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  1. @siimav and @magico13 - I've added in the suggested code and it works just as I was hoping. Thank you both, you're legends!
  2. I have done my own set of part balancing that means I don't have any engines with $0 cost, so can't talk to any issues there. My main "issue" is with the staging being reinstantiated (love that word) by P2P. I've done some testing with the stock SRB's, and noted that while the Mite, Shrimp, Flea, and Hammer SRB's all seem to work correctly, the BACC, Kickback, and Pollux behave differently. I've outlined what I'm seeing for you below. I've uploaded a copy of my KSP.log file and the MM patchfile I created for the KSP parts to DropBox. EDIT: Since P2P does appear to be working (albe
  3. I'm having some trouble where doing maintenance / restore ignitions on some engines does not reinstate a staging icon in the VAB. I've done some static fire tests on the launchpad and when I recover them I'm able to maintain the engine and restore the ignitions ok, but when I've launched vessels and recovered the "restore ignitions" and "maintenance" buttons are there, but neither of them cause the engine staging to be restored. I'm having to remove the engine entirely and fit a new one which triggers the new stage. I've come across this using engines from the Knes mod; other than this
  4. Feature request: Would it be possible to implement a toggle / flag that would restrict the number of tech nodes that can be researched concurrently? At the moment you could (theoretically) unlock x number of tech nodes and they will all commence research at the same time and run their research in parallel. I'd like to "throttle" this so that only one tech node can be researched at a time, similar to how ship construction has a queue mechanism. I currently do this manually by selecting a single tech node for research, then wait for it to finish before selecting the next node, but enabling a
  5. Anyone know of a way this can be done via kOS scripting? I've worked out how to use the Action/Event names in the Experiment module to show the info window and activate the experiment, but if the science has previously been collected for that experiment then the experiment simply goes from "Stopped" to "Waiting". If possible I'd like to trigger a force run via kOS code, but I can't find anywhere with a part's MODULE that I can call.
  6. I'm curious... how does this mod compare to Scrapyard and Oh Scrap? Would I be correct in assuming this an alternate (and therefore incompatible) to these other mods? I like the idea of recovery / maintenance / reuse of parts. I'm wondering what sets this mod apart from (better than?) similar mods out there.
  7. As many have pointed out Kopernicus is a HUGE mod in term of what it changes in the game. But does ALL of it have to move to stock in one go? I think one of the features that would be great to have in stock would be the ability to re-scale the game. Being able to start a game and having the 'out of the box' option to pick from standard, 2x, 2.5x, 3.2x, 5x, 10x..... you get the point. By implementing processes "under the hood" where solar systems and planetary bodies can be rescaled, this would (hopefully) provide the hooks that modders can tap into in order to specify their own custom res
  8. That makes sense. Thanks for the quick reply. Awesome work on the mod too. Love the idea
  9. Hi there. I'm running a career game on v1.10 (reasonably heavily modded). Key ones include Kerbalism, KCT and Contract Configurator (Career Evolution contract pack). I've done a bit of testing and noticed that the science rewards from contract completion are not being intercepted by Bureaucracy - I'm getting credit for them as soon as the contract requirements are met rather than having to "research" the science value as per Bureaucracy's normal process. For example, my log has the following entry: [LOG 16:16:36.400] Awarding 2 science to player for contract completion. I'm not s
  10. Awesome! Just what I was looking for. Thanks DStaal!!!
  11. I want to write some Module Manager patch files for a 1.7.3 install that includes both Kopernicus, Bluedog Design Bureau, and Unkerballed Start. This install has well over 20k+ Module Manager patches applied - trying to read the individual config files for a part and individual part patches is proving to be a real headache. I'm wondering if there is a way to view / export what the part's config file looks like AFTER all of the MM patches have been applied. I want to be able to select a part, see what MODULES have been added / applied, then write my own config to do the final tweaking.
  12. I'm having some trouble creating a contract that includes a rather particular part check. The idea is I want to validate that certain types of parts are manufactured by certain manufacturers. The following pseudo code describes what I'm trying to achieve: For all Parts:category (A or B) have manufacturer (C and/or D). Let's say one of the part categories I'm checking is engines - as long as ALL the engines are manufactured by C and/or D we're fine, but if I have an engine made by manufacturer E then it should return FALSE. I've tried various approaches using PartValidation c
  13. Logfile as requested. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dlih42acoj858l5/AAA7eJ5_AR6HfSth3iwf5plia?dl=0
  14. Are there any pre-requisites for this mod to run correctly? I have this installed along with ETT and ModuleManager 3.0.7 and I am not being presented with the tree selection window at the start of a new game. Wondering if there is a bug or if I have missed something when installing the mod. Here's what I'm seeing in the save game .sfs file: SCENARIO { name = YT_TechTreesScenario scene = 5 treeSelected = False TechTreeUrl = GameData/ModuleManager.TechTree } I've also checked the allowTreeSelection tag in the config.xml file, t
  15. Hoping someone can help me. I'm using ETT as my tech tree and want to customise it slightly. I'm hoping to be able to use a MM config file to amend a couple of parts. I have an understanding of the node structure that's in place: RDNode { ... Unlocks { part = solidBooster_sm part = solidBooster_med part = solidBooster_lg part = probeStackAdapter part = standardNoseCone part = sensorThermometer part = basicFin } } I'd like to be able to use a filter to selectively remove some of the parts in the Unlocks module (e.g.,
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