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  1. Yay! My SSTO is now back in service - equipped with a Radial Hangar.
  2. @allista, that's exciting news. While everything is still in the planning stage, I hope this will be included as a use case. As you can see below, I made a SSTO that has 3 OPT KH Cargo Bays stacked with a OPT KH Tail Cargo ramp to allow access from the rear of the craft. Note that some of the cargo space of the 1st Cargo Bay is consumed by an OPT J Mobile Lab. So in theory, the plane has a cargo space equivalent to the combined space provided by around 2.2 OPT KH Cargo Bays. In KSP 1.7.3, I would have used either a Ground Hangar or a Radial Hangar (with some heavy clipping on both), to provide the plane with Hangar capability. Both Hangars can be resized. That allows me to put them inside the combined space remaining in the cargo bay so that the plane can carry payloads longer than the length of one OPT KH Cargo Bay. The added mass of the Hangar is just the price to pay for the functionality Hangar provides. I'm hoping that with the work you're undertaking with @Stone Blue and @JadeOfMaar, you will include the functionality to combine the useable spaces of stacked cargo bays. If that proves to be difficult, provide some way for us to disable the Hangar capability in the editor for the part, say OPT KH Cargo Bay, which will remove the mass penalties (I'm assuming there will be some to account for the ancillaries that go with Hangar functionality). Possibly do this using "variants". That way, if some guy like me wants to use the combined space, we can do the 1.7.3 way of embedding and resizing Hangars inside the cargo space. BTW, here's a link to a prior post about embedding Hangars inside stacked Cargo Bays to provide the cargo bays with Hangar functionality. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/80225-17-hangar/page/54/&tab=comments#comment-3619108
  3. That CFG is comprised of 2 parts. The 1st is a bunch of stuff to replace XenonGas with a bunch of alternative resources for opt_powersphere1b and opt_powersphere2. I commented those out by placing "//" (w/o the quotes) at the start of each line. The 2nd part, which is still needed, bumps up the "ratio" of resource conversion for opt_powersphere2 by multiplying the ratio by 18. So you have 2 options. Modify the config directly like I did. Or take out the file and replace it with a CFG that just has the 2nd part: @PART[opt_powersphere2]:NEEDS[!Pathfinder] { @MODULE[ModuleResourceConverter],* { @INPUT_RESOURCE,0 { @Ratio *= 18 } } }
  4. I'm on 1.8.1. Install the latest copy of all 3 OPT mods. For me, as of time of writing, those are: OPT base | OPT_Space_Plane-v2.0.1.zip Extract the OPT folder only. Do not install the bundled Firespitter plugin. Instead, get the latest Firespitter plugin. You only need the DLL. You can get rid of the other stuff bundled in the Firespitter ZIP file if you don't like the additional parts. OPT legacy | Orbit_Portal_Technology_OPT_Spaceplane_Parts-1.4.1.zip OPT reconfig | OPT_Reconfig-1.7.0.zip Since I just want to use stock resources, I commented out the patch entries in OPT_Reconfig\CRP\OPT_PowerSphereFusionSelect.cfg that replace XenonGas with a bunch of non-stock resources. The mod automatically disables those when PathFinder mod is present because PathFinder manages its own set of overrides. Also, I'm using the latest ModuleManager version. So no need to copy the MM DLL bundled with all of the above ZIP files.
  5. The documentation here (https://github.com/allista/hangar/wiki/HOWTO-for-Modders) describes how the Hangar functionality can be added to other parts. I looked it up before because I also wanted the same thing as you and thought to try doing it myself. However, I realized that since some of the hangar parts can be resized, just placing them inside of the OPT cargo bays would achieve similar results. And I don't have to figure out how to balance stats like the additional mass ancillary equipment in the hangar would introduce.
  6. The Assembly Lines and Workshops have built-in storage. If you want additional storage options, yes, you can use Configurable Containers. CC also allows reconfiguring storage when they're empty. So you can just have 1 huge tank and configure it in the field. @allista... Hi! I started a new game using only the last nightly build for GC/CC/Hangar/AT_Utils. I noticed while building my asteroid base that the parts have axis markers displayed. I suppose they're for debugging purposes. Is it possible to turn them off via CFG settings? Thanks.
  7. Using the nightly build image as of yesterday (2019-8-24), I tried out the Recycle function of GC. My first reaction was "Where's the rest of my station?!". Background... I started out by capturing a class E asteroid (is that the biggest?) using a 2 part vessel. The first part is the command section which I attached north of the center of mass of the asteroid. 2nd part is the engine cluster which I attached south of the COM of the asteroid. Then I attached a third parts cluster of Orbital Assembly, Workshop, Asteroid Mining Factory combo on the equator (plus some stuff to house Kerbals and store resources not supported by Configurable Containers). So after that, I figured I'll lessen the part count by getting rid of extraneous boosters, and RCS and gain some resources at the same time, using the GC Recycler. That's when I encountered the parts tree interface of the Recycler. Because my station's parts tree was nested so deep, I can't get to the recycle button at the right of the Recycle window. I can drag the tree to see the button but the moment I let go of the left-mouse-button, the display shifts to the right, hiding the button. And I can't resize the window either. My 2 cents... - Have some left-right scroll controls. - If horizontal scrolling is not possible, have the action buttons - Recycle and Discard excess resources - as the first part of the node before the node's part name. That way, the buttons are always reacheable. - Have some buttons to switch off resources info that show how much resources can be recovered and how much EC is required. Or have that info display as a "hint". - It's nice if the part I'm selecting to recycle is highlighted. Like how the ShipManifest mod highlights selected parts. The whole exercise got me re-thinking how I build ships. I have to put some thought now on how I break up ships into sub-assemblies to minimize the nesting of the parts tree. Screenshots... Recycle window showing 3 the depth of my station parts tree This is me trying to drag the window contents to the left to see the rest of the details. Problem is when I let go of the mouse, everything snaps back to the right. Can barely see the Recycle button.
  8. I thought the Asteroid Gateway must be directly attached to the Asteroid Hatch in order to use the extra volume created as the asteroid is gutted by mining. Admittedly, I'm still at the mining stage and don't have enough volume in the asteroid to even build decent sized tanks for stuff. I'll try it out once I have enough volume to spare after I allocate tanks inside the asteroid. Also, I'm waiting for the recyclers in Global Construction to be available before I get around to building hangars - hint, hint ;) . I have a couple of boosters attached to my asteroid right now (using Klaws) and my plan is to attach an Orbital Assembly Line and Orbital Workshop on the asteroid. That way, I can recycle those spent boosters I used to haul everything up to the asteroid; and "swallow" up some of the stuff I won't need anymore, like external tanks, spare ISRUs, etc.
  9. @allista, I'm trying to set up an asteroid base using Hangar. I've docked an Asteroid Hatch and Asteroid Mining Factory to the asteroid. The Mining Factory is working fine. Now I'm trying to build resource tanks in the asteroid and found out that I need Metals to build tanks. I searched for the part to convert Ore to Metals. I found MobileSmelter.cfg but it's been marked as deprecated. What is its replacement?
  10. I'm on KSP 1.7.3 and have just installed the above latest code. How do I remove the hard dependency of having SnacksFreshAir? I'm getting the following MM error: Module ModuleB9PartSwitch threw during OnLoad: System.Exception: Fatal exception while loading fields on module ModuleB9PartSwitch on part ---> System.Exception: Exception while loading field subtypes on type B9PartSwitch.ModuleB9PartSwitch ---> System.Exception: Exception while loading fields on subtype PartSubtype OPTSnacksAir ---> System.Exception: Exception while loading field tankType on type B9PartSwitch.PartSubtype ---> System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: No tank type named 'OPTSnacksAir' exists I have Snacks installed but haven't enabled the Air.CFG (the cfg that sets up the FreshAir/StaleAir resources).
  11. There are steps we can manually do to ensure the vessel to recycle will not re-root before docking it to the orbital workshop or the vessel that has the orbital workshop. Set the vessel category of the vessel with the orbital workshop to "Station". Before docking, set the vessel category of all the command pod parts in the vessel to recycle to something lower than "Station", like "Ship" or "Probe" or "Debris" If we do those steps before docking then the recycled vessel won't re-root.
  12. After installing, it just so happened that I decided to try out the Resource filter. It worked fine initially. Then I exited to the Space Center, went to Tracking Station, then back to SPH to work on my ship. Brought up Janitor's Closet and tried to go back to the Resource filter, and got a blank frame. After that, I can't interact with JC. Exiting back to Space Center is a partial fix. I can interact again with JC, going back to SPH or VAB, but only using the ModName and ModuleSize filters. Using the Resource and Modules filters just produces a blank frame. The issue goes away after reinstalling JC (delete then install). Another workaround, if you have settings in the PluginData folder that you want to preserve, is to go through all the CFGs in the PluginData folder and replace all CR/LFs (carriage return/linefeed) instances with just LF (linefeed). Notepad++ made this easy. But you still have to restart KSP. A bit of a big deal if you're using 100+ mods like I do. For me though, the issue is not a biggie because the mod works fine with 99% of what I use JC for, using the ModName and ModuleSize filters. And, there are workarounds - albeit both requiring a restart of KSP. It was only yesterday that I used JC's Resource filter and I've been using JC for months.
  13. I've created an issue in the WorldStabilizer github page and attached the save file there. Thanks.
  14. You're right! Tested it just now and I got a spectacular view of my ship rushing towards the runway cockpit first And a nice big explosion after. I should start a journal of why I install mods. I completely forgot why I had to install WorldStabilizer. At least, in my situation, I can keep doing the workaround of using an upside-down Ground Hangar. Thanks!