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  1. *like* Good job, no major plot developments (yet) and somehow still extremely enjoyable.
  2. My suggestion: - It's not rocket science...
  3. Made my day (as a loyal Matt Lowner (the technical term)).
  4. Yup, I wasn't really expecting a reply for a day or so because of time zones anyway (one problem with me living on the opposite side of the world).
  5. Not a problem. Pity, would have been a very Jeb thing to do .
  6. Just finished reading the whole thing, awesome story. Best KSP fanfic I've read (and there are a lot of good ones) and, in my mind, on the same level as something like The Martian but with world building that reminds me of Tolkien (especially the Old Kerba stuff). Only two problems are that I kept running out of likes and that now I have to wait for the next chapter (although I'm sure it will be well worth it). Thanks for keeping at it for six plus years @KSK .
  7. "A run up? Who needs that"
  8. Glad to see Team Trouble Maker's driver using a helmet (was definitely needed). Bring on the next jump.
  9. For a planet without an atmosphere that launchpad is burning rather well Anyway enjoying this series and looking forward to the next chapter