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  1. Thank you for looking into this and sorry that I led you to a wild goose chase. I reviewed all the mods I have installed and found out that it was WorldStabilizer that was causing the odd behaviour. I've removed it from my installed mods. I'll see if I can continue on without it. At least, if I ever need it again, I know I can use an inverted Hangar as a work-around.
  2. Just finished checking it out. Thanks for the fix! TLDR... You'll notice in the screenshot that I'm using an upside down Ground Hangar nestled inside a cargo bay in my vessel. Being upside down, the Ground Hangar door slides to the floor. I did this because if I use the Ground Hangar right side up, my rover will fall through the floor of the hangar and the cargo bay when launched. With the Hangar upside down, the hangar's roof acts as a solid floor.
  3. If you just want a general idea of the values, something like the Cherry Light in the kOS mod, might fit the bill. Taking a page out of XLjdedi's playbook, you can map out the RGB values for the light in a KAL1000, with the positions you're interested in, e.g. throttle, prop-pitch, etc. Then, you'll have a visual indication using colour.
  4. Allista, I just out the nightbuild. It doesn't work with the stock Mk2 Lander Can. I think it doesn't like that the Mk2 has a different orientation if the "Rover" variant is used. I'm able to adjust the orientation in the SPH but when launching the rover, it launches using the default orientation of the Mk2 Lander Can "Lander" variant. Which causes clipping between the Hangar and the vessel and a big explosion. You can test by creating a rover using the Mk2 Lander Can and putting some wheels on it. Drive it around first before testing with a Hangar so you're sure that the orientation
  5. Just noticed this now. I've been using the rotate tool to set the direction of the blades :) I just built my first "plain" helo - no contra-rotating blades just like most helos IRL. I assigned the authority limiter of the heli blade to the Translate U/D axis to make the helo go up/down. For the tail rotor, I used the smallest rotor motor and smallest prop blade. Then mapped them to the Yaw axis so that I can swing the tail using the Yaw controls. Torque limit for main and tail motor are both mapped to Main Throttle. The rest of the axis groups are default. It is flyable withou
  6. Note that in my setup, I have NavUtilities in the Blizzy toolbar. Hold ALT and left-click on the NavUtilities icon.
  7. Thanks for the explanation... I keep learning new things. Please disregard that request then. I already use the Radial Hangar since it allows resizing Size and Aspect. Now I know why it works there, and why it has sliding doors. I requested the change to the ground hangar because I was looking for a hangar that will fit inside a cargo bay that has a rectangular cross-section like some of the OPT or MarkIV cargo bays. Yes, something similar to a ground hangar with sliding doors is perfect. It'll just be like the Radial Hangar, Size and Aspect can be changed, but rectangular instead of
  8. @linuxgurugamer, For Breaking Ground onwards... Is it possible to incorporate Action Sets into the mod so that in addition to being able to specify an Action Group to execute, I can also refine it to an Action Group within a specific Action Set as well? For example, I might have a set of actions to control starting and stopping Fuel Cells in AG1, AG2 (rather than using 1 AG for Toggle, I want to start from a known state). With Action Sets support, I'm hoping I'll be able to specify an AS4/AG1, AS4/AG2 instead. That way, I can define SmartParts related actions in say, Action Set 4; wh
  9. Do you remember if you were using a Ground Hangar at the time? I had something similar happen to me in my early days of using the mod. I placed a Ground Hangar inside of a Cargo Bay (to keep the visual style). And when it came time to bring the payload out of the Hangar/Cargo Bay combo, the vehicle collided with the mothership. Then I found out later that the Ground Hangars have passthrough floors - floors have no colliders or something. So when the payload emerges in a gravity environment, it will collide with the mothership. I fixed that by adding structural plates at the bottom of the Groun
  10. I didn't know that it's possible to create MechJeb scripts. So much to learn... If you can assign a MechJeb script to an action group, the SmartParts mod has a part that can invoke an action group when the CommNet connection starts to drop.
  11. Maybe useful to someone other than me... I use "Visualize Autostruts" in the Physics section of the console, to display all autostruts. That way, I can at a glance, tell if I enabled Autostrut on any Robotic part or part connected as a child to a Robotic part.
  12. Wouldn't the cooling effect be a function of how much propellant is left? As the propellant gets used up, it will reach a level where an external device is needed to assist the cooling. Further depletion of the propellant places more burden on the external device. Or the engine's max throttle can adjust to compensate as the propellant gets used up and the cooling effect drops.
  13. Sorry if this is off-topic... As a general rule, is it "troublesome" to have multiple copies of a DLL in the GameData folder? I just took inventory of mine and there are: lots of copies of MiniAVC.dll. 3 copies of KSPDev_Utils.1.2.dll spread over: EasyVesselSwitch KAS KIS Should I be concerned with those?
  14. Yes it can. Set throttle to zero. Bring up the SmartRCS MJ module and turn on the option to use RCS when thrusters are offline. Turn on RCS (toggle with "R" key). And you're ready. Personally, I keep RCS off until after I've finalized the maneuver node and oriented by probe to the maneuver using SAS. Otherwise, things get jerky. Also, depending on the mass of your probe, set the RCS max throttle to a low value. Don't forget to turn things off after the maneuver is complete. Otherwise, MJ will use RCS for any sort of maneuvering and use up all your propellant.
  15. I updated to 1.7.2 today and have played using my save from 1.7.1. My ships that use the OPT parts are ok. Do you have all 3 OPT mods? OPT Space Plane 2.0.1 OPT Legacy 1.3.1 OPT Reconfig 1.5
  16. @allista. I really appreciate you taking the time to consider our opinions. I hope I'm not overstaying my welcome. You don't have to worry about texturing. As you can see below, I cobbled up a couple of OPT parts and Hangar parts and placed a Mk2 Cockpit inside the Hangars to illustrate my point. Because you provided us with the option to change the size and aspect of some of the parts, if I want to use the upwards opening of the OPT KH Cargo Bays, I can place the Inline Hangar inside and resize it to fit. From the outside, it looks like the Inline Hangar is part of the OPT Cargo Bay
  17. Oh... I wasn't asking for functionality to combine hangar parts. Just having hangars that can be resized (already existing functionality), have different bay door placement, and thinner walls. Below is an example of one of my recent ships. Note that I placed an Inline Hangar inside 2 OPT Cargo bays. Then I resized the Hangar to fit snugly inside. I was able to carry 6 small satellites in 1 flight using this setup. A Ground Hangar would have been a better fit because it is a box (not a cylinder like the Inline Hangar), but the bay doors open along the axial plane. Also, the Ground Han
  18. Please count me as one of the grateful users of Hangar. However, it took a while for it to grow on me. Main reason for my reluctance is aesthetics. I like the OPT mod a lot. So I use it to design my ships. So when it comes time to actually use the ship to bring something up to orbit, I have to rework my ship and payload so that the hangar fits the ship and the payload fits the hangar. What would be nice is if you can take the concept a bit further. For example, if I want a long cargo bay, I can connect 2 OPT KH cargo bays together. Right now, I can place an Inline Hangar inside the combin
  19. I've recently discovered WaypointManager and have been using it to mark spots on the map and store the locations. When it comes time to use it with landing guidance, I just bring up Waypoint Manager so I can see the coordinates of the waypoint and enter them into Landing guidance.
  20. Oscillating and exploding craft... I had to deal with one of those last night in my attempt to learn how to use the new parts. I was trying to build an "Osprey" like craft. I finally got things to work by not using any symmetry related functions on any of the servos and rotors I used. That also meant building each engine assembly individually instead of using Alt-LMB to copy stuff. And yes, no autostruts.
  21. @Lisias, @Tonka Crash, Thought I'd help out in the search for parts with duplicate attributes: @PART[FusTekKirsDockingModule] specified 2x in FusTek_TweakScale.cfg @PART[NP_couplerp_375m_5x125m_Plate_slim] specified 2x in NP_TweakScale.cfg @PART[orbitaiespod] specifed 2x in AIES_TweakScale.cfg @PART[part_URM_1_25_Cowling_NA_2J] specified 2x in KOSMOS_TweakScale.cfg @PART[part_URM_1_25_InterStage_NA] specified 3x in KOSMOS_TweakScale.cfg @PART[part_URM_1_25_L04] specified 3x in KOSMOS_TweakScale.cfg @PART[URM_2_5_P_Fairing_Base_SSPP] specified 2
  22. Something I learned from the IndicatorLights mod... Cosmetic lights are just bright neon patches. Since they don't illuminate anything in their vicinity, your pc just has to draw a bright patch without worrying about the other stuff around the patch. But if something illuminates, then stuff around the light source has to be redrawn accordingly. The pc has to calculate the light source's effects on their surroundings - what stuff gets lit up and what stuff produces a shadow, which then darkens other stuff.
  23. Found out why the ThunderHawk MFDs are not working for MechJeb. The screenWidth, as defined in the NearFutureProps RPM patch that came packaged with the MarkIV, must be changed to a higher value. The screenWidth is currently set to 2 (see below). I changed it to 92 - a guesstimate after taking into account the ratios of the other width and height settings. / Adds RPM support to NFProps MFDS @PROP[NF_RPM_CNSL_MFD_Bezels]:NEEDS[RasterPropMonitor] { MODULE { name = RasterPropMonitor screenTransform = ScreenTransform fontTransform = ASET/ASET_Props/MFDs/Font
  24. My apologies mate, for sending you on a wild goose chase. To make up for it, I tracked down the offending mod. It was FMRS. The MM patch for FMRS was adding module FMRS_PM to all parts... @PART[*] { MODULE { name = FMRS_PM parent_vessel = 0 } } And KIS doesn't like that somehow. So I placed the override in the FMRS MM patch instead. Thanks.
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