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  1. The Place Anywhere 1 Linear RCS Port has a bug. It generates thrust in the wrong direction. See this test craft: RCS Test.craft Note that all the RCS nozzles are pointing outwards, perpendicular to the vessel's longitudinal axis. They are also all set to "fore by throttle". With throttle at 100% and RCS on, this craft will lift off from the pad quite rapidly, because all those RCS ports actually generate thrust downwards instead of outwards, and activate accordingly. (With default placement, their thrust direction is upwards; I've rotated them in the test craft to more easily de
  2. Actually just last night I saw Kerbal Space Program Mobile or something like that in the Google Play Store…
  3. The .625m aerospike engines from RLA have this misplaced blue plume component when using RealPlume 13.3.1 and RealPlume Stock 4.0.1. Without RP, the effects are appropriately placed.
  4. Distant Objects Enhanced offers a partial fix for the issue of relative brightness, by dimming the stars when the sun or the day side of a celestial body is visible on the screen. What actually makes the stars visible or not in real life is the overall brightness of the scene and the camera's (or our eyes') adjustment to that overall brightness. But that affects everything, not just stars. If the stars are visible, anything lit by sunlight should be blindingly bright, even your own spacecraft. If the camera is adjusted to daylight, then sunlit things like the day side of Kerbin and your spacec
  5. In the Tracking Station, the camera is positioned so that the focused object is centered in the screen. Logical, right? Except there's a big chunk of the UI, more than 50% opaque, covering the leftmost area of the map display. On a widescreen monitor, this isn't a problem, and it only looks a little off: It might look a little better if the focused object were centered in the unobstructed area of the screen. But you're probably thinking this is a minor nitpick that's not worth anybody's time. Well, it's a little bit more annoying on a square-ish monitor: If there's an objec
  6. I do this for 5-fold symmetry quite often. Sometimes I make a temporary 8-fold symmetric part group, delete one, and then use that to do 7-fold symmetry. Additionally, if you want more than 8-fold, you can make a single radial-attached part, and then attach multiple (say, 6) symmetric radial parts on that, then take the single part they're attached to, pick it up, and reattach it on the main craft in multiple (say, 8) fold symmetry. Now you have a group of parts that are logically, if not geometrically, in a many-fold symmetry group. With careful maneuvering of the camera and mouse you ca
  7. These .625m aerospike engines have a misplaced visual effect in my game. Not sure if this is an RLA problem or a RealPlume problem. I suppose I should try running the game without RealPlume and see if the problem persists…
  8. I've always found it weird that manufacturing firms like Zaltonic Electronics and Sean's Cannery offer tourism contracts. Perhaps there should be a few space tourism agencies, which offer nothing but tourism contracts, and tourist contracts from the other agencies would be rare or nonexistent. I started to set this up myself, except I discovered there's no way to specify in the configuration files for agencies or contracts to make any distinction between tourism agencies and parts manufacturers. I can't imagine it would be too hard to implement "Tourism" and "NoTourism" mentalities for agency
  9. Does the tracking station mod change anything about how focused objects are positioned on the screen? In the screenshots in the beginning of the thread, it looks like focused celestial bodies are positioned on the right side of the screen for some reason, but in later screen shots it looks like the objects are centered. I ask because of a particular annoyance I have with the stock tracking station that I don't think many other users are likely to talk about. A focused object is focused exactly in the center of the screen. And, for me, this is less than ideal. You see, I don't have a wides
  10. OMG why hadn't I heard of this mod sooner??? My failed attempts to make circular structures by hacking .craft files would have been completely unnecessary! Thank you so much!
  11. I'm pretty sure the Rockomax Brand Adapters (2.5m to 1.25m) are already passable. However, the FL-A5 and FL-A10 adapters (1.25m to .625m) aren't included in the CLS stock parts configuration. I've added the following to my copy of CLSStock.cfg: @PART[adapterSmallMiniShort]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleConnectedLivingSpace]] { MODULE { name = ModuleConnectedLivingSpace passable = true } } @PART[adapterSmallMiniTall]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleConnectedLivingSpace]] { MODULE { name = ModuleConnectedLivingSpace passable = true } } About to test.
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