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  1. Awesome! Just what I was looking for. Thanks DStaal!!!
  2. I want to write some Module Manager patch files for a 1.7.3 install that includes both Kopernicus, Bluedog Design Bureau, and Unkerballed Start. This install has well over 20k+ Module Manager patches applied - trying to read the individual config files for a part and individual part patches is proving to be a real headache. I'm wondering if there is a way to view / export what the part's config file looks like AFTER all of the MM patches have been applied. I want to be able to select a part, see what MODULES have been added / applied, then write my own config to do the final tweaking. Ideas?
  3. I'm having some trouble creating a contract that includes a rather particular part check. The idea is I want to validate that certain types of parts are manufactured by certain manufacturers. The following pseudo code describes what I'm trying to achieve: For all Parts:category (A or B) have manufacturer (C and/or D). Let's say one of the part categories I'm checking is engines - as long as ALL the engines are manufactured by C and/or D we're fine, but if I have an engine made by manufacturer E then it should return FALSE. I've tried various approaches using PartValidation code but I can't a method whereby a single PartValidation node can check for multiple types and multiple manufacturers. While the PartValidation node allows for multiple "part = " statements and will check for any, that logic doesn't appear to extend to "category = " or "manufacturer = " statements. Putting these in FILTER / VALIDATE_ALL nodes doesn't seem to work either (e.g. the below code will only check that I have an engine made by Company C - the check doesn't pass if it is made by Company D). FILTER {category = Engine} VALIDATE_ALL { manufacturer = Company C manufacturer = Company D} I've also tried using boolean logic in the select / match statements but that doesn't appear to work either (I'm not sure boolean logic is allowed? - nb. I couldn't really understand from the wiki documentation how to use boolean OR logic correctly). My next line of thinking is whether I need to use some sort of part count logic e.g. count(parts(Engine)) - (count(parts(Engine(manuf=Company C))) + count(parts(Engine(Manuf=Company D)))) - if 0 then TRUE, else FALSE. Alternately whether I need to use a list / iterator function, but I'm not sure how I would be able to do either of those so thought I'd see if anyone else might know how to tackle this. Appreciate any ideas.
  4. Logfile as requested.
  5. Are there any pre-requisites for this mod to run correctly? I have this installed along with ETT and ModuleManager 3.0.7 and I am not being presented with the tree selection window at the start of a new game. Wondering if there is a bug or if I have missed something when installing the mod. Here's what I'm seeing in the save game .sfs file: SCENARIO { name = YT_TechTreesScenario scene = 5 treeSelected = False TechTreeUrl = GameData/ModuleManager.TechTree } I've also checked the allowTreeSelection tag in the config.xml file, this is set to 1.
  6. Hoping someone can help me. I'm using ETT as my tech tree and want to customise it slightly. I'm hoping to be able to use a MM config file to amend a couple of parts. I have an understanding of the node structure that's in place: RDNode { ... Unlocks { part = solidBooster_sm part = solidBooster_med part = solidBooster_lg part = probeStackAdapter part = standardNoseCone part = sensorThermometer part = basicFin } } I'd like to be able to use a filter to selectively remove some of the parts in the Unlocks module (e.g., delete anything that has solid* in it). Anyone able to advise the MM syntax I would need to use to do this?
  7. Thanks for your response Grub. As a point of clarification, I only installed CTT AFTER having attempted running ETT stand alone without success, and mainly to see whether by adding CTT I would get any sort of UI regarding tech tree selection (which I understood YongeTech was supposed to do, but I'm not seeing any dialog/option on new game to select a tech tree). Tried a couple of things, here's what I've come across so far: With USI Sounding Rockets mod installed, the node for 'Model Rocketry' isn't shown anywhere in the tech tree UNLESS the Hide Empty Tech Tree mod is installed. On creating a new game, and going strait to the Research Centre, the screen 'flashes' a tech tree before going to the ETT layout. I can't tell if the first flash is the stock tree or ETT, it happens too quickly, but a check of the persist file in the save game shows that the TechTreeURL = ModuleManager.TechTree. The values in that file mirror what's in the ETT.cfg file, but the game has already unlocked several stock parts (like the MK1 Pod) even though according to the ETT rules it should be locked until the Manned Space Exploration node is unlocked. I've edited the persist file to point to TechTreeURL = ETT/EngTechTree.cfg, and also deleted out all of the unlocked parts. Reloading the save seems to rebuild my parts list so that I only have those parts unlocked that ETT says I should (so MK1Pod is locked, but ProbeCoreSphere is unlocked). The behaviour seems consistent with ETT becoming the active tech tree only AFTER a new game is created, at which point the game has already executed a check against the stock rules to determine which parts should be available based on the start node. I would have thought the mod would edit the subroutines for creating a new game so that the ETT tech tree was in place during the creation process, not implemented afterwards. Unless I am missing something entirely? I will keep playing around with it, see if there's anything further I can find.
  8. OK, I've gone back and read over the last 10 pages or so of this thread and haven't been able to find anything definitive that would help me, so hoping to get some assistance if I could. I've tried adding ETT on a clean install (v1.4.5 with expansion) and while the tree itself is there, it appears that parts are listed under nodes based on both the ETT rules as well as stock. For example, the MK1 Pod is available right from the start (stock rules) but also shows up under the node for Manned Space Exploration (ETT config). I've tried adding the USI Sounding Rockets mod to test how that works and having similar issue - parts are listed under both their stock tech tree nodes as well as the ETT nodes. In order to try identify the root cause I have done a complete clean install of the game, with only the ETT mod added. Also then added YongeTech plugin to see if that made any difference (it didn't). As an aside, with YongeTech, CTT and ETT all installed I am not given any options on a new save game as to which tech tree I want to use - it's going straight to stock. Using only the CTT add-on, I have also deleted the PartsDatabase.CFG file and MM caches from the GameData folder. Have checked the persistent.sfs in the save folder and noted the TechTreeURL = GameData/ModuleManager.TechTree, not the ETT/EngTechTree.cfg as Dep suggested back on pg 31 of this thread. Note that all of the mods installed are done manually by download from Spacedock, I'm not using CKAN if that might make a difference. Appreciate any suggestions / support.