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  1. @peteletroll While you are working on that, I have messed around with the mod a bit more: https://streamable.com/b7zsk EDIT: It is now fully articulated, https://streamable.com/iq66x
  2. @peteletroll, yes, absolutely. When spawned: After grabbing and releasing the item: It gets worse with repeated use and the misalignment increases. Yes. It is the latest version.
  3. It might explain why it happens, but it doesn't really help fixing it, sorry.
  4. I have welded together a truncated icosahedron and went from 100+ parts down to 1, however the lag is still present. What could be causing this?
  5. Yes, but it will require you to use some extra parts as I'm using Ubio Zur's welding tool. Here is an archive with both structural parts and a .craft file. The structural parts go into ...\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\UbioWeldingLtd\Parts\Structural\... on my end. I also forgot to include the battery file, it goes into Electrical. The controls are: You can move the decoupled gantry with W and S. Move it gently as it picks speed up very quickly and don't hold the brakes down when you grab the container or it will spaz out. EDIT №1: Here are a couple more videos with the same concept: https://streamable.com/f83br https://streamable.com/go9dd These seem to work just fine and don't get dislocated like the crane, but the moment they start pushing against something heavy they either get crooked or break altogether. If you know of any way to make the joints a little more durable, please let me know. EDIT №2: Here is another thing I made using your mod, no issues with this particular concept so far: https://streamable.com/gh3v3 https://streamable.com/2n1fg
  6. I've got a lot of trouble dealing with the joints breaking or going out of alignment the moment they touch anything. For example, the moment this crane touches the box it goes all crooked and stays this way. What can I do to fix it? https://streamable.com/7wi7g