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  1. Made a Saturn A-1 and a Saturn-Shuttle also what does the "SaturnMB" extra do? I can't find anything on it
  2. I apologize if this has been asked and answered before, but is there a tweakscale patch for this mod? The ChemCam looks great for a curiosity replica, but it's a little big.
  3. I certainly like the idea, but that's unfortunately not something I can change, since this is only an add-on for Final Frontier.
  4. Well, I thank you for your service. What branch? ok, I'll take a look. Whatever it is, I hope to fix it in the next update.
  5. I have included all of Yeager's awards so that my kerbal would be fully decorated. While I was not aware that the Bronze Star was strictly non flight-based (but it does make sense), it was included for other reasons than something that could be accomplished in KSP (there is a similar situation for some other medals in this mod). I also usually play using military-based mods, and I feel that this mod adds to them well. I will look at the other awards you mentioned and I might add them in, thanks for the suggestion. Also, you say you have three of the included awards? I use png images. I
  6. if I understand what you're saying, then theres no problem. The USN and the USMC use the same ribbon for a few of their medals, and in this case, the USNCM (Unite States Navy Commendation Medal) is the same as the USMCCM (United States Marine Corps Commendation Medal)
  7. Hello, could I please have this thread moved to "Add-on Releases": Thanks in advance
  8. Mod version 1.7 "The Chuck Yeager Update" is now live!
  9. 20+ new ribbons coming in next update! Version 2 coming soon!
  10. I've got a bit of a problem. So my shuttle is working, but every time I try to autowarp in atmosphere the game glitches out, and nearly every texture turns either invisible or to the skybox, making all flights essentially blind. while it's not present in the SPH or the VAB, it does make the map view completely invisible/unusable, and I have to restart the game in order to fix this problem. Help anyone?
  11. I have made an add-on to this mod, find it here: It adds historically based awards, currently almost entirely military. Tell me what you think!
  12. This mod is an add-on for Nereid's mod "Final Frontier" and will not work without it: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/61065-142-final-frontier-kerbal-individual-merits-142-3375/ Download version 1.7 here: https://spacedock.info/mod/1970/Historical Awards So what is Historical Awards? Historical Awards, as the name implies, adds various medals and awards from different points in history. There are currently 55 total ribbons, and I do take suggestions. To give a kerbal an award, simply use the Final Frontier UI (these ribbons cannot be earned norm
  13. Well, I certainly would like to see more rovers! Are things like Lunakohd and Curiosity on the list?
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