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  1. I'm having a problem with the launching catapult. It works perfectly fine until I go to launch, then for some reason the wheel is basically pulled down, causing parts to snap off or the whole plane smacks on the carrier. I have the wires hidden under the carrier deck and the blue box is still above, so I have no idea what's wrong. Edit: I even tried using the premade carrier and it still does it.
  2. It's nice to see this mod coming back to life. Any rough ideas on when the next update could roll out? Also, is there a way to get the parts to show up in the BDarmory section? I skimmed through the last few pages but could have missed something.
  3. Aside from the obliquity MechJeb, I'd say KER. The best starter mod too.
  4. Well, he is being educational. He broke down SSTO rockets vs. spaceplanes. I was never asking for a cut an dry answer. More like trying to look for all the sides to them. What I feel personally is that I most likely won't use them in career mode because they don't seem to fit, to be honest, but in science mode and/or sandbox I will use them because the objectives are different.
  5. Well, I got KSP in version 0.24. Back then, the atmosphere was funny and anything that touched water going faster than 10m/s was destroyed. At first, I built a few rockets that flew for a few seconds. Then a few minutes. Then I went suborbital for about a week. Could never figure out orbiting. Never even looked it up. Finally one day it kind of just clicked in my mind. I built a 3 part rocket. The 3-man pod, thr big orange tank, and a big af rocket engine (I dont try to remember names). Flew straight up, full power. Once I reached 200k, I turned over and throttled up. Boom. Orbit. Now how to get down...?
  6. I just landed the first half of a fuel/materials refinery on Minmus. The site also has a laboratory and green house for extended crew stay. I plane on setting up surface experiments (the mod) there as well, hence the ability for extended life support and lab. The second half (fuel storage and further material processing) will be attached to a existing space station that orbits Minmus.
  7. From what I gather, is that SSTO aircraft are good for specific jobs that a rocket would not be too good in, such as atmospheric flights off Kerbin or crew transfer between low-orbit and a planet with atmosphere. Other than those reasons, building SSTOs is more or less a pass time (which is fine)?
  8. So what I'm gathering is that SSTO airplanes have a special niche that even then can still be done with a rocket? StageRecovery is a good mod I use. It's not like cheaty either. Once a dropped stage (even just a single part) is below like a certain altitude, the mod calculates where it would land on Kerbin and then, if you have enough parachutes or enough Delta-V to slow the craft down to landing speed, it will recover it and refund. I made an SSTO rocket that could deorbit itself and I just have to project its trajectory to about around where the KSC will be once the mod takes over. Not a great system but I get anywhere 85%-95% refund. The powered landings are also only possible if you have a Kerbin somehow piloting the craft or a probe core, and the parachute method still has a chance of failing.
  9. Yeah, I should have better defined "worth". By worth I mean cost effectiveness and time. I have built a SSTO plane in sandbox and I really did like it. However, I feel like instead of a SSTO plane, I should design a SSTO rocket (I have a stage recovery mod) that has some sort of plane on top, like the dynasoar.
  10. Hello. I am not new to the game at all (800+ hours), but I have never ever tried my hand at SSTO's (that's kind of a lie, I made a super simple one before the 1.0 update). I was just curious if SSTO's are even worth trying to make in KSP. If they are useful but only in certain situations, what are those situations? Edit: I'm using a stage recovery mod, as well as a off-world construction mod, so this will/may dictate my reasons for or against SSTO planes. Also, by worth I mean their cost effectiveness and overall performance.
  11. Any future plans for adding a texture/skin changing option? Like giving an option on turning the winter camo into a default grey (for German turrets) or green (for Allied turrets)?