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  1. You're right. TCA has since been fixed to address that issue. It fixes this by letting you assign a "Mode" to the engine when its "Role" is set to Maneuver only. So with your setup, your JE1 Turbofan must be assigned its own engine group - e.g. G2. Its "Role" set to Maneuver instead of Manual Control. Once you set it to Role=Manuever, Mode becomes available. Set Mode to Rotation and Translation. With engine group 1, G1, leave them at Thrust and Maneuver. Hint: once you get the hang of crusing around and stopping, try experimenting with setting them to Thrust only. In TCA pa
  2. That happens if the craft you're trying to assemble fits the assembly space.
  3. I use the SimpleLogistics mod to allow craft share resources. Craft with larger tanks automatically top up craft with smaller tanks.
  4. In my opinion, a working craft is not going to help you much. Even if you have a "working craft", you won't be able to enjoy it much without knowing how to control it. So below are some guiding principles on how to build and control a working craft. Just like anything to be learned, it's a pain.
  5. For me, it works on KSP 1.10.1. VM is version 1.9.0. There is an issue though (which I've had since KSP 1.9 but I just considered it a minor one)... When spawning a vessel in any other body, VM freezes after loading the craft. Until I found out the workaround, I thought that the game itself froze. The workaround is to select the spawned craft by pressing "]" (switch to next vessel). If that doesn't work, try previous vessel. Actually, I was already using EasyVesselSwitch for dealing with groups of kerbals so for me, I just ALT-LMB click the spawned vessel to select it.
  6. @allista, Thank you for pointing out the use of AutoThrottle. All this time, I've used TCA with Hover, FollowTerrain, and AutoThrottle on. And then just plugged-in numbers for altitude (I play sandbox so I have all the goodies from the get-go). I didn't know what I was missing. By being forced to use AutoThrottle, I learned other stuff like IndependentThrottle and how it works together with mapping engine throttle to CustomAxisGroups. I "fly" my craft now instead of just typing numbers to control my craft. Thanks!
  7. Maybe it's just me... I installed the latest versions of TCA, Hangar, GC, CC and the separate AT_Utils download. With TCA, I can no longer input the desired altitude to hover using the keyboard. My keyboard has a numeric keypad. Input using both the keypad and the keyboard doesn't work. The -10/+10 buttons work, so I have a workaround, even if it takes a fair bit of clicks to get to something like 360 meters altitude. Here's the logs... https://www.dropbox.com/s/kf7a7t0twg7kgja/2020-07-23.zip?dl=0 Thanks.
  8. btw, the anti-gravs do have a visible effect.
  9. I'm also on KSP 1.10. However, I don't have the anti-grav texture issue above. I have the following mod versions: KerbalFoundries- (Feb 2020) TexturesUnlimited- (May 2020) KSPWheel- (May 2020) Last May, when updates to TU and KSPWheel came out, I deleted the TU and KSPWheel folders and replaced them with the latest versions. That's probably why I don't have issues in KSP 1.10.
  10. Some good came out from the bug. Now that I've been forced to use sub-assemblies, I found out that instead of creating tanker ships, I can cram my SSTO Hangar with a bunch of cargo container sub-assemblies and haul lots of material. I still need a pair of external CC tanks that are partitioned to carry all types of resources, in order to facilate transfers/unloading of material since I can't transfer stuff directly to/from hangar cargo. When the external tanks are emptied, I just refill them from the hangar cargo using the "Transfer resource" function of the hangar. And once all the c
  11. For me, the current layout where all the info is in 1 line/row is ok. The layout above splits that 1 line into 2 - 1st for type and the 2nd for the resource. The 3rd resource in the example, Material Kits, shows the "Edit Tank Volume" function which took me some tries to figure out how to complete. Didn't realize that I had to press ENTER to exit it. So adding a Done button in the UI is helpful. You can get rid of the fill percentage. At least with me, when I edit the tank, I have the PAW up, so I can see the fill percentage there. I assume the other numbers in the 2nd line are
  12. @allista, I just had a chance to use version in KSP 1.10 and encountered an issue. I can't add ships to the hangar in the Editor. When I try to add ships, nothing happens when I click on Load after I select a ship. The good news is there is a workaround. Subassemblies load fine. Probably because you provided your own window to load them up instead of using the stock window like in loading ships. Here are the logs... https://www.dropbox.com/s/sgpkqeowglkmjck/log20200707.zip?dl=0
  13. The videos in https://www.youtube.com/user/allistau pretty much covers the how-tos. From your screenshot, I see that the DockableKitContainer is docked using the wrong end. The stripes on the side of the kit serve a purpose. They tell you which end is which. Note that one end of the stripe has a D in a triangle. That's the "Construction Dock" end - or "Dock", for short. Which means the other end is the "Transport Dock" end. So when moving it around, your SpaceCrane should be docked to the Transport end. In your screenshot, it is docked to the Construction end. So if you flip
  14. Radial Hangar also works fine in 1.10. So at least for me, Hangar is good for 1.10.
  15. @allista... I'm running 1.10. Just paid a visit to my Mun base made from a VTOL Hangar. No explosions, no krakens. TCA has some Nullrefs in the log but it's not spam level. I did crash and exploded on the 1st try to land but that was me messing around with the Collision Prevention System. So far, Hangar is OK with 1.10. Will try deploying some satellites using my radial hangar equipped SSTOs later.
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