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  1. Sorry I saw it in video but when I visited Eve on my own I haven't seen any clouds.
  2. Restart the game. It should help. If not, restart the console (I mean really restart, not only switch to standby mode).
  3. Imagine how much your device has to do when you are playing KSP. It is almost imposible to make it to run at least at 10fps, what has Squad done is incredible.
  4. Will there be any mods for Enhanced Edition?
  5. You don't need tutorials! You aren't L! Just do it!! I didn't use any tutorials and I did it, so you can do it too!
  6. I sent probe to equal orbit, game said, that orbit was equal, probe had required things (solar panels, materials bay, antenna), and it said, that every part of contract is done except: "Build an unmanned probe that has an antenna and can generate power". So, why the contract isn't completed? Everything was ticked except that thing. Why?