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  1. Hello does this mod exist without the extra parts that make the save games incompatible with a stock version of the game? I guess the most simple way is to avoid using new revamp part right? Or if it exists without... Sorry it's okay I've just read above and it's okay
  2. Cousnouf

    [1.6.1] Real Solar System v16.2 [19 Apr 2019]

    Thanks a lot! Can't wait to try this and spend hours
  3. Cousnouf

    [1.6.1] Real Solar System v16.2 [19 Apr 2019]

    Hello, I really like this mod but of course as you know the stock rockets are not adapted for this new solar system size. What are the minimum mods to put with RSS to have the proper delta v's and so on? Thanks a lot.
  4. Thanks a lot JohnMcLane. Then everything will be alright I guess? I won't lose a lot of features if I downgrade?
  5. Hello, I just put realsim overhaul and these mods: Advanced Jet Engine Ferram Aerospace Research Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Module Manager Real Chute Real Fuels Real Heat Real Plume SmokeScreen As recommended in the first page of the topic. Unfortunately, KSP 1.4.5 tells me that Realsim Overhaul and the 3 first mods (AJE, FAR, KJR) are not compatible. I go on, try to build a rocket but no rocket engines, only the planes engines and a very few. Is that a known problem? Or must I wait for a next release of RO?