Landing...not so much. I can't get a stable hover going even with Hover mode enabled. Atmospheric Autopilot mod is struggling too, and TCA doesn't recognise the rotors as engines. Apologies if this has been covered already. I'd very much appreciate a pointer though! In the meantime, Kerbal Rotors Expansion is much more forgiving (perhaps too much) so that's an alternative to augment this pack for people in the same boat (Heli) as me.
  12. That image is a thing of beauty and will complement your wiki nicely! Not being any kind of expert, I'm still scratching my head slightly on all the different variations and how to actually build them in game. I find myself alt tabbing between the old BDB Manuael, Github Wiki and Wikipaedia to figure out rocket and rocket part names and which bit goes with what (" a Centaur V the same as a Centaur Common which is the Inon-D I think (?) but does that have the single or dual engine and then which engine mount should it use of the two available in the VAB...oh it can use either depending on what mood NASA was in that day....and then what rocket does it go on...oh wait it was called Common for a reason, it went on lots of different rockets so which launch stage should I use for...uhuh got it but...goddamit Jeb, get back here with the SAS unit you cheaky little blighter"). Of course I then need to finalise a design that has practical application in game for the payload and mission...
  13. It sounds like you have a similar play style to me. I have a set of core quality of life mods that I never go without (things like KAC, KER, MechJeb, Precise Manoeuvre etc). My second set of mods adds a bit of a pseudo-realism theme - things like life support, scanning, Remote Tech & ISRU in various permutations (e.g. USI theme; or Interstellar Extended theme; or WBI theme). The final set of mods is specific to my chosen story arc - i.e. the overall goal of the career game. In my last playthrough, the mission was to establish a viable self sustaining colony in a different solar system, hence mods such as USI Kolonization, Civilian Population and a planet pack with at least one other star system. For Contract Packs, I enjoy Advanced Career Progression - I usually end up "overtaking" the mission progression before long but it's a nice way to start. You might also consider Tourism Plus, though it can turn into a bit of a money spinner rather than drive any actual progression of the "story". I've just started a new career trying out Snacks+Kerbal Health as a lightweight alternative to TAC/USI Life Support. The story in this career is "race for the stars", so I've added Monthly Budgets, Research Bodies/Tarsier Space Tech, Galileo's Planet Pack and the BDB rockets for the sweet 1960's nostalgia. It's an interesting fresh challenge - having to balance the the budget between research, exploration and lobbing enough Kerbs into space to keep the paymasters happy.
  14. Friznit

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Duna recyclers turning off is a known issue though I don't know if anyone has managed to figure out the cause yet. In the meantime a workaround is to add the Recyclers to an action menu item and use something like Smart Parts to periodically turn them back on. I've noticed with things like the Agri and Hab modules that they sometimes show all configuration options when they are first deployed, regardless of which setting you preconfigured in the VAB. However, only the pre-selected option will stay on after reloading the scene; the others will have turned off.
  15. When a BDB update drops and you're afk for the next 2 weeks ... The horror... The horror
  16. Kerbal Hacks: Wearable KIS Props. I don't think @Enceos has released an update but he linked the fixed configs on page 5 of his thread. You can have blue hats too. This is important.
  17. Dark panels...I suspect that's intended behaviour?
  18. Friznit

    Universal Storage II

    Now you're just showing off! Small yet beautiful. Edit: I'm referring to the part of course
  19. Friznit

    [1.6.1-2 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    I think Squad got plenty of complaints about the 1.6 issues with mods given how fundamental they are to the longevity of KSP. But more to the point, the level of interest in Kopernicus is a reflection of how many people value your work and find it a critical part of their enjoyment of the game. So much so in fact that unlike almost every other mod, people are unwilling to play KSP without it! That's a pretty big accolade. As a modder myself, albeit for other games, I can well understand your frustration though. For everyone else: patience - mod updates are always released exactly Soon™, when they are ready and not before.
  20. Updated configs for screwdriver, golfclub, cardboard box and fallen kerbal to work with latest KIS. Tested in 1.5.1 and 1.6. I'll bung you the code on Discord. Will still need a proper recompile for 1.6 though.
  21. Friznit

    Thinking about a new Colonization mod

    Colour me interested. This is essentially what I've been trying to achieve with a combination of USI MKS/USI-LS, EPL, Kolonisation and Nehemia's Orbital Science - a modset intended to create a Purpose™ to the carear game. I've had to RP quite a bit, setting myself rules such as Civilians cannot go on long trips until they've had a month at the Orbital Training Facility and a minimum of 6 months at the Offworld Training Kolony on Minmus. A lucky few get to join the Space Pioneer Programme and explore distant worlds. Recruiting trained Kerbs is fiercely expensive, so 'converting' civilians and training them in the MKS Akademy is preferable. Perhaps you might consider taking an idea of low-g / zero-g experimentation and tie that into the stats of the different bodies to unlock new tiers. For example, something like a certain number of experiments are required in a Zero G environment to unlock Tier 2 (an Orbital in LKO will do the trick); but to unlock Tier 3 you need some experiments in a Low G environment (this would suggest a Mun base) AND some research outside Kerbin SOI (Space Station in Kerbol Orbit should do)...or you could skip them and go for a Moho base like a pro but it's going to be harder to get the results back to Kerbin. Tier 4 is going to require some proper alien world experimentation, with demonstrable results from High G, alien atmospheres. Essentially each Tier has an increasingly complex (yet abundantly clear) number of gates to achieve before you can unlock the Shinies and upgraded kit that your Kerbs need if they expect to build sustainable offworld habitat.
  22. Friznit

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    There's a MM patch for Station Parts Redux floating around already. It's in one or the other threads.
  23. Very nice. I am no rocket expert and know very little of the history, but after installing BDB over Christmas to have a quick play, I ended up losing many hours of sleep rebuilding every rocket and learning all about the different variations, then putting ridiculously optimistic payloads on them and developing some comprehensive lithobraking skills.
  24. I just ran into this problem as well (KSP 1.5.1) . In some cases the RFBR (aka Timberwind) reactor stops generating Thermal Power - Reactor Status in the Reactor Control Window shows Active (0.00%), whereas a normal working Timberwind usually shows (0.020%) when idle, producing a steady 12KW of TP. If you shut the reactor down, the decay heating kicks in and starts generating thermal power for a few days until it cools off. Unfortunately I can't reliably reproduce the issue after various tests of reloading, warping, switching vessels etc . If I can figure out a way to do so and catch it in the logs I'll update the post.
  25. Friznit

    Transfer of Science

    I'm divebombing the thread because I have a somewhat related question. Is there a mod available to transfer science data? I have a space station with two science labs - one rather rubbish one and second super duper shiny plush lab with actual snack storage that was added later. Unfortunately anytime I dock a probe and unload the science results, all the data goes into the rubbish lab. I suspec the answer is no, and I'll have to ... "constructively disassemble" the science orbital.