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  1. Looks like the box fairing hangar is equipped with an anchor. And the anchor doesn't seem to have any actions you can set in the editor. Before you launch the rocket, bring up the PAW of the hangar and detach the anchor.
  2. I still remember a time when I had to slap on a MJ controller on a craft and make sure it was oriented properly Have you tried disabling the CFG file that places MJ on all parts with [ModuleCommand]? That way, you can selectively have MJ on any craft. EDIT: Silly me There is a MechJeb toggle on [ModuleCommand] parts. Try setting that to disabled to see if BetterController takes over. But then, that also disables the rest of the MJ features for that craft.
  3. I use MJ Aircraft Autopilot to fly my OPT SSTO to orbit - Heading=90, Vertical Speed Hold=300m/s. It works ok. But then, I just got back to playing KSP after a bit of a pause. So I started fresh and mods I use were installed from scratch. Also, I use the Epstein Drives from the MEVFusionTek mod. Once in space - those things have insane ISP. I use a quad of OPT Valkyries to get me to altitudes where the Epstein Drive will work.
  4. Found out the the multiple instance of the "Toggle Engine" in the editor is caused by setting the engine to "Manual Switching" instead of "Automatic Switching". Reverting back to "Automatic Switching" makes the extra "Toggle Engine" action entry go away.
  5. I had a similar problem when I used the OPT-E WarpJet MARGE. They drain almost 190 ec/sec. I used the OPT-E VS01-250 Power Core to generate electricity - 600 ec/sec. But I had 4 of the MARGE. So I had to have a large battery to tide me over peak usage. I used the ConfigurableContainers mod to partition the OPT Pylons so that aside from fuel, they also have room for batteries (lower fuel capacity for the part but lower part count on the plus side). Don't forget to use Thermal Control Systems instead of Radiators to manage the temps generated by the Power Core. Using TCS gives you "central cooling" - flexible placement of the TCS.
  6. I'm also on KSP 1.12.2. So far, the mod has been working ok for me. It is a pain but you probably need to uninstall-reinstall the mods you use a few at a time to isolate which one disagrees with NavUtilities. FWIW, here's a list of the mods I have installed. It may help lessen the list of stuff you guys have to eliminate.
  7. You might want to look at OPT and OPT_Reconfig for examples. It does something close to what you're trying to achieve. And it also involves B9PartSwitch. Look for "FeatureBiasA" and "FeatureBiasB" in the CFG files. FeatureBiasA switches the variant fuel mixes. FeatureBiasB switches between the variant ISPs (by switching atmosphereCurve profiles).
  8. I installed the WorldStabilizer mod to fix that issue.
  9. I use the small Epstein drive a lot. Here's the patch I came up with to deal with the missing plumes in cruise mode. Placed it in GameData/__LOCAL. Seemed to me that the issue was caused by Cruise and Overdrive sharing the same effects. So the patch I came up with creates a new effect - running_open - by cloning the existing one and changing the plume model. It then assigns the new effect to the definition Cruise mode.
  10. Aside from its own parts, Hangar only provides models for stock parts. But if you don't have any qualms regarding clipping parts (some people do), you can radially attach hangars inside OPT cargo bays (or any other similar bays). In the craft below, I shoehorned a resized Radial Hangar to fit inside a OPT Humpback craft. Because the part I used, Radial Hangar, doesn't allow crew transfers, I had to do the following MM patch to allow the Radial Hangar to transfer crews into craft inside the hangar.
  11. One way to achieve this now is to play around with the color palette in ScanSat's Settings/Color Management section. You can use the color palette for Kerbin as a guide. The color map for Kerbin uses a separate color for water/sea level - blue with the gradient getting darker - that's why it's easier to tell the sea level parts when you're viewing a hi-res altimetry map. You can do the same for the moons and planets you are interested in.
  12. Save your game, preferably from the Space Center. Then load the save you just created and go back to flying your craft. The game should recognize your Engineers now. My experience is that every time I move the Engineers around to or from the Workshop or the Assembly Line parts, the mod seems to lose track of them. I'm playing 1.11.2. So I've made it a habit to save and load before I try to use the Workshop or Assembly line.
  13. @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX]:HAS[#engineID[CenterOnly]] { } And another block for AllEngines, of course.
  14. Lisias, I have attached the logs to issue 92 above. As I've said, I have a workaround for it so it is not a biggie for me. Thanks!
  15. I'm on 1.11.2 and am using the most recent stable release of TweakScale. I'm aware that TS is not supported in 1.11.x. For those who are ok with workarounds... Below are the issues I've encountered and how I've worked around them. Scaled part reverting to defaults when copied. Workaround. With the part still attached, I rescale it 1 step down, then scale it back up to my desired scale. Somehow, this forces TS to re-do its magic and I end up with the target values for that scale, i.e. recalculated ISP, thrust, etc. Offsetted parts reverting to the attachment node when reloading a craft. For example... Scale up a part, partA; then attach another part, partB, to one of the attachment nodes. Then offset partB and attach another part, partC, to partB. When you reload the craft, you'll see that partB is no longer offset from the attachment nodes. Of course, anything attached to partB, partC in this case, has also moved. Workaround. Leave partB alone since it insists on going back to the attachment node. Just offset partC instead. This is where you'll learn the virtues of using the tiny Cubic Octagonal Strut. It's small enough to be practically invisible.
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