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  1. It can calculate multiple trajectories, so you can figure out the optimum earth departure date for a Venus flyby and return. Porkchop plots are one way, so you'd need to do a lot of trial and error to get to the same result. But I find KSPTOT impenetrable and I've never worked out how to use it properly, so I resort to winging it, usually with spectacularly awful failures and a lot of Kerbals ...uuuh, "enjoying life long orbital observation of Venus"
  2. [x]Science has a feature to 'show experiments available on this vessel'. It's very useful for figuring out which parts do what experiment (and finding out that you have 15 redundant magnetometers).
  3. Science progression is notoriously hard to balance given the way the tech tree game mechanic is built. You zoom through the early nodes in a few launches then it slows to a long grind for the late game stuff. I typically play with 50% science returns then ramp it up to 80% for the later game (basically once you get beyond your first Jool flyby). Bureaucracy basically adds a funding cap, which in the early game does encourage lots of cheaper launches (Thors and whatnot) to maximise your returns within available time & budget. KCT on the other hand essentially adds a time restriction, so you can't simply launch multiple cheap rockets in one day. Combine the two and the game can get quite challenging, at least until you reach a certain threshold. I recommend playing with the History of Spaceflight contract pack (pocket edition is sufficient), as it chimes well with SSS & BDB.
  4. Reminder to self: add to wiki Let me know if you think there's any other specific bits missing from the guides.
  5. Share my trade secrets? Never! But yes, its just a bunch of KVV images and judicious use of the offset tool. KVV works fine in the latest version of KSP, although it doesn't like module depth mask so the images sometimes need a little touching up in paint.net to fill in resulting blank spots.
  6. Not yet. Craft files and build guides will follow Soon™. There's a video a page or two back in the meantime that helps.
  7. Prime suspect is Outer Wilds Program, given it's another planet pack running alongside KSRSS I'd imagine that might cause a conflict.
  8. @Zarbon44too busy making Star Trek ships to send me a craft file. I'm pretty clueless so without his help I can't write it up on the wiki. (Same detail on the ISS Nauka module, though that looks a bit more straight forward. To be fair I'm well overdue another Tantares career playthrough ).
  9. I like the concept. Science labs tend to be a bit of a catch all currently whereas I agree they would benefit from more niche roles. The Projects lab could have limited slots but support many different experiments that could perhaps only be switched by delivering "new science kit" to the lab. The kits could be a single part (e.g. science storage capsule with "stuff" in it) or require specific parts attached to the station/base before they become available (e.g. "black hole observatory" experiment needs a telescope fitted) - allthough that might create a painful network of interdependencies to maintain. It would be nice to have more progression in the various labs available in BDB (and stock). For example, early Mercury lab can only do a couple of projects, but not General Studies whilst GMSS labs are more versatile but commensurately more expensive.
  10. If you can do it with stock hinges instead of SOCK so it's just BDB and stock parts I'll happily recreate for a build guide on the wiki. Is that feasible?
  11. It's uncharted territory to some extent. It's up to us figure out the most efficient method then we'll send it to Bill at NASA so he can correct the docs from the 1960's. I'm sure he'll appreciate the input. Otherwise I'll put a guide on the BDB wiki. Come to think of it, they should be using the wiki build guides anyway, save themselves a fortune on SLS. Anyway, let me know when you've worked out which is the best approach and I'll write up the winning entry
  12. As @Zorgsaid I updated all craft files to use SAF fairings and bumped the version to 1.12.3 If you have old save games or your own craft files that you'd like to update, you an find and replace the old part names using a text editor fairly easily. What I do is make a new ship with the "offending" part in a simple build, look up the name in the craft file then copy, find and replace in my "broken" craft. With Notepad++ you can find and replace across all open files so you can quickly fix a whole bunch in one go.
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