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    Young TESS planethunter and worldbuilder
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    Inside the radiative layer of Kerbol
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    VB 10, VB 10, VB 10 and VB 10. Oh, and also VB 10

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  1. Hello, long time no see.

  2. man wish you were still here tbh

  3. nearly another year later, and this is still dead. Oh and by the way with 99 Korionis's current mass, it would be a very light brown dwarf similar to OTS 44.
  4. Hello? I see you haven't been online for 3 and a half months now. Are you still alive and well?

  5. Aww this was so fun to read... I might incorporate this into CelWP (Celestia Worldbuilding Project) (It's a worldbuilding project for the open-source space game Celestia)
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