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  1. good work keep it up! Just one question, how can I stop spawning in between the launchpad? I tried using Modular Launch Pads but its not working too well.
  2. I tried installing the RO Config manually, but it seems to not work. What are the main dependencys for your craft files? I ran the .bat file before but it was giving me a lot of mods I dont want or already had. Edit: I spent way too much time doing this, but i looked up all of my missing parts and found the mods i needed. It works now!
  3. Alright, im just using the craft that comes with the mod. But wouldnt the mod work with the normal RO config? It's worked before and im confused on why it just stopped working. Craft file
  4. Alright I just tried that, now I am missing the Merlin1DV+ and Merlin1D+
  5. Hey, I am having an issue with this mod and Realism Overhaul, when I try to load a craft file in it says that the Merlin1DV+ is missing. When I use this mod without RO it works fine but RO breaks it for some reason. I am running the 1.7.3 version of this mod and I tried the 1.9.1 version also. Can I get some help on this? Its very annoying lol ksp.log
  6. So I have a bit of an issue, I am currently running v18.1.3 1.8.1 and runways have random bumps on it making it impossible to takeoff on the runway. How can i fix this? Thanks! Fixed it
  7. did u drag the Kartoffelkuchen folder into your Gamedata?
  8. Hello, I am currently running the 1.7.2 version of your addon, and when ever I try to deploy a payload. The payload adapter will fire but the payload would be stuck. Can I get any help? Thanks!
  9. @damonvv Do you plan on adding Starlink to Tundra Tech? I think it will fit the SpaceX theme a lot! (ah well i just saw it in the Trello, whoops.)
  10. it appears I still cant get it to work, hmm. Here are my settings
  11. Hey, Im trying to put a barge in the water and idk how to make it appear in map view. How do I do it? Thanks!
  12. Hey @raidernick The relay satellites cant deploy solar panels cause they are "stowed" even though there are no fairings around them. Why?
  13. ok, also I installed the RO Patch and the parts still say non-RO. Did I install it wrong? Edit: nevermind, i forgot i reinstalled TE and never put in the patch
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