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  1. I'm new to RP-1 and after reading few tutorials on the main GitHub page I'm still kinda confused as to what and when do i do with all those new options like tooling, constructing rockets, researching new stuff while it takes a whole one year for the first node(???). Things like FAR window, TestFlight's reliability and data units, the point of rated burn time and so called engine overburning, how do even set the tank priority(?), what's the point of all those empty tech tree nodes, crew training and "Press the KRASH button to enter a simulation." are left unexplained. Though i'm not sure if the "flight simulation" and the KRASH button is a metaphor/joke or a real thing. Anything i should read/watch about those topics? I've seen some NathanKell's videos, but he didn't explained much of the stuff there plus his videos are fairly old, even the tech tree is different now. I'm using 1.6.1 version btw.
  2. What's exactly is SOCK? I found the Benjee10's "reDIRECT" mod which adds Shuttle parts, is that the one?
  3. It's kinda weird as to why googling "space shuttle orbital maneuvering system" gives you a better look at the RCS rather than "space shuttle rcs" which helped me to see yaw and pitch ones at the back, but it still doesn't answer the question "is that it?". Most of the drawings here are useless too since they represent completely different systems and instead of being rude via posting the link to a billion pics you could have just linked one or two and saying something like "rcs is placed here, here and here and that's about it". True, those are sneaky ones.
  4. I'm trying to build a Space Shuttle replica. Again. But this time i'd like to make it comparatively realistic in terms of look, the problem is that the only photos or blueprints I found mentioned only nose RCS (three for pitching down, three for thrusting backwards, four on left & right for yaw control) or 2 thrusters at the back near each OMS engines for thrusting forward. Is it really how shuttle was controlled? I'm curious why is the yaw controls placed only on the nose then and none of them are on the tail side or at least near it. And also i'm still missing on the pitching up RCS entirely, there are some photos with heatshield exposed, but it's unclear if there are any thrusters at all.
  5. The aesthetics. I mentioned in the main post that I want a plane that looks somewhat simillar to real life one and further expanding of the wing surface or adding some control surfaces closer to the nose would ruin it. You can not drag things that far away from their original placement just because there is a limit. Well as i mentioned in one of the posts the torque on planes acts in a weird way, sometimes it does have significant effect, sometimes it doesn't. This is the new version of my plane. Wings now are less angled, redesigned a pair of big tail fins (they were also a reason why the CoL was that far back). Also I limited the engine thrust to 57 so it is about 1 TWR at full throttle now. The CoT and CoM are still unaligned badly, yet the only effect of this that i did noticed is that the plane tends to turn left if you leave it standing still (i'm not sure exactly why this happens though), honestly this is one of my most stable planes that i've ever built. Big problem with this craft is that the brakes are quite weak, you may consider using airbrakes, reverse thrusting and flaps if you'd like to try it yourself (KerbalX) ^ Pic above, i strutted them and it's fine now. Afaik the big wings were always flexing, some even when strutted, so it's not a surprise, also the new updates very often cause old crafts to summon the kraken.
  6. Torque on rockets seems simple and you should always try to minimize it or your rocket would be uncontrollable. The planes act kinda weird with it though, with 0 torque everything seem to fly normally, but when it's like 50 kN or more some crafts tend to, as you mentioned, roll over, being very unstable on takeoff and landing and some fly as usual. Same thing happened to the new version of my heavy passenger plane, despite the 1300 kNm's of torque it is perfectly stable.
  7. I'm not the biggest fan of planes and don't have much experience, though managed to build a nice little minmus SSTO. However whenever i want to build a heavy cargo plane that looks simillar to real life one I end up with lots of problems like wobbly wings (engines are way too heavy), huge torque, not enough lifting surfaces to push CoL closer to the CoM etc and I didn't even put cargo in it yet. No mods installed that change the flight model, physics or the gameplay in general. Pics.
  8. My 600 tonnes falcon 9 replica keeps destroying the launch pad when i'm retracting my landing gear so i can't properly test how stable it is. I couldn't find such option to turn off damage to buildings in cheat menu, so i'd like to know if there is a mod like advanced cheat menu or something like that. I don't really want to create another save because at some point I might want to return the damage or change something else, also all the launched crafts will be gone.
  9. I thought that it only detects only when landed since it is meant to be a rover part, thanks. Though it has very low FOV which forces you to make a really high orbit, will it work on small planets with small SOI like Mun, Minmus, Bop, Vall, Pol, etc?
  10. Always wanted to check them out, but with all those detection chances I don't know if i marked all of them on certain planet. The wiki's list of easter eggs spoils a lot so I just wanted someone to list them like "Kerbin - 10 anomalies, Mun - 5" etc for each planet.
  11. I mean that if we take again Duna as an example, get an encounter with it with Pe about 55-60 kms to avoid the atmosphere, then set a node at this Pe and move it prograde we will see that our solar orbit decreases. While writing this comment I thought that relative to the Duna I've been burning prograde, but relative to the sun I've been burning somewhere near radial and that might be the case.
  12. What do you mean by "make the plane change with the ejection and circularization burns"? If you've meant doing the inclination change at the same time as burning prograde in LKO, then It will result in a big waste of fuel because If my Pe is nearby it dramastically increases the dV requirements. Maybe I could try burning at the outer node and just wait untill I get an encounter though. That's all cool and stuff, but the point is that I've been using such planners when I was fairly new to the game and didn't know much about orbital mechanics and else, let alone interplanetary travel and now I just want to play the game myself. That's why I am asking. The transfer window planner provides all the info you've mentioned, but it has great option to enter the departure date from the planner directly into the precise node and it is also in-game so you don't have to alt-tab and keep the tab open. Any guides I can read or watch about them? The only experience with gravity assists I had was getting into Minmus encounter from Mun's assist, but it's very little scale compared to interplanetary. Been to Jool few times and his system is so populated that the gravity assists there seemed like complete mess though I heard of some magical Tylo assist I haven't looked up yet. If I flyby a planet and burn at it's Pe prograde my final orbit's altitude decreases. Why? How can I see my final orbit after like 2 encounters? Let's say I flyby Duna, but touching a little of Ike's SOI, after that I literally can not see what my final orbit will be. ^ Bunch of questions here.
  13. I've been using transfer window planner for quite a while, but now I just want to do it myself. Most of the guides that I've seen taking Duna as an example, but it's orbit has almost 0 inclination while other planets like Eeloo, Dres and Moho are highly inclined which makes them impossible to get an encounter the "wait for a certain degree between Kerbin, Sun and planet, make a prograde burn, make a mid-course correction if needed" way. The mid-course inclination correction also doesn't seem to be a great option here because the AN and DN nodes often located very close to my Periapsis and may require more than a 1000 of dV to get an encounter.
  14. The custom asteroid folder contains only "Custom Asteroids Settings.cfg" and that's what inside I'm not a modmaker, but I doubt that this file even being executed in that case. And I definitely did not installed mod for a realistic weight because I didn't know that it even exists before.