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  1. Save your game, preferably from the Space Center. Then load the save you just created and go back to flying your craft. The game should recognize your Engineers now. My experience is that every time I move the Engineers around to or from the Workshop or the Assembly Line parts, the mod seems to lose track of them. I'm playing 1.11.2. So I've made it a habit to save and load before I try to use the Workshop or Assembly line.
  2. @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX]:HAS[#engineID[CenterOnly]] { } And another block for AllEngines, of course.
  3. Lisias, I have attached the logs to issue 92 above. As I've said, I have a workaround for it so it is not a biggie for me. Thanks!
  4. I'm on 1.11.2 and am using the most recent stable release of TweakScale. I'm aware that TS is not supported in 1.11.x. For those who are ok with workarounds... Below are the issues I've encountered and how I've worked around them. Scaled part reverting to defaults when copied. Workaround. With the part still attached, I rescale it 1 step down, then scale it back up to my desired scale. Somehow, this forces TS to re-do its magic and I end up with the target values for that scale, i.e. recalculated ISP, thrust, etc. Offsetted parts reverting to the attachment node wh
  5. WOW! I'm also experiencing this alt-copy reducing PAW to a slit (still works but the window is literally a slit); and copied parts spawning below VAB (only found out about it because I use Hangar Extender) issues. I've just dealt with it by exiting editor to the space center and coming back. It mostly happens to me when copying SPXR labs (Aqua and Greenhouse) so I though SPXR was to blame. But since I have a workaround, didn't bother reporting it. Never even mildly suspected it was Snacks.
  6. Whenever you get the chance, do a "Full Save". Go to the Space Center, press F5 to save. After the save completes, re-load the saved file. When you do a full save, you're saving the game state with the vessels not active. So KSP is just saving the last location and state of each vessel. Re-loading the save effectively resets the game. For me, this minimized Krakens, letting me enjoy the game longer without restarting. I have about 100+ mods installed. So restarts are a big deal for me. Keep your part counts low. This makes for smoother gameplay. Less parts for your PC to kee
  7. Look at the TankTypes.CFG in GameData\000_AT_Utils. It has settings to add LqdMethane as a valid resource IF WarpPlugin mod is present. But it also adds a slew of other stuff. So... You can either create a WarpPlugin folder in GameData to trick CC into thinking that WarpPlugin (aka KSPIE) mod is installed - if you don't want to install KSPIE. OR install KSPIE. OR modify/replace TankTypes.CFG with a copy that includes LqdMethane in the list of "PossibleResources" for "CryoCooling" and "Cryogenic" tanks.
  8. Check that your installation has all the requirements. For me, this works in 1.11.1. I've gone through the cycle of capturing an asteroid, mining it for Ore, converted that Ore to Material kits using ISRUs, then coverting the MatKits to SpecializedParts, and eventually constructing craft.
  9. On the ground, SimpleLogistics allows you to refuel without even touching another craft. Unfortunately, it doesn't work in space because it requires both craft to be landed. In space, you can mount any of the grapplers to a robotics piston so that you can grab any external part of another ship which effectively docks with said ship. Personally, I use SPXR crew tubes for docking.
  10. The heat exchangers really good at drawing heat away from a part - 600x more efficient; and they can hold on to a ton of heat. This makes the attached part(s) (it only affects parts in its immediate vicinity) survive longer as long as the heat exchanger itself doesn't fail. But they're not as good at getting rid of that absorbed heat - 25% less efficient. That is why you need radiators - preferably Thermal Control Systems- to get rid of all that absorbed heat.
  11. I was having issues before around launching my OPT Humpback SSTO. Those are gone now after I installed TS and the latest version of EasyVesselSwitch. I don't really know which one actually fixed the issue or whether both fixed it. Nevertheless, things are working fine now. Thanks!
  12. This is hopefully the last update on the spawn issue for a while. Unless I encounter any game-breaking issue, I'll stay put with the current state of mods I have. Installed the latest Tweakscale update yesterday - TS Also EVS 2.2. The spawning issue is gone. I've switched over to a default config for WorldStabilizer to see if I can get rid of the CFG customizations. My OPT Humpback SSTO now launches without hiccups. I don't know which of those 2 updates fixed the issue. Things are stable so far. Looking forward to some gameplay this weekend.
  13. An update to the spawn issue... Note, I'm running 1.11 with a lot of mods - 100+. I got tired of using VesselMover to spawn my OPT Humpback ssto with the troublesome cargo ramp; and individually boarding kerbals onto it. So I tried (and failed a lot) ways to get around the problem. Here's the workaround/solution that I finally settled on. WorldStabilizer stays as before. But this time, give it more time to do its thing by bumping up stabilizationTicks to 500 (from 100); groundingTicks to 250 (from 6); maxUpMovement to 25.0 (from 2.0); displayMessage to True (from false). The set
  14. Remember this? "Make sure your seatbacks and tray tables are in their fully upright and locked positions." (I never thought I'd miss those words until now)... In 1.11, you can add this. "Make sure your landing gear is stowed and the SAS is OFF." Landing gear and water don't mix apparently. Must be the spring and dampener logic trying to bounce the craft on water. And keep them stowed. SAS is trying to keep the craft level but the water is bouncing it around. Eventually, SAS will over-compensate enough to bounce your craft off the water high enough that it breaks into pieces
  15. Yes, at least for me, WorldStabilizer is still needed because of my insistence on using the OPT Humpback parts. Also, it is still needed when restoring saved games and launching craft that don't have any of the kraken inducing parts.
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