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  1. ILoveStars

    Kerbal Interstellar Planets Official Release Page

    and some of the planets are from 12 colonies of Kobol.
  2. i wonder when TESS is gonna discover another rocky planet. Anyway, I measured HD 23472 b's density and looks like this new TESS rocky planet (HD 23472 b) is the new rocky planet godzilla. Mass: Greater than neptune. (about 18 earths) Radius: 1.87 earths Density: about 3 times that of earth. i did that in US2. It's very useful. Well, I'm not sure if Kepler-10 c is more massive. It's only 7 earth masses, but it's bigger than HD 23472 b. So it could be just ANOTHER kepler-22 b, instead of the gargantuan rock everyone thinks it is. So here is the actual rocky planet godzilla: HD 23472 b. Now that I think about it, Kepler-10 c could just be a gas dwarf! It's *only* 3.15g/cm3, so without all that 'hydrostatic' pressure, it might not even be as dense as water! Yeah, so Kepler-10 c is probably not a rocky planet, and HD 23472 b probably is.
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    If you want, we can chat on discord later. Maybe in a few hours, cause I'm at school.
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    Oh. I have LOADS OF NAMES.
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    I will explode if this doesn't get released in the next month. I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS TO GET RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And PS need any ideas? I got loads.
  6. Has LHS 3844 b's mass been measured yet? If it has, then tonight I'm hopping on US2 to work out its density, and maybe its composition. I'll still not really be expecting a super-mercury, though.
  7. ILoveStars

    Kerbal Interstellar Planets Official Release Page

    Kemisis system: -Rho: A carbon planet with black seas of hydrocarbons. 795km -Polaron: A barren rocky planet. 463km -Memphis: A very big brown gas giant. 11033km -Itran: An ice moon with lakes of water everywhere and a big atmo. 346km -Crucis: A small mint-green asteroid. 14km These are only some of my ideas.
  8. I don't think u should have said that. Cyber security.
  9. there is also one planet that looks like a mix of Venus and Saturn.