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  1. Sorry for absense lately. Been busy irl and stuff. The configs i made were only meant to replace the stock shuttles config, similiar to RSS settings. The configs were compiled from original RSS configs, so they should be correct, but ofcourse i can be wrong in those i have laying around. For the control of the shuttle, i was still working on making it more stable, as it should be. (twinking engines too, so they use correct rescourses).
  2. The files for the shuttle must be like this: Gamedata > Squad Gamedata > JSI Gamedata > SpaceShuttle Gamedata > KSPWheel and the saves folder, placed in primary saved folder > then either carrer mode, or which ever your playing > VAB
  3. I cant really speak for Rader, since im only the maintainer of RSS patch. But if u were able to make a 1.3.1 .zip with the necessary files required for it, im sure Rader could put it somewhere on the mainpage, for both our versions of it. (however, u would be the maintainer of it then).
  4. For RSS-RO , you will need the original files for RO, to put into RO folder. I've included the files i have on storage. configs.rar?dl=0 The patch on mainpage is RSS (RO alike) it would not contain '%RSSROConfig = True' since RealismOverhaul mod is not updated to 1.4.5.
  5. If you're meaning the RSS patch, i am well aware of the error, but have yet to find out why and where it occurs. It's still in early release, so im still tweaking it to get it where i want it to be.
  6. No your absolutely right. I did a series of payload test's, yesterday afternoon and most of the evening on my configs. Taking the actually numbers from wiki : Payload to LEO 27,500 kg (60,600 lb) Payload to ISS 16,050 kg (35,380 lb) Payload to GTO 3,810 kg (8,400 lb) Payload to Polar orbit 12,700 kg (28,000 lb) It preformed very well within the acceptable margin of errors. So the base design you've done with the shuttle is good.
  7. Im glad to hear it :). Any feedback is greatly appreciated, for both my configs, but also radar's im sure. Currently im working on a TACLS>Mechjeb>RemoteTech patch, if it would peek your interrest. (For those who wants to use Lifesupport mods) So u dont have to put extra pieces on the shuttle, instead have it all aboard in the cabin.
  8. Im curious to know, if u've tried the Rss config files? If so, how does it fly for you.
  9. I noticed the dockport wasn't scaled up to match the shuttle. Im sorry for that people. i've included the fix : port fix.rar?dl=0 (just replace the files in SSTU folder)
  10. Yea exactly. I had the same issue. My version is 1.3.1, along with KerbalJointReinforcement unofficial version
  11. Yes that is something i have thought of. I will have a future update which implement the many lifesupport mods (including snacks, oxygen, food etc)
  12. Thank you very much, i just however did a new upload of the config files, cause of an small update to the shuttle Im still using 1.3.1 i believe it is, mainly cause i have mods such as: ISS-community, Canadarm which uses the older version of IR.
  13. Well yes i do know the "Tanks" for OMS engines have MMH+NTO in there. However when i did the edit of them, the RCS stopped working alltogether. Instead i put in the MMH+NTO in the Engine mount. (Originally they dont house anything) For the RO config files, i do have them all, both engines, fuel, lifting surfaces (from 1.2.2 RO)
  14. Here is a link to the download for anyone who wants to use RSS. ((There is a small imbalance in MMH+NTO usage in OMS engine - Working on a permanent fix )) Updated link: v2.rar?dl=0 Do bare in mind, this patch WILL replace values such as: Fuel > Mass > Tolorance > Fueltypes > Rescaling. So using it will resault in a bigger shuttle. It would be a good idea to resize your stations or whatever u have in mind, so it will be usable :).
  15. So i've done the config files now, and can say it works very well for RSS. Im not sure, if in IRL there would be a small amount of fuel left, but there is a tiny bit left in the config, for making sure u will be able to do a 200/200km orbit around Earth.