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  1. Actually_New_KSP_Player

    Crazy contracts

    I may try to complete such mission at least for the sake of it once I'm done with my current heavily modded career playthrough, not sure about competing right now but we'll see. Also just wanted to share the sentinel contracts that I got today, I already completed the other one simmilar to this, but it was like for 600k funds, now I don't even have to move my old satellite for a 7 million funds worth of contract.
  2. Actually_New_KSP_Player

    Crazy contracts

    What do you mean by punished for being too literal minded? In career it's sometimes just boring contract i. e. dock in Mun's orbit or same for Minmus and you just complete it with a simplest craft you can build just for the money. But sometimes it's interesting to complete them as some of them are challenging if you're not very experienced player. I remember doing my first mining contract, I had to mine on the Mun 950 of ore pieces and make it to Kerbin orbit, wasn't that hard, but It was interesting as a first experience, I also liked the ship that I've built so I even left it in orbit docked with my station. Ah, you probably meant that devs being too literal minded so the players struggle after.
  3. Actually_New_KSP_Player

    Crazy contracts

    Well you can always tweak the reward, Squad better be showing us how it is done at least with infinite money mod.
  4. Actually_New_KSP_Player

    Crazy contracts

    Huh, now I see that it's not the first impossible to complete contract. Thanks.
  5. Actually_New_KSP_Player

    Crazy contracts

    I remember getting the contract to eject a class E asteroid from the Kerbol system, but I skipped it since my science tree wasn't unlocked enough to complete such mission. Now I just got a contract to mine 3000 ore on Eve and then make it to Gilly for 2m funds. I've build just a test craft (a capsule, ore containtrs, 4 jumbos and 4 twin boars) before taking the contract and it already weighs little over 300 tonnes with 4700 dV. Full of ore it has even less - 3800 dV. The TWR of empty ship at 0 alt. on Eve is 0.74 lol. I wonder If anyone here has done that and how. The ejection contract at least seems doable because of mining, but Eve seem to require some mad engineering and multiple launches.
  6. Actually_New_KSP_Player

    How to make a 0 inclined LEO in RSS 1.3.1?

    I already forgot about this topic since nobody answered for 3 days lol. Don't know why I chose tech support thread though. No, I wasn't trying to get to the moon (I at least would have chosen different launch site to waste less fuel on orbital inclination change). Yeah, I could have targeted Mun if I was in stock system, but in RSS the Moon's orbit is inclined. There was no other craft too since It was my first probe which was designed to stay in LEO forever and provide connection, the inclination is just my perfectionism. The KER in latest version provides you "Burn" tab which helps in making perfect orbits, but there's no such thing for 1.3. Thanks for the tip about creating another craft in perfect orbit with cheats as a target, but I'll look up for such an option in MJ.
  7. Actually_New_KSP_Player

    [1.6.1] Restock - Revamping KSP's art (March 15, bugfixes)

    Any plans on adding additional solar panels? Something in between the non-static 1x3 3x2 panels and gigantors, those look like complete overkill for my ion crafts.
  8. Actually_New_KSP_Player

    [WIP] Restock: KSP Part Art Revamp (Released March 06)

    Just got here from a youtube showcase and wonder where's the download link? Even checked the main post with ctrl+f for "download" word in case I'm blind but none were found. Same for curse, github etc, even the google doesn't have any links for download.
  9. Since it's RSS the Moon has 33.3 degrees difference and not 0 like in stock, KER in 1.3.1 doesn't have a "Burn" section which will show me how much inclination I'll get after a maneuver node. Maybe mechjeb could help in this case? I haven't found simmilar option there at least.
  10. Actually_New_KSP_Player

    RSS+RO wobbly side boosters

    After the burn start Im waiting a bit for engines full thrust, then release launch stability enhacers and side boosters starts wobbling back and forth (from the picture;s perspective) There's also a bunch of struts, but they don't seem to be helping much. How do I fix this? I've also tried 4 SRB's with like 5 struts on each side + 5 struts to main rocket at the top, then same at the middle and the bottom. They're still extremely wobbly and ruining my rocket almost right away.
  11. Actually_New_KSP_Player

    [1.6+] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.18

    How do I attach struts in EVA? I only have KIS and the struts just clipping through the textures of another ship and don't attach If I try to.
  12. Actually_New_KSP_Player

    RSS/RO installation help?

    This is one of the most tough modding experiences I've had. When installing via CKAN RSS and RO it often became stuck at loading screen, after hours of downloading different versions of Kopernicus's, RSS's, RO's, Module Manager's etc, trying manual and CKAN installation methods, I got to work these two properly in my 1.5.1, but it is still buggy (e.g. missing chutes, even though they are unlocked at the very first node). I'm not even talking about installing additional part mods. What KSP version would you recommend for these mods? Do anybody here has their "RSS setup" so they can just delete all the mods, copy and paste it in GameData and have fun with realism without messing up with all that stuff? I'd like to have something like that. Anything that can help me in that situation?
  13. Actually_New_KSP_Player

    What was that mod called?

    Yes, that's the one I've asked. Thanks.
  14. Actually_New_KSP_Player

    What was that mod called?

    It is a graphical mod, It makes the sky completely black if you are near bright surfaces (realism kinda) instead of stock stars, let's say near Mun's surface. It also makes planets visible, so you can see differently sized dots (depends on a planet size) while orbiting something else or even landed. In settings of it you can also turn on function which allows you to hover over the planet in the sky and see it's name.
  15. I'm playing with Stock Size RSS mod, but that doesn't really make a difference here. On the screenshot below you can see all the planets are having almost the same orbit inclination, but the Pluto's inclination is huge. The problem with that is that if I try to use Transfer Window Planner it's either I can't get close enough and enter it's SOI due to inclination or Neptune is blocking my way (well I guess I could wait a cycle in that case). Same thing might happen with Ceres or Vesta.