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  1. Thanks for this hint. I wondered why i couldnt change the 3,75m Tundra kerbitats between Hab-Common, Hab-Quarters and so on. Now i know it.
  2. I think i found a solution for me. I moved the pqs.cfg and shadows.cfg files from the previous release into the ScifiVisualEnchancements_Atmospheres folder. Now everything works flawless.
  3. Hey, when i reload a save game the cloud layers of kerbin are completly gone. Also when iam back in the main menu i can't see the cloud layers of kerbin. Thats no problem. But it didn't happen with your previous version.
  4. Really nice mod. Works like a charm even with my crapy intel UHD620. Hopefully i can play the next version of your mod like the actual one. Looking forward to see it.
  5. To be honest, it is still quite hard to complete a docking with these ports. Because they have to be perfectly aligned to each other. A bit help like the construction ports do would be really great.
  6. Hello, i have a problem with the Grip-O-Tron Linear Docking Connector. I have two vessels each connected with a Linear Docking Connector. If i put both docking connectors within 2m range, they attract each other. But they dont dock. Is this a known bug or am i doing something wrong with these linear docking ports? Everything works well. I was just a bit impatient. Just took me a while for the correct docking procedure.
  7. Not sure if there's something wrong in the .version file for AVC. Shouldn't the version be
  8. Hey, i have little problem with a resized Drill-o-Matic and Convert-o-Tron. It seems they don't cool down even with a bunch of radiators. Is there a workaround for this?
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