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  1. Sonda IV Coming Together Remember that this is a WIP, some textures are missing/not finished
  2. I am glad to announce that I am back to KSP and Modding. It's been a long time since my last post/update so here is a sum of facts. First: Recentely I bought my computer and it's working fine, I am able to deliver more now. Offcourse it all depends on my skills which are bad by the KSP modding standards but with time comes experience. Second: I lost all my files (PSD, blend, Unity Project etc). So I am remaking the mod from the ground up, you can see the new roadmap on the trello link on the first post. Third: https://imgur.com/a/on0bC6h
  3. What makes me most upset is not having made a backup and losing the L-75 engine model. But on the bright side, starting over again will provide me with a relearning
  4. So As I said, at the moment I find myself without a computer. I already passed a job interview but that was right at the beginning of the Corona Pandemic. So the company said it would wait quarantine pass to hire me. What I foresee is for the middle of May beginning of June. Also if I'm not mistaken I lost the Mod files so I'll be having to redo everything from 0. Besides, I won't be leaving the mod. I think about it every day and I'm sad that I'm not working on it right now
  5. My computer has broken, trying to get a job to build a new one. This project is like a Child to me, probably I will remake everthing from scrap. Don't give up keep up for any news.
  6. Think hydrazine (monoprop) will be realistic and good for the size of the pod
  7. L5 will be put on hold. Because the lack off info on the engine shape (only the combustion chamber as been made so far IRL). Offcourse this depends on Brazilian governament interest in continue the development of the L5 engine.
  8. Version 0.3 - Better Late than Dead Totally redone the VLS/Cetus models and updated the texture as well Download https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnWFoPxAAX8ph11dkpV6HVfApGVS
  9. Is KSP standard scale not Real Life scale, and if you want to make configs for RO just go ahead
  10. Finished the VLS-1 Rework, Release by morning (Brasilia Time Zone)
  11. Working on a new update for the VLS-1 remaking some models and textures. ETA for release tomorrow
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