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  1. Is there anyone knows where this contract is from, and what it want me to do? Every time scene changes, it's briefing changes too. I've searched for a while, but there is no result other than Wildblue industry's github page listing unrelated contracts. Only experiments I have now, which can be 'Completed' is Surface Experimental Pakage, but it can't land or splash completed experiement at all, since it's transmitted automatically. Only other thing flying in space is Jeb and his tourist, and some DMagic Orbital Science stuffs. EDIT: Figured it out, it was from Pathfinder mod. I needed to reconfigure buckboard 6000 to research science. Case Closed.
  2. When looking at altimetry scan contract from SCANsat, they call 'Low resolution scan' for RADAR Altimetry scanning. From that, you can guess LO & HI each means resolution of scanning, and MULTI for biome and other resources. And on both KSPedia & VAB, SAR Altimetry Sensor shows that Best Altitude is 750Km, with Max scanning height of 800Km.
  3. Is GAP intended to be played with FAR installed? I don't have FAR nor AJE installed, but only requirement for FAR is broken. EDIT: Contract pack does work with FAR installed, but not without it.
  4. Sorry to interrupt, how do I make certain parts' (i.e. Leading edge slat from Airplane Plus) to have FAR's flap control? Currently even few stock parts like Elevon 0 & 2B also lack flap button in SPH. For what I found after 3 hours of googling, seems like I need to write down something like this - but that would create new parts with values like 'b_2', 'MAC' which I don't know of. I only want to use FAR's ability to control deflect if it's possible.