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  1. how about 1.6 update and two coordinates of incluation?
  2. Do you plan to cooperate with the author of the RSS in the next update of Tilt'Em and together make it (RSS) for 1.5.1?
  3. Oh, it'll be absolutely wonderfully if it'll work in RSS. If not - I'm waiting for kopernicus.
  4. Why not marriage throttle limit mod with this mod? It's two very important realistic mods about engines.
  5. Eh, do you foresee CFGs for making history and RCS fix? I can't fix it myself for my modpack. This is one of the best in modpack.
  6. With 6.4 rescale i get strange bug: the radius of the orbits remained old and the planets move on a rails, but graphical part of orbits built by Principia (it's high eccentricity ellipses, the old speeds are too small). pLeAsE! add "rescale" compatibility for 1.4.5 in next release!
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