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  1. Hi -- just discovered this mod and it's changing my whole approach to the game. I can't thank you enough! Question though -- recently I've been having difficulty with the orientation of my rovers when storing them in the rover lander. Regardless of whether I build them in the SPH or the VAB, when I store them in the rover hangar, they are stored rotated at a 90-degree angle; that is, the "down" of the rover ends up pointing out one of the doors, leaving the rover stuck on its side. Reading through this thread, I saw there was some ambiguity with the XYZ axes in the .craft files; my gut says this is part of the problem, but I didn't see a fix in the previous posts, and I'll admit that a lot of the conversation was over my head (I'm not a modder). Is there a way to rotate my craft prior to/after putting it into the hangar? Thanks.