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  1. Ummm, now that's also a problem I'm trying to solve myself, I'm migrating from an old 1.30 build to newest 1.45, a lot of parts depend on outdated mods. However the main structure is quite simple, the cockpit and its base ring was from USI Exploration Pack and ProbesPlus! (A very decent yet often overlooked mod) The rear compartment was from Universal Storage, obviously. The capacitors are from Near Future Electrics. The round body was actually SD-02 Radial Engine Pod from Near Future Spacecraft The folding mechanism was from Inferno Robotics, heck I'm not sure if it still works on 1.45 The rest are either stock or replaceable. I'm working on compatible version of my old designs, once I finish updating Voltbug I'll be sure to send you the file.
  2. OK, if you guys don't mind a "bit" modding, I do have a vessel or two to share. First off, my Gen. II Lunar Lander, Salamander: The idea was quite simple really, a reusable Exploration/Recon vessel carrying all the necessary equipment and at least 2 crew with 2500+ dV and >1.2 TWR on Mun surface. These stock (albeit slightly scale-upped) radioisotope engines delivered. Where is the Gen. I you asked? Well... let's say it had a tough landing and the design was proven to be flawed. Actually Salamander's first task was to resecue the stranded Gen I. crew. And this one is my new favorite, IPUL-01 call sign "Voltbug". Compact, ultra-light, durable, elegant, one of a kind. This little fairy is the pinacle of my KSP engineering. The bulk of its body consists of batteries and capacitor, which enable it to conduct long range "hops" with its four ion engines. The back-mounted Xeon gas tanks gave it a remarkable 4000 dV. Its revised little brother incoporated robotic parts to allow for larger solar panels and therefore extended propulsion time. Voltbug can be safely contained within a standard 3.75m hangar, you can easily carry it to the orbit of any Mun-like moons with low gravity and easily deploy. As with all successful design, Volt bug was based on a prototype: Which is actually a rover first designed for a more conventional lunar expedition. That will be all for my showcase, thank you XD