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  1. Seems like I can't place ground experiment stations on mun with collision enabled. Stations placement preview used to be on feet level, but with collisions it goes under the surface and don't allow me to build any. Maybe this is because a box is lifting up kerbal internally and interfering with placement - if video you uploaded as collision demo is also applied to kerbals. With collision off now I can place it, although it's buried underground visually. Parallax still says "Damping physics" with collision off for some reason.
  2. Sure I will, since I found that there's nothing to do with nertea's mod and AA for startup issues I'll be going back to CKAN install. Thanks for this amazing mod btw, last few years with this mod and FAR was just so much fun.
  3. Since last time I experienced stuck on post-patch callback (while still getting "applied x patches message" which means it's not related to patches itself), I eventually got that same issue again after updating other mods. This time, I saw there was KSPUpgradeScriptFix.dll on both outside and inside mod folder in zip file of 1.5.17. After removing one inside the folder now game doesn't get stuck on the startup. Was that .dll file is supposed to be removed all the time? Since sometimes removing MM cache fixes and sometimes not I' m not confident if this was the fix. I didn't clea
  4. Oh my, I'm terribly sorry, disabling Terrain scatters fixed it. Maybe we need to add line Disable Terrain scatter on FAQ and installation manuals to remind, encourage users to disable it. Since Korpernicus literally had no impact on fps and CPU usage other than mountain, I didn't even think of reducing graphic qualities. Also can't say I thought Scatterer on FAQ meant Terrain scatter outloud. Edit: Now this looks insane. It's whole new level of experience.
  5. Just tried it, still getting rock-solid 12fps near mountains, and getting around 72fps on Airstrip. Seeing VRAM usage around 7.5~8GB but I don't think this is the problem.. or is it? Will attach some logs if there's some debugging feature on this mod - or KSP.log file itself if it suits you better - if you need it!
  6. On 3700x with 3070, I'm getting 12fps when getting close to Mountain behind KSC. Not having such unplayable framerate with other biomes. Any recommendations? Check this album for FPS / GPU / CPU activities during play. Currently using Kopernicus BE version UBEE_1110_58, with visual mods including Planet Shine and Engine Lighting Relit.
  7. Was having crashes on Post-patch callback for last entire week. Using 1.5.17rc1. Found out that some of Nertea's mods are in conflict. Near Future Aeronautics Near Future Propulsion Near Future Spacecrafts Kerbal Atomics Other NF mods are working fine with AA. Logs EDIT: After weeks without AA, somehow rc1 is working again, now I'm happy.
  8. Is there anyone knows where this contract is from, and what it want me to do? Every time scene changes, it's briefing changes too. I've searched for a while, but there is no result other than Wildblue industry's github page listing unrelated contracts. Only experiments I have now, which can be 'Completed' is Surface Experimental Pakage, but it can't land or splash completed experiement at all, since it's transmitted automatically. Only other thing flying in space is Jeb and his tourist, and some DMagic Orbital Science stuffs. EDIT: Figured it out, it was from
  9. When looking at altimetry scan contract from SCANsat, they call 'Low resolution scan' for RADAR Altimetry scanning. From that, you can guess LO & HI each means resolution of scanning, and MULTI for biome and other resources. And on both KSPedia & VAB, SAR Altimetry Sensor shows that Best Altitude is 750Km, with Max scanning height of 800Km.
  10. Is GAP intended to be played with FAR installed? I don't have FAR nor AJE installed, but only requirement for FAR is broken. EDIT: Contract pack does work with FAR installed, but not without it.
  11. Sorry to interrupt, how do I make certain parts' (i.e. Leading edge slat from Airplane Plus) to have FAR's flap control? Currently even few stock parts like Elevon 0 & 2B also lack flap button in SPH. For what I found after 3 hours of googling, seems like I need to write down something like this - but that would create new parts with values like 'b_2', 'MAC' which I don't know of. I only want to use FAR's ability to control deflect if it's possible.
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